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Menace II Society
The Road to Bountiful(yea yea laugh it up i have a sensitive side!)
How High
Man on Fire
John Q
Terminator 3:Rise of the Machines
Darkness Falls
1 Pulp Fiction
2 Goodfellas
3 Braveheart
4 The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
5 Saving Private Ryan
6 There's Something About Mary
7 Kill Bill Vol. 1/Vol.2
8 Once Upon A Time In The West
9 Hero
10 Scarface
I, Robot: good story
Terminator 2: full of action
Shrek 2: DON"T LOUGH
Day aftre Tommorow: ????? I just like it
These are my favs, my sig gives a few away

1. Scarface
2. The Godfather
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Goodfellas
5.Lock Stock and two smokin barrels
The matrix trilogy ruled!
1)Menace II Society-it perfectly captured hard ghetto life through the eyes of a guy who seems to smart to live it shows the real reasons young men die in the ghetto and dosent blame whites for it
2)Hero-amazing foreign film great fight scenes ecspecially the one on the lake cool effects and sword fights jet li seemed very natural doing a film in his native language
3)Half Past Dead-i dont really like ja rule but him and steven segal did great in this hard shooting prison film great dialouge and style (Steven Segal with a do-rag) kurupt played a good role as well that fine ass asian chick was bad too
Black Hawk Down
Donnie Darko
Malcolm X
Brave Little Toaster
1. Gladiator- just amazing, nothing you can say to criticise it at all
2. Die Hard- the best action film ever. period.
3. The Whole LOTR Trilogy- the best trilogy ever, even the other classic trilogies (godfather, star wars, matrix) had a not-so-good last one. Here its the best one, and the other 2 rock as well
4. Saving Private Ryan- no other war film has the same effect on me, i dunno why, it just is a great film. and it has the best opening of any film ever.
die hard,awosme action
Freddy Got Fingered (Tom Greens Movie), That movie was funny as hell.
best films ever:

alien vs predator
enter the dragon
the saint
QUOTE (-=Austin=- @ Sep 20 2004, 07:42 PM)
no.. I called anyone who watched Braveheart and then decides to dislike the modern day English, a dumbass.

I presume you disliked the English before you watched Braveheart, as most Scots seem to do.

And you guys cant talk about crying tongue.gif

i think braveheart was made just so evry1 could hate the english that little bit more

BTW - i'm scottish
best films are:
Die Hard Trilogy
Matrix Trilogy
Office Space
American History X
Fight Club
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp fiction

For obvious reasons

The Football Factory
Alien Quadrilogy
Saving Private Ryan
Blade 2
Last Man Standing
Die Hard Trilogy
Matrix Trilogy

more..... Jumpy.gif
My favorite films are:

Pulp Fiction
Apocalypse Now
Porkchop Hill
Godfather Part:1,2 and 3
Texas Chainsaw Massacre(the first one that came out in the 1970's the rest of them sucked)
Resevoir Dogs
Jackie Brown
Next Friday
The Killing Feilds
Full Metal Jacket
Cheach & Chong:Still Smokin
Cheach & Chong:Up in Smoke
Cheach & Chong:Next Movie
Boyz 'n' Tha Hood
Shawshank Redemption
Born In East L.A.
Jimi Hendrix the Movie
The Doors
Jimi Hendrix Plays Berkley
Woodstock:1969 Documentary
Berverly Hills Cop:1,2 and 3

So there's are all my favorite movie's.
Pulp fiction
Saving Private Ryan
Rambo 1
1. Goodfellas- Mobster movie, based on a book about the life of a mobster, the rise and downful, good cast(Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Robert Deniro etc), good acting and well-told.
2. Pulp Fiction- Intriguing plot, superb script and great cast(Uma Thurman, Samuel Jackson, Bruce Willis, John Travolta etc)
3. The Lion King- classic movie, great plot, good voice-acting, colorful, full of fun. (Im not 2 years old this movie's great damn it!)
Scarface:Was a good,well thought out,film,with the legendary Al Pacino.

Orange County:I like anything with Jack Black,but this movie was gold.

The Mask:Classic Movie,Jim Carry's the man!!!

The Recruit:Awesome Movie with Colin Farrell and Al Pacino,really well made,and confusing with all the twisting plots and Characters changing from team to team,you dont know wats real or not

Mr.Deeds:Adam Sandler has always been a great actor,but this movie was just to much,it was awesome on a whole new level.

The Airplane Series:Leslie Nielson is a LEGEND of comedy,HILARIOUS MOVIES!!!!!.

Walking Tall:Got it a few days ago,its the remake w/ The Rock,really good movie,i enjoyed it.



This Movie was awesome,just plane awesome,every bit was gold,laughs from the start,Steve Martin plays the roll of a unfortunate man who just CAN'T get a good ride home to his family,he meets up with a jolly man with a big heart,played by John Candy(the legend) and together they go AGAINST ALL ODDS,to get home,at the end,you find out the character played by John Candy,is homeless,than Steve Martin asks him to come over for christmas,and theres a happy ending.
Not in any order: The Best Movies ever are...
ID4 (Independence Day)<<<BEST MOVIE EVER!
The Day After Tomorrow
Dodgeball:A True Underdog Story
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
The Rundown
Bad Boys 2
Tommy Boy
Black Sheep
Happy Gilmore
Billy Madison
The Waterboy
Old School
The Girl Next Door
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

More but can't think right now...
Terminator 1,2+3
Demolition Man
American Pie series
godfather part 1....
just stylish and classy...
Scarface - classic pacino
Any Tarantino - a true master of film

AVP was quite possibly the shittest movie of the year (mad visually but everything else wrecked the other movies for me)

Wow, someone on earth who saw that movie. It would have been 1,000 times better if the effects were at least semi-decent. They were horrible.
My favourite movies are:

1- Monty Python and the Holy Grail
2- The Matrix
3- Lord of the Rings trilogy
4- X-men 2
5- From Dusk till Dawn
6- Any Die Hard movie (Yippy-ki-yay mother-fuckers!)
7- Dirty Dancing
8- The Rocky Horror Picture Show
1.Terminator 2
2.Die Hard
3.Reservoir dogs
4.Dawn of the Dead(03)
5.Reindeer Games(Low budget ben affleck movie)
QUOTE (Mr.Dizzle @ Oct 2 2004, 03:53 PM)
best films are:
Die Hard Trilogy
Matrix Trilogy
Office Space
American History X
Fight Club

good taste pal
Although everyone thought it sucked ass, National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation is my favourite. I find it so funny.
Although everyone thought it sucked ass, National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation is my favourite. I find it so funny.

Christmas Vacation is pretty funny as well.
As is the original and European Vacation. I just like the Vegas one for some stupid reason.
Gone in 60 Seconds Cos it got sexy cars in it
Sid and Nancy is a great movie. it is defintely 1 of my favs. its based on the life of sid vicious and nancy spungen. u have got to see this movie
1) Alien Quadrilogy (Favourite film ever is Aliens, Alien is my second favourite Alien film, followed by A3 and A:Res - AvP isn't out yet, so I don't know about that one)
2) The Terminator trilogy (1st is best, 3rd is my 3rd favourite)
3) The Thing (John Carpenter)

There are loads of others (mainly from the 80's), like Predator (didn't like P2 all that much), Ghost Busters, The Lost Boys, Gremlins, Ferris Bueller, Weird Science, An American Werewolf in London, Star Wars: A New Hope, The Black Hole, and many more...
City of God - One of the craziest, most violent films I've ever seen, it's basically Goodfellas with twelve year olds.

Once Were Warriors - A film about a Maori family in New Zealand who dissolves because of the father's drunkenness. The guy who plays the father is just a force of nature - kinda like Tony Soprano.

Sexy Beast - Don Logan makes Tony Montana look like Milhouse van Houten.
1) Scarface- just a great movie!!

2) Pulp Fiction- Tarantino is a genius

3) Godfather Trilogy- just great mafia movies

4) Goodfellas- also just a great movie

5) Kill Bill 1+2- Go TARANTINO

6) Reservoir Dogs

7) Star Wars- NOT the crappy new ones

8) Jackie Brown

9) Some like it hot- yes i know but its a comedy classic!!

10) Die Hard Trilogy

11) Alien 1+2- other ones were an insult

WTF is it with LOTR those movies are crap along with the acting mad.gif
Kill Bill-Just its utter coolness
Unregistered Browser
The Shining
Battle Royale
Bad Boys II- Great action and comedy; gotta love Will Smith wink.gif
Scarface- One of the greatest films I have ever seen.
Good Fellas- See Above^
Way Past Cool- Sorta ok gangsta movie. The kids are like 10 years old and run turf and they got 40oz and can you not like it?
Scarface - How can you not like this movie?

Training Day - I love this movie, my favorite of all, crooked cops, gangstas, violence, action, twists, greatest actor alive (Denzel) and a few hot bitches thrown in = great movie.

He Got Game - The best b-ball movie of all time, and again Denzel is in it.

Boyz N The Hood - Classic gangsta movie, you gotta love it.

Dont Be A Menace II South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood - Funniest movie ever made, full stop. Best takeoff of another movie also.

Bad Boys II - Most of the reasons as Training Day, take out the corrupt cops and add comedy though and its gold.
Bad Boys II - Most of the reasons as Training Day, take out the corrupt cops and add comedy though and its gold.

I saw that for the first time the other day. I thought it was heaps better than the first one.
QUOTE (snapple @ Oct 31 2004, 03:59 PM)
Way Past Cool- Sorta ok gangsta movie.  The kids are like 10 years old and run turf and they got 40oz and can you not like it?

Watch City of God.
1. mall rats-funny as hell
2. meet the parents-funny as hell
3. clerks-funny as hell
godfather part I
waynes world I and II
Damn this is tough!

1 - Leon ph34r.gif
2 - Ichi The Killer
3 - The Grudge (Jap Original)
4 - Godfather Pt 1
5 - Strange Days
6 - Terminator 2 cool.gif
7 - Aliens (Alien 2)

1,000,000 - Moulin Rouge or however you spell it bird.gif
San Andreas Guy
Rush Hour 2
Walking Tall
School Of Rock
Dude, Where's My Car?
Star Wars
Gone In 60 Seconds

More later.
QUOTE (kaftka @ Sep 12 2004, 11:38 PM)
anything with Jay and Silent Bob.
Dogma, Mallrats, Jay & Silent Bob strikes back

They were in Scr3am (Scream 3).
3. Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Kinda cool when your stoned.

2. 2001: A Space Odyssey - Makes you really think about the existance and evolution of mankind.

1. Wargames - I like the musical score and the stroby bit at the end.

Those that just missed the list:

The Maltesse Falcon - Bogart's Finest work
Grosse Point Blank
Dazed and Confused
The Exorcist
Thomas Crown Affair (both the original and the remake)
Ferris Buellers Day Off
Hooper - Burt Reynolds as a stuntman
The Untouchables
Battle Royale
Ocean's 11

On a Mountain of Skulls, In a Castle of Pain, I sat on a Throne of Blood.  What was will be, What is will be no more.  Now is the Season of Evil.     - Vigo the Carpathian.
The Godfather (Pts. 1&2)
Taxi Driver
Apocalypse Now
Honourable mentions to Pulp Fiction, Full Metal Jacket, Life of Brian, Goodfellas, Reservoir Dogs

In no particular order:

Manic - Good movie about a kid who has manic depression.
Bang Bang Your Dead - Good movie, that has a point.
28 Days Later - Good movie based on something that could really happen.
Rad - Good BMX movie
Gleaming the Cube - Good skateboarding movie.
SAW - The end was good, kind of like se7en, only better.
Muholland DR. - It's a bizarre movie that is interesting.
Ringu - Way better than the Ring.
Ringu 2 - Is going to be better then the Ring Two.
Spirited Away - Good animated movie.
Castle In the Sky - Good animated movie.
Jackie Chan's First Strike - Good Movie.
Heart of Dragon - Good movie with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.
Mortal Kombat - One of the few good video game movies.
Friday - Friday is usually a good day.
Signs - It has aliens in it, good ending.
The Village - I just like it.

All I can think of now.

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