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Go Rise FM!!!

Rave!!! Jumpy.gif
Well Chatterbox is brilliant, Lazlow at his best IMO. But I also like Jah and Game, and I love pretending to be a chav and listening to MSX.

Like the name of one of the DJs on Head Radio - Michael Hunt - v.v.funny!! roll2.gif
Game radio, even though there were only like 5 songs on there, and Chatterbox.
Well, I would have to say that MSX is a good station.

D&B is neat! biggrin.gif

Has anyone got the Dungeonmaster's Guide CD by Dieselboy? blink.gif

since none other radio stations played real songs, the humor of Chatterbox satisfied me!
Bitch Heartless
I voted for chatterbox but i also like game FM
My own custom radio via Xbox of course...

Oh, and Chatterbox.
I always listened to Chatterbox. It was great.
QUOTE(GTAPlaya32 @ May 24 2005, 12:51 AM)
I voted for chatterbox but i also like game FM

I think Flashback had Billie Jean on it.
^It didn't
I liked Rise the best
Chatterbox and Game FM were best, imo.
my favs were game and flash and sometimes head
boom shaka laka laka laka laka laka laka. boom shaka laka laka laka laka laka laka.

oh yeah, i like the game radio station and um um Jumpy.gif (i'm hyper)
oh yeah, i like that one song with the rapper and the little
5 or 6 year old going yo, yo, yo, yo. i'ts funny... roll2.gif listen to it and
you'll see. I mean it... you better listen to it... or else...
peace out posers. bird.gif
The Hydra Sucks
I don't like techno at all....and yet for some reason I always find myself listening to Rise FM whenever I play GTA III... o_0
Young Escobar
Game FM because I could never hear what they were saying on chatterbox. I would always have to turn my TV up extra loud to hear it.
Rise FM without a doubt!!! i looooove it!!!! There are some brill songs on that station! drool.gif
Yeah, Rise FM!!!

Whoo!!! laugh.gif

They do have some good songs though.

Rise FM without a doubt!!! i looooove it!!!! There are some brill songs on that station!

Oh, and by the way, if you do like techno a lot, with synthesizers, PM or E-mail me, I can give you some good songs you might like.

Spam sucks! diespam.gif
I said before San Andreas and after it. Lazlow Owns All.

I feel that this is his best Performance

My Vote - Chatterbox
chatterbox owns all...lazlow is totally kool!!
Chatterbox -- Lazlow makes the game fucking gold.
We gotta get some more votes, c'mon people, vote! biggrin.gif
Chatterbox - only station I listened to after about a month of playing, to bad SA only had him for a small part I rather it of been lazlow for the intire thing in SA.
QUOTE(Trigger7 @ May 24 2005, 07:00 PM)
QUOTE(GTAPlaya32 @ May 24 2005, 12:51 AM)
I voted for chatterbox but i also like game FM

I think Flashback had Billie Jean on it.

No, you're thinking VC. In 3, it was called FlashBack FM.
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
Chatterbox, of course. I loved getting used to the GTA experience, listening to Lazlow drone on while finding that tunnel behind that shop in Portland near the docks...aah the good old days...

By the way, it's called Double Cleff FM.
By the way, it's called Double Cleff FM.

Thats it! Thanks. It was on the tip of my tounge, I just couldn't remember it.
chatterbox, no question.
Chatterbox its the funniest talk radio in all the gtas
Lazlow was the shit, he rocked!!!
cuda is your boi
Head Radio and of course, Chatter box! biggrin.gif.
i found myself listening to k-jah and RSX (or some shit like that, had like hardhouse techno and dub) and obviously chatterbox. i idolise lazlow
I almost always listen to my mp3 mix of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Dio, because I don't like the other station's music. But when I'm not listening to the mp3s I listen to Chatterbox, because it cracks me up.

When I first got the game in september 2000 I loved Rise, and I still like it, but not as much. K-Jah's sometimes fun to listen to, and I occaisonally like Double Cleff when I'm doing a mission for the mafia. Gives it a real "Godfather" feel to it.
flash fm.
chatterbox cause they are so stupid an
i like rise fm, flashback is ok, why does everyone like chatterbox, is it even that funny?
MSX FM. Definetly. The rest sucked. Chatterbox was funny the first time i heard it.
Not to sound gay but.....

a tie between Head Radio and K-Jah
K-Jah, the only 24 hour Dub music radio, I'm the pacifist, and this is Greensleaves--- Dah doo doo dah... ahhh... I love Kjah

Not because Im obsessed with Reggea but because I love dub smile.gif

I just replayed GTA3 friday and saturday, took me roughtly 3 1/2 hours each day, kindof made me sad, took me a month to beat it first time around. But damn do I love how grungy LC looks in GTA3 compared to how clear VC is.

Also, alot of you wont really understand this but..........

GTA3 seems to me, to look more ''put togethor'', as in...its all sharp and clean. Whereas VC was all fast, messy and bright.

San Andreas is funny, sometimes the graphics look amazing (eg: Stepping out of the house in Grove street and the weather is light overcast but not raining, the graphics looks amazing, on the cars aswel. Whereas the same thing on a clear blue sky and hot day, the graphics look worse)
Chatterbox! that shit was funny..
Chatterbox and Head Radio.
Ferrari X
Game radio and Chatterbox
Man, I can't believe all of you... Tsk tsk tsk, c'mon!! The Classical all the way!! tongue.gif No, just kidding, Chatterbox all the way!! It's so great, never get tired of it
Chatterbox, Lazlow doing his best
Tommy Vercetti
Chatterbox and Head Radio
Lab Rat
Double Clef FM is my favorite.
Nobody likes lips 106 ? ok I see how it is
Young Escobar
Game FM owns so great I got that shit on my computer happy.gif
QUOTE(PaleOgre @ Jul 1 2005, 04:51 AM)
Nobody likes lips 106 ? ok I see how it is

My friend likes Lips 106.
Tommy Vercetti
Head Radio All the way for music, Chatterbox for talk, since it's the only one.
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