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OK, give us your rundown of your three favourite films, with quick reasons why you love 'em...

In at number three, it's 'Being John Malkovich,' Bizarre, darkly humourous, a dissection of modern society's attitudes towards privacy, aging and celebrity done in a way you'd never have thought of.

Climbing to number two, we have 'X-Men 2.' OK, switch off your brain for an hour and a half and let the good times roll. Improves upon the first, rewrites how a comic-book conversion should be done and stays true to the spirit and storylines of it's inspiration (Spiderman 2 take note...).

But at number 1, it's 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy. as it was filmed as a single film, it deserves to have all three parts lumped in together, but everything about this film is amazing. The best actors, amazing scenery and effects, almost all of the original story is at least touched upon, and more extras on the special edition DVDs than you can shake a hobbit at.

My Precioussssssssssssssss...........
My 3 favourite filsm would be:

3) Platoon. The film is set in the vietnam war and it tells the tale of one GRUNT soldier who comes to term with the attrocites of the war. Its set like a diary....and it basicaly tell you that all the people he has known has died in the Vietnam War.

2) Human Traffic. The reason why i like this British Film is becuase its set in Manchester and its about a group of friends who go out for the weekend and just live for the music and beer and Drugs. The reaon why i like this film is becuase i can relate to the sence of i have very similar friends who are like this. For example we all like going out and getting drunk...and also we occasinaly have the odd Joint (which isnt a crime i must add). Also one of the character in the film is an absolutely f*ck head by that i mean he f*cked in the head..and i have one mate whos like that.

1) Boyz N the Hood. The reason why i like this not becuase its gangsta thug, but also he shows the true harsh realites of how people live in South Central and that being a Thug is not good at all.
It tells the tale of 3 boys growing up in Crenshaw just outside Compton, and how each one gets effected bt gang violence.
one film

reason, gore gore and fucking more gore. a must see.
also Battle royal 2, but havent seen it yet.
QUOTE (d-ice @ Sep 10 2004, 02:19 PM)
one film

reason, gore gore and fucking more gore. a must see.
also Battle royal 2, but havent seen it yet.

WHAT, that Jap film with the hot Japanese schoolgirls in skimpy outfits killing each other? I've seen a few clips, but I'd probably never watch it.

(I probably will update this)

2) James Bond films
With the exception of On Her Majesty's Secret Service and the godawful Die Another Day, Mr Bond has proved quite the money-maker in my opinion.

1) Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Greatest book-to-movie transition EVER. Kudos to Peter Jackson!! cool.gif
Does it have to be just three? that makes it kinda hard.

1. LOTR trilogy; this is the same as alot of other people said, but if you reckon you don't at the very least like these films alot; I can only assume you must be lying, it seems like madness to me, but I grew up reading Tolkien so i'm biased.

2. True Romance; By far my fave Tarantino film (He didn't direct it, but he wrote the screenplay)

3. It's a tie between The Evil Dead Trilogy and the Living Dead films, simply because i'm a Horror fan and these two trilogies are seminal imo.
Stan Petrov
The Godfather:An incredible fim,as was the second one.The acting is superb,and its based on old style gangsters,theres no better kind.The book is absoloutely great too cool.gif

Braveheart:Shows the story of how my country became free,and a lot of english rapists,theives and murderers being killed,how could I not like it....FREEDOM!!!

Once upon a time in America:I my opinion,De Niro's greatest film.If you havent seen it,go and buy it NOW,another gangster classic

Smokey Hendrix
My top 3
1.Silence of the lambs
2.A Clockwork orange
3.Full Metal Jacket
QUOTE (Stan petrov @ Sep 10 2004, 05:17 PM)
The Godfather:An incredible fim,as was the second one.The acting is superb,and its based on old style gangsters,theres no better kind.The book is absoloutely great too cool.gif

Braveheart:Shows the story of how my country became free,and a lot of english rapists,theives and murderers being killed,how could I not like it....FREEDOM!!!

Once upon a time in America:I my opinion,De Niro's greatest film.If you havent seen it,go and buy it NOW,another gangster classic

Ssshh, i'm surrounded by English people. laugh.gif
3.Fear of a Black Hat
This movie is so hilarious. Its a parody of the early 90's rap scene. I think im like the only person thas ever seen it besides my brother. If you like old school hip-hop and comedy this is a great movie!
2.Tupac Ressurection
This feature film biography of Tupac Shakur is told thru his own words with interviews and songs he did before untimely death. If you are a fan of his or even liked a song or movie by him you should really see this film.
Do I really hafta say why?
1. Scarface
2. the biography of Lucifer
3. The 13 child the story of the jersey devil.
Pimp Simp
Training Day
I like gangsta themes. biggrin.gif

Pulp Fiction
The killing and the hitman shit they do

Menace To Society
Another gangsta movie

Don't be a menace in south central while drinkin' your juice. (somethin like that)
Just plain out funny

The Predator 1 & 2
Just tight.
1. Scarface
2. The Godfather
3. Pulp Fiction
1) Office Space
2) Starship Troopers
3) Trainspotting
4) Heat
5) Good Will Hunting
pulp fiction-classic;great cast
animal house-classic;great cast
rambo-yes rambo and if you dont like it...shove it! bird.gif
Pulp Fiction
Boiler Room
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
The Killer
Bad Boys 1 & 2
The Godfather
The God of Gamblers
Battle Royal
Ghost in the Shell
The Professional
Blade 1 & 2
Ninja Scroll
Training Day
Fist of the Northstar
From Dusk til Dawn
Donnie Brasco

There is more, but can't think of anymore at the moment.....
the definately the professional and how come my fucking avatar wont work! bird.gif


Psy disabled the upload feature so the avatar you uploaded will not come up, use - Dunpeal

i still dont understand please explain
Pulp Fiction
Jackie Brown
A Clockwork Orange
The Godfather Trilogy
Back To The Future Trilogy
Get Shorty
-LOTR Trilogy
-Every Quentin Tarintino film
-The Matrix 1 & 2
-Forrest Gump
LOTR trilogy
The Big Lebowski
Monty Python - anything
I used to have a list of about 25(took me half an hour to think of...)

Well here is a few, I will add more when I refill my brain. Only the first one is in order, the rest are in approxomite order. I am ignoring that 'top 3' statement.

The Blues Brothers
Fight Club
American History X
Jackass:The Movie
The Girl Next Door ; )
Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky I
28 Days
Office Space
Sooper Troopers
The Matrix Reloaded
The Italian Job
Dumb and Dumber(best acting I have ever seen!)
The Transporter
The car chase scene from Ronin, not the whole movie
Bad Boys 2
The Shining
Indiana Jones
Gone In Sixty Seconds
Cruel Intentions
The Saint
The Man With The Golden Gun
Half Baked
The Last Samurai
Happy Gilmore
Billy Madison
A Beautiful Mind(best comedy ever!)
2 Fast 2 Furious
Kill Bill Volume I
Arnold Swharzenegger's Big Fat Greek Wedding, oh wait, that was a dream
Lethl Weapon
Lethal Weapon4
Lethal Weapon3
Lethal Weapon 2
Minority report
4. Monty Python Movies - everyone should enjoy them
3. Evil Dead 2 - Horror
2. Army Of Darkness - Horror turned comedy?
1. Better Off Dead - The funniest Movie Ever.
Capt Buttkick
3) Trainspotting, gotta love that dark humour and also for it's social realism.
2) The Big Lebowski, being my fav of the Coen brother's movies.
1) Back to the Future (just the first one though), yes, I'm a child of the eighties laugh.gif ).
QUOTE (Stan petrov @ Sep 10 2004, 05:17 PM)
Braveheart:Shows the story of how my country became free,and a lot of english rapists,theives and murderers being killed,how could I not like it....FREEDOM!!!

You won't know this but William Wallace is my Ancestor (Great great great great great great great etc... Granda or something. No shittin.

Good film to biggrin.gif
Bright Razorlight
What a great film. You have to watch it you've played GTA.

The Godfather
Again, what a film. The acting is superb and never have I been so dissapointed when someone dies in a film as when Sonny is killed sad.gif .

Kill Bill 1 and 2
The killing is immense in quality and quantity! I wish I had an Hanzo sword!

In some particular order....

Kill Bill Vol. 1/Vol. 2 - Tarantino
Reservoir Dogs - Tarantino
El Mariachi - Rodriguez
Once Upon a Time In Mexico - Rodriguez
Once Upon a Time in The West
Pulp Fiction - Tarantino
Four Rooms - Rodriguez/Tarantino
From Dusk Till Dawn 1 - Rodriguez "The Misbehavers"/Tarantino "The Man From Hollywood"
Desperado - Rodriguez
Jackie Brown - Tarantino
Chasing Amy
J&SB Strike Back
Big Fish
Batman Returns
The Usual Suspects
The Godfather II (better than I)
The Godfather I
Goodfellas (best Gangster movie ever, IMO)
Scarface (close second)

Rodriguez: 5 vs Tarantino: 6.
nah just kidding, i just heard one of the songs though.
neway, probably the matrix series and the 1st and 3rd jurassic park.
The 2nd was shit!
anything with Jay and Silent Bob.
Dogma, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob strikes back
boyz in da hood
baby boy
'gang tapes
major payne
all movies jay and silent bob had been in them
malibu's most wanted
the barber shop 1 and 2
More Than Three Sorry

1.Kill Bill Vol 1 And 2:It's just the coolness of the whole movie the fighting the storyline the music eveything

2.The Matrix:Bullet time!

3.Pup Fiction:Just a grade A movie

4.The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy:Brilliant storytelling and battles etc
3) Lawn Dogs - Sam Rockwell is excellent in this film, not much happens but I love the way it tells its story.

2) Dazed and Confused - I have watched this film so many frickin times, and every time I wish I was in the damn 70's funny, cool, great soundtrack and some interesting early appearances but famous actors.

and at number 1....

1) Strange Days - All time motherfuckin favourite film! Action, sci-fi, racial tension, police brutality, nakedness, cool music, Tom Sizemore, Vincent d'onfrio, Michael Wincott, William Fitchner and Julitte Lewis all in ONE film! Yep, it is the best! If only 1999 had been like that!


Lotr: 1, 2 and 3

The Matrix

1) Instinct

user posted image

Very intelligent and mysterious film, emotionally charged all the way through.. Some scenes had me shouting at the screen. My favourite movie ever smile.gif

2) Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

user posted image

The greatest film ever made? (I haven't seen #3 yet tongue.gif) The storyline is fantastic, the battle scenes are incredible.. damn good film.

3) Pulp Fiction

user posted image

Do I need to comment? If you haven't seen Pulp Fiction then you really do not know what you've been missing.

4) Swordfish

user posted image

Slick, intelligent thriller that's got everything. I fucking love this movie biggrin.gif

My top 4 smile.gif and I added little pictures cos I was bored o.o
In Order From My Favorite
Taxi Driver
Pulp Fiction
Godfather 2
Kill Bill Vol. 2
Jackie Brown
Once Upon A Time In America
Donnie Brasco
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Resevoir Dogs
OK, my number two slot (X-Men 2) has been officially owned by a fantastic movie I've just seen...

The Butterfly Effect

A technically simple chaos theory-related concept that is immensely complex when gotten into in any detail, this movie handles it masterfully, with every base covered and a slick ending.

Garfield, which I also watched today, wasn't worth my ticket price, unfortunately.
@ Austin: Wow I can't believe I forgot about Instinct; I saw it a little while back on ITV2 and I have to agree that is an excellent film, as usual Anthony Hopkins pwned. Another of my favourite films is Gorillas In The Mist, if you haven't seen it; it's a true story and imo it addresses an issue that is not taken seriously enough: poaching, more specifically poaching of Mountain Gorillas, a species which is fast approaching extinction.
the first matrix was a good movie but , the 2 after where only fighting , the story was weak at the end ,

monthy python and the holy grail , but i was pissed at the end ,

braveheart , wasn't weak but a little bit to cliché with the freedom thing ,

instinct didn't sucked but it's a long time since i saw it

gangs of new york , not to bad but i hate leonardo di caprio

jay and silent bob strikes back : excuse me who's watching these kids , the fat one is watching the little on biggrin.gif , best comedy ever

pulp fiction ruled , the sm part was very funny

american history x : great movie

the lord of the rings : it was just ww2 in tolkiens vision , but it wasn't to bad

titanic - no just kidding , the only reason that i was wheeping was because i had to take a pis pretty urgent
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
in at no 1

monty python- life of brian [best movie evar, no doubt, stfu noobettes]

braveheart-[i hear ya stan stfu eng biggrin.gif]

teh godfather-["mumblemumbledontfuckmydaughtermumble"]

also nominated:
pulp fiction, scarface

@mceggy- my grandma was the last in a long line of pure bred scottish wallaces.. maybe were 300th cousins?

o and selpy and dunpeal u watch 2 many movies..
School Of Rock because Is Has the Best Soundtrack ever
The Godfather Series
This was one of the best directed movie at the time, and the Sicilian culture, life, and language was displayed and portrayed very well. I was also directed by the author of The Godfather novels, Mario Puzo. The cast of the actors was especially appropriate for the movie (De Niro!), and the plot was heavy and deep. Btw I'm Italian/Sicilian!

28 Days Later
My gosh! This was the first movie that I have ever seen about zombies, that I actually enjoyed and watched plenty times more! The plot is sort of generic, but if you watched the movie yourself you will find plenty disturbing twists near the end. The movie was written and directed by Danny Boyle, also did Trainspotting, and trust me this guy is one helluva director in the UK! This movie introduced a fear that most movies today never grasped, that is the fear of reality--you are one of the only few humans alive from a deadly virus, entitled "Rage", and safety, survival, and the answer to the infection are the only plans of the rest of your life. 28 Days Later is the time it takes for the zombies to sufficate and die. Great movie if you have a taste in them.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Well, I never read the books but I can say many a people I know have acknowledged that Peter Jackson, the director, followed the book very well! There are three movies in this trilogy so far (rumour of The Hobbit remake) and each one will give you something immense to fantasize about them! The first one would be the "Eagle" that Gandalf rides off from the tower of Saruman, who kicked Gandalf's ass, to catch up with Frodo and the other Hobbits. The second, The Two Towers, offers the best scene in all of the movies--Gandalf hacking, slashing, and stabbing the fucking shit out of the fire demon, who dragged him into "darkness". All-the-while Gandalf is kicking major ass, he's falling into a deep underwater cave, floating in the air! Later in the film is shows that Gandalf trekked all the way to the highest cliff the "smote his ruin [fire demon] among the mountainside." The third movie, The Return of the King, shows off what Legolas is really made of by killing a whole Oliphaunt all by himself! Style is apparently present also (he jumps off the Oliphaunt and slides down its trunk until he lifts into air and lands softly--Gimli adds some humor to this also!). Overall, the action, SFX, plot, characters, creatures, settings, and acting all made this trilogy one that cannot be matched by any!

I'm pretty sure that's a review too, in a way!
Gold:Terminator 2
Silver:Resevoir Dogs
Bronze:Die Hard

Runners Up:
Old School
Reindeer Games
dawn of the Dead
Napoleon Dynamite is the greatest movie ever. i have went and seen it like 5 times

and like adanac i like dawn of the dead (the 70s version not the new 1)
1. Scarface- Dont really have to explain this because anyone who has seen it knows what i mean.

2. Terminator trilogy

3. Full Metal Jacket- To me it just seemed like one of the most realistic military movies and how things worked in its day. Besides Saving Private Ryan.
Why does every dumbass who watches Braveheart decide their gonna dislike the English...? The events in Braveheart happened 800 years ago and it's not our fault our King was a tyrant.

Braveheart is a good film, but the modern day English aren't like the English 800 years ago ok mad.gif
Bluntman & Chronic
Hmm... It is actually very difficult for me to list my favorite movies (it changes all the time). So, as of right now, here are my all-time favorites:

3) A Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick is a genius!
2) The Usual Suspects - I just love plot twists... Who is Keyser Soze?
1) Fight Club - Once again, a flick with a twist! And some great performances here...

BTW- Next time, let us pick more than three!
Stan Petrov
by calling me a dumbass for celebrating the story of my independance,Austin,Im glad you watched all your English cousins being killed clap.gif

Same old England,always cryin mad.gif
no.. I called anyone who watched Braveheart and then decides to dislike the modern day English, a dumbass.

I presume you disliked the English before you watched Braveheart, as most Scots seem to do.

And you guys cant talk about crying tongue.gif
Last Caress
1) Donnie Darko-- There was just something about it. It had a twist and a spice of comedy. I laughed and was glued to the TV screen.

2) Blow-- Johnny Depp is an amazing actor. He just never ceases to amaze me. I can't even explain why I like this movie so much. It just had me interested.

3) LOTR Trilogy-- I thought the story was amazing. The movies are just incredible. Lots of action, drama, some comedy and good acting as well.

1. The Matrix- Class

2.The Shawshank Redemption- Beautifuly done

3.Life Of Brain- he is not the messiah

4.The Holy Grail- just for the scene with god in it

5.Star Wars Trilogy-fantastic

6.LOTR Trilogy- it was great if only i could be bothered to read the books

7.American History X- a film everyone should watch

8.Fight Club- sorry can't talk about it remember the first rule

9.Oceans 11- soo cool

10.Jurrasic Park- i like dinosaurs
I'll try to narrow it down for myself ... I have way to much fav movies ...

- Lord of the Rings Trilogy
- Godfather Trilogy
- Star Wars (IV, V and VI )
- The Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Meaning of Life ( Monty Pythons )
- Matrix Trilogy
- Cidadé de Deus ( City of God ... a must see for those who don't know it )
- Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction & Reservoir Dogs ( fav Tarantino movies )
- American Beauty & The usual suspects ( Kevin Spacey ! )
- American History X & Fight Club ( Edward Norton )
- Hero, Zatoichi ( the last good eastern-fighting style movies I saw )
- Le fabuleux destin de Amelie Poulin ( A french movie but very very very good )
- La Grande Vadrouille, La 7ième Compagnie (French WW II comedies)

damn I must stop ... I could go on forever ... movies are way to divert only to select three favorites ... is there a topic about fav series ? cool.gif
My top 5 (in no particular order) are:
Pulp Fiction
the matrix (i liked the first one best, it made you think)
Snatch (i love english gang movies, probably coz of the accents)
Lock, Stock, and 2 smoking barrels (more english gang fun)
Flying high (BEST COMEDY EVER!!!)
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