1. Start by taking the pic you want to add snow on. I used this:

user posted image

2. Create a new layer (Layer>New>Layer) and fill it with black

3. Go to filter>Noise>Add noise and use these settings:

user posted image

4. Then go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur and use these settings:

user posted image

5. Now we must change the levels, Press CTRL and L to bring up the levels menu. Use these settings:

user posted image

6. To finish the snow change the blend mode on the snow layer to "Screen". You will only be able to see the snow now, and not the black background.

7. Repeat steps one to five, four to five times. Make sure you donít just duplicate the layer. We need the snow in different places! You should have snow like this now:

8. Now we are going to do the animation, Press CTRL + SHIFT + M to go over to image ready.

9. Find the animation window and make five (or the number of layers of snow you have) frames. I have got 5 layers of snow, so I have 5 frames.

10. In the first frame, make only the first layer of snow visible (To change a layer to not visible click the eye icon in the layers pallet) and set the delay (the time under the image on the animation pallet) to 0.1.

11. For the second frame make only the second layer of snow visible and change the time to 0.1, for the third frame set only the third snow layer visible, and set the time to 0.1. The save optimised as gif and you should have this:

user posted image I had to rezie mine do to an upload glitch

Post your results!