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Im on the second island in III, and i really want to get to the third island, but to lazy to do the missions, is there a easy way to get there? I will use cheats if needed. Thanks!
You know how you can get to the second island by the dodo cheat? Well you can do that to get to the third island by jumping the may seem inpossible but it is pretty easy when you have a banshee...

Dodo cheat with a tank also...turn the turret around, start blasting the just start flying...use the first bridge for this. happy.gif
Young Escobar
Yea but if you use the dodo cheat and know how to fly the clipped wing dod its all good
I got there with a tank before! And the Dodo Cars cheat works good and it's easier to fly than the tank.
Always fly the tank IMO!!!
You can fly the Tank without cheats! It was a total fluke when I made it to Shoreside Vale. I was just going to kamikazee into the water when all of a sudden, I was flying.
i hop islands by using the dodo car cheat
do what they said, but if you listen to me you wont... the third island is extremely BAD
Young Escobar
Yea plus shoreside is utterly confusing
it has an awful road layout, and there is absolutely nothing there
I usually just beat the missions... they're not that hard...
Staunton Island is purely the most entertaining island, plus its where Rise FM is! Go Rise, yea! laugh.gif
its actuially easier to get to the 3rd island if you havent even gotten to the second island yet. heres how all you need to do is get a car like a banshe or other car that can go fast enough to jump the gap to the second island, then when you are there all you need to do is turn off the dodo car cheat off (its really bothersome if you don't need it) then just drive to the under ground park way (the underground highway that links each city) and because there is only one barrier (the barrier movies as each island is oppened) the barrier will still be blocking the way from the first island to the second so there will be nothing to stop you (I know because I did it my self). smile.gif
QUOTE(gnarkill @ May 12 2005, 08:43 PM)
it has an awful road layout, and there is absolutely nothing there

Its good for jumps, thats about all. You are right though the way the roads were layed out confuses the fuck out of me
I don't like Shoreside Vale.
You can actually get to Staunton by jumping across various parts of the broken callahan bridge (on foot), then if I'm right, from there you could just take the subway to Shoreside? That would allow you to get all packages and stuff without cheating from the start.
Thats pretty cool. I wonder how long it took to figur that out (Portland to Staunton).
Wow. That so awesome Psy!!
Compare Psy's subtle method with "LoLLERp1ES i r t3h tAinnk d0ddo CHaetzor j00mp1n teH br1ge!!!111one!"

But then again, I jumped in to Staunton the tank before I got there via missions. But Shoreside is a waste of time and space. You need to memorise the road layout or you're fuxxored. What you need to know about Shoreside is that it works on 5 levels.

Francis Intl Airport Lower Level (left of dam)
Import/Export Garage Upper Level (left of dam)
Catalina's HQ Upper Level (right of dam)
Your HQ Lower Level (right of dam)
Lower Dam Lower Level (right of dam)

To get to the respective area you have to go through those on your way, mainly thanks to the crappy road layout.
It was pretty crappy.....
QUOTE(DualMP5 @ May 20 2005, 02:11 PM)
It was pretty crappy.....


I write an easy-to-follow guide for Shoreside Vale, taking me up to 5 minutes, and all you can say it that is was "pretty crappy"?!?!

What's it?
Portland is my favourite. It combines a nice mix of sub cultures and what not.
get in a boat and drive it till you hit the barrier in the water, then follow the barrier to land and at full speed try and reach the road. Get out of the boat and push it down the road a little ways with a car and then back in the water on the other side of the invisible wall. Sounds like alot of work, but thats how I did it.
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