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Make a realistic graffiti look with Paintshop Pro, by DuPz0r.

This tutorial can be used with PS too, but someone else can make that if they wish.

Step 1:
First, get a picture of a normal brick wall, a straight perspective would be easier.
user posted image

Step 2:
Get yourself a font and/or a picture that you like.
Make sure the colors you have are bright so they constrast well with the brick wall.
Mess around with them untill you like the look of what you have.

Step 3:
paste your image over the brick wall on a new layer, and change the layer settings to Overlay
user posted image

Step 4:
Duplicate this graffiti, and place it underneath the original one.
user posted image

Step 5:
Goto Effect> Effect Browser> Presests> Adjust> Blur> Gaussian Blur> Radius 2 and apply it
And then put the opacity to about 35% (Adjust opactiy to how you think is best)
user posted image

user posted image

Your graffiti should now look like its been sprayed onto the wall realisticly.

Tips -

When making your graffiti, make it light and a bright color, for the best results.
user posted image

If you choose to do it on a white wall or something bright, then make the graffiti dull, and use Multiply instead of Overlay.
text looks good

might want to try and get it so it doesn't show the outline of the bricks so much
nice tut, havent seen something like this before, i think it works with gimp too rolleyes.gif hopefully

ye u could maybe have to blur the text with 1 or 2 to get it more smooth and without the line edges

my try smile.gif wasnt so serious and that so i didnt take some graffity fonts and pics.. smile.gif

user posted image

well it works somehow with gimp..
do you use PSP for all your gfx dup?
QUOTE(Ikon @ Jun 1 2005, 06:45 PM)
do you use PSP for all your gfx dup?

Most of my work i use psp, but there is some things i prefer to do in ps, like making textures for 3d objects.
nice tut, you just should've picked out a less blurry photo to work with, but anytho it's still a pretty good tut.
Easy tut. Results:
user posted image
I had some troubles with the color, it kept seeming to "fake". Still doesnt seem right.
lakersman -
I would sugest taking some of the saturation out of it, so it looks alittle dull, and that would look alot more real.
Nice one Dup. I'll be sure to give that one a go.
Nice, I Will make something biggrin.gif
thats a good tutorial.. i just wish i had PS sad.gif
Good TUT Dup maby ill give it a whirl tommarow really tierd its almost 3am and my typings getting impared lawl!
Yeah, its not really thats hard to do, you just need to learn the layer toolbar, and its properties.
I wish i used a better graffiti tag for this tutorial, but you know whatever image you use, it should overlay pretty much the same way.
it depends on how the wall is, and the font you used, but if used properly its great!
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