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Gee You Knit
harold and kumar/joe dirt/don't be a menace

texas chain saw massacer(original)/amittyville horror/red dragon

italain job/2 fast 2 furious/gone in 60 seconds
I kinda thought Harold and Kumar was kind of stupid.

But I recently watch When Secrets Kill not sure when it was made I was sick at home and one of them midday movies were on and I thought it was good it had a twist and the guy who killed the lady turned out to be the detective.
QUOTE(MRBLUE @ Jul 31 2005, 02:20 AM)
I'm sure that this has been said a million times, but, "Scarface"
My favorite movie ever!!
Also, "Resevoir Dogs" My second favorite movie ever!

add pulp fiction, heat, true romance and fight club.

sin city was good but no, not a classic
welcome 2 the jungle its just so funny
QUOTE(Dopethrone @ Jul 29 2005, 08:34 AM)
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Fucking hilarious as shit

Looking at your username I'm not surprised you liked it. Personally I thought it was stupid and not at all funny, nut eh, thats just me.

My favourite movies are Snatch, Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels, Trainspotting and any Monty Python movie.

It was a great movie its gonna sound like im saying a shitload of stuff but here goes.

Im not sure if reviews are allowed but

Unleashed is about a man named Danny who is played by Jet Li and has very little understanding of english not because he is asian because he was never taught and he was kept as a slave by 'Uncle Bart' and used as a dog to do all his dirty work but one day he is separated from them and meets a man and they bring him in and change his life teaching him and telling him whats right and whats not etc.
My fav films

Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels
Mean Machine
The Football factory
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
A bridge too far
saving private ryan
All the Star Wars films biggrin.gif
lagaan... i love that movie...
it's got singing and dancing, sports, chick stuff... it's great

All mafia orrented movies.
Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

action scenes may be overdone for some people(almost the whole movie, apart from the beggining are dash and slash scenes), but personally i like it
Its hard to play favorites but here goes,

Falling down(surprised noone else mentioned this one its so off the hook)
joe dirt
and a true masterpiece:
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas(if i could only have one movie to watch ever again it would be this one)
as far as depp movies go, i used to love the ninth gate
3rd - Hostage
2nd - Goldeneye


1st - The Rocky Anthology (bloddy amazing)
speaking of rocky, the picture show isn't bad either
Shaving Ryans Privates - Great action sequences, though the acting is shoddy.

One Night in Paris - Ms. Hiltons debut movie. Shot entirely in NV to give it atmosphere. It didn't work.
-Pulp Fiction
-Jackie Brown
-Resevoir Dogs

*Updates later*
Dumb and Dumber 1 and 2 (the first one is better)
The Count of Montecristo
All Harry Potter┤s
The Jack Bull
Dude, wheres my car
Joe Dirt
Detroit Rock City
Hysteria: The History of Def Leppard
The Goonies
The Lost boys
Ace Ventura
Beavis and Butthead
Deep Impact

update later
i saw salaam namaste today... not my favorite, but it was good.
Recent movies that I saw lately and liked are:

Wedding Crashers
The 40-year old Virgin
Transporter 2

EDIT: The One
Baldman Sonetti's Award for Films he Enjoyed the Most
(a.k.a. The Baldie Awards)

Best Psychological Thriller

Fight Club

Best War Film

Full Metal Jacket

Best Horror

A tie between Final Destination and Dawn of the Dead

Best Comic Horror

A tie between Idle Hands and Shaun of the Dead

Best Soppy Soft Chickflick

Love Actually

Best Kiddie Film

Land Before Time I

Best Gangster Film

Godfather II

Best Blockbuster

Independence Day

Best Comedy

Scary Movie III

Best Gangsta Movie

Training Day

Best Sci-Fi

Vanilla Sky

Best Fantasy

LOTR Trilogy

Best Action

Hostage OR Assault on Precinct 13

Best Overall Film

Sin City
My favorite Movies are:

1. Man On Fire
2. The Punisher
3. Black Hawk Down
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. We Were Soldiers
6. Hamburger Hill
7. The Green Burets
8. Tears Of The Sun
9. Hart's War
10. The Great Raid

Update later... smile.gif

War of the worlds
Sin City
Wedding Crashers
The 40-year old Virgin
Transporter 2
The One
Billy Madison
I always liked "Tits of Fury" and "Girls Gone Wild: Dormroom Fantasies"

But thats just me..
I saw Donny Darko recently. Good for a movie that actually requires though as opposed to mindless entertainment.
>Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
>Kill Bill Vol.1/Vol.2
>Star Wars Trilogy
>Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
>Rush Hour 2
Sci-Fi Horror
>Resident Evil/RE: Apocolypse
QUOTE(Jayzamann @ Sep 25 2005, 08:14 AM)
I saw Donny Darko recently. Good for a movie that actually requires though as opposed to mindless entertainment.

Ever watched it stoned?
QUOTE(Holocaust @ Sep 25 2005, 08:15 PM)
QUOTE(Jayzamann @ Sep 25 2005, 08:14 AM)
I saw Donny Darko recently. Good for a movie that actually requires though as opposed to mindless entertainment.

Ever watched it stoned?

Not yet wink.gif

I recently watched Hitch and thought it was gonna be a boring film, but it was really funny.
Ohh my all time fevorite has to be... Forrest Gump, simply because it has everything, a bit of action, comedy, drama and all the crap from the history of those times putted in the movie itself, like JFK getting shot, vietnam war, hippies tongue.gif but mainly cause of gump he plays retarted pretty good, and i just love all retarted people movies.

Others are LOTR, and various comedies...
Yeah Forrest Gump was really good, but still not my fave. Mine used to be Malibu's Most Wanted, but now it's High School High, funny as hell.
Shawshank Redemption

This film starts with a bleak opening and holds its negative attitude for a while. It tells the story of a young banker wrongly jailed for the double murder of his wife and her golf-pro lover, set in the 1940's. The man is sent to Shawshank prison, a harsh place run by a even harsher warden. Life is tough for Andy Dufresne at first, but during the film, it shows how one man can change a prison through positive thinking. He educates people, builds a library, wins the guards respect, inspires fellow inmates.....but he has something up his sleeve.

A top notch script, fine acting, fine directing, very memorable music and an amazing screenplay make this film a true silverscreen legend

American History X

This is a moral tale told by Danny, the younger brother of an intelligent but hate filled neo-nazi, Derek. Derek's father was killed in the line of duty (fireman), in a ethnic minority area. This is seen as the catalysm for Dereks attitude and beliefs. He shaves his head, gets swastika tatooed all over him and becomes the leader of a white power movement. Danny gets drawn into it as he holds Derek as a hero and he finds himself following in Dereks footsteps.

Derek however, is sent to prison for killing a black thief who he finds trying to steal his truck in the middle of the night. Derek finds himself in a cold world, where he has to stick with his 'white brothers' to stay safe. He soon compromises his safety by speaking out at the immoral behaviour of the other aryans, he further distances himself from them and eventually they disown him (rather painfully in the shower). He finds himself alone again, the black inmates know hes not connected and all bonds with the aryans are off. He grows his hair and changes his look on life.

On release, he is shamed at the pain and suffering his family is going through. He blames himself, and sets about trying to better their lives. He wants his sister to stay at school, his mum to stop smoking and for them all to move out of the squalor they are living in. It is not easy, as old 'friends' come back to great their newly released leader. Derek wants no part of what he used to live for, but telling that to Cameron Alexander, the head nazi isn't easy. Derek also wanst Danny to leave white power behind aswell, Cameron is having none of it and things get ugly.

Derek talks about getting his job back, and helping his family stick together and work for a better life. But will he suceed?

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I, like the author of this thead, belive in just lumping them togther, as they are just 1 film released in 3 seperate helpings. I need not go into detail about why I love LOTR. It is all there, what I'd been waiting for.
Ricky W
Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". In my opinion it is the best movie ever made and a must for any DVD collection.
3. DAWN OF THE DEAD: Zombies, Zombie babies, chainsaw violence and pimped-out armoured buses! I couldn't stop laughing at the part where Steve, the cop and that nurse are pointing out zombies that looked like celebrites (Jay Leno, Rosie O'Donell) and Andy across the road snipered them..classic zombie killing at its best.

2. FULL METAL JACKET: Best military movie ever. My opinion is that this is better than saving private ryan. Gomer Pyle is played brilliantly by that Criminal Intent guy (Vince someone...cant remember). And the things that the General says are the best insults ever.

1. TERMINATOR 2: This movie kicks serious ass. Edward Furlong, who plays John Connor, is one badass kid (sadly the writers of T3 made out John to be a bit of a wimp, and let a wimpy actor play him). Arny takes no shit, especially with a minigun and a grenade launcher at hand, firing off at wimpy cops out of a building window.

4. Kill Bill
5. Con Air

NOTE: Ive yet to see ALL of Pulp Fiction, yet of what I saw, I will definitely need to update my top 3 in times to come...

Shit i forgot! One of my favorites is also Braveheart!!!...fuck it! Wallace rocks!
of recent movies the only one i really enjoyed was Crash
on the holidays I watched the Godfather trilogy, for the first time.

It was good, part 1 sucked a bit though.
Every Tarantino movie
Bugsy Malone
Training Day
Got Team America on DVD today. Look's awesome....
ben healy
1. Original Star Wars Trilogy
The greatest saga of them all. Brilliant in every way. Wonderfull story of Good vs. Evil.

2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
An incredible trilogy. Such an amazingly realistic representation of Middle Earth. What a great man Peter Jackson is.

3. The Silence of the Lambs
Unbelievable performance by Anthony Hopkins. The greatest thriller of them all.
The Evil Dead trilogy. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell at their best.

Lord of the Rings trilogy would get a close second imo.
Bruce Almighty
Seriously under-rated film. There are some pure comedy moments in there, and it is helped along with the excellent combination of Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aninston. There are some funny quotes in there too.

Team America
'Fuck, yeah!' as one of the lines from the opening credits go. This is the best puppet movie I have seen. Trey Parker and Matt Stone made a good choice in not making a second South Park movie, but making this instead. It also has live puppet sex.

Saving Private Ryan
Yeah, a farcry from the two comedies above, but it had to be mentioned. The cinematic is awesome, and the detail gone into making it as authentic as possible can clearly be seen.
Walking Tall
I like this movie because he changes his town around.
Man on Fire
This movie is probaly my absolute favorite because he goes around trying to find out what happened to this girl that she was gaurding.
The Transporter
Lots of action in this movie and very cool scenes
QUOTE(c°nFUSED @ Sep 23 2005, 04:26 AM) [snapback]923375[/snapback]

  • War of the worlds

  • Sin City

  • Wedding Crashers

  • The 40-year old Virgin

  • Transporter 2

  • The One

  • Phonebooth

  • Billy Madison

  • Dawn of the Dead

  • Jackass the Movie

  • The Matrix

  • Super Troopers

  • Day after Tomorrow

  • Tommy Boy

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Chronicles of Narnia
Updated my favorites list.
I added a few more, not in any order:

ID4 (Independence Day)
Dumb & Dumber
The Day After Tomorrow
Dodgeball:A True Underdog Story
Ace Ventura Pet Detective
The Rundown
Bad Boys 2
Tommy Boy
Black Sheep
Happy Gilmore
Billy Madison
The Waterboy
Old School
The Girl Next Door
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Jackass The Movie
Flight of the Phoenix
South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut
Super Troopers
Bruce Almighty
Behind Ememy Lines
Night at the Roxbury
Shaun of the Dead
Muted Bass Fish
my favorite movie is:grind and lords of dogtown
Updated List:

Training Day
He Got Game
Any Given Sunday
Blood In, Blood Out
Menace II Society
Boyz N The Hood
I saw a Movie Called "Havoc" Today.


It's About a Bunch of Rich Poser O.C. Kids that get a Dose of Reality when they go to South Central and East L.A.
These Kids Dress, Talk, and Act like Gangsters. So one day they Decide to Go To East L.A. to Socialize with there "Brothers" (These are all White People). They pull up to a Drug Dealer and Attempt to Buy Drugs. After the Exchange The Wiggers Decide the Bag is light. So The Leader gets out and Explains to the Drug Dealer that it's light. "Yo Dawg, This Shits Light." So The Drug Dealer Pulls out his Gun and Takes the Rest of the Wiggers money. The Wigger procedes to Piss Himself in front of his Girlfreind while the Drug Dealer talks to Him "You don't know how to fucking Act Right" and more stuff in Spanish. The Drug Dealer lets him live So the Wiggers go back Home.

Thats just the Beginning, I Don't wanna Ruin the Whole Movie for You but it's Fucking Awesome.
in this order
hardcore homecoming
forever hardcore
super troopers
lotr trilogy
american history x
team america
Hmm favourite movies.

1. Fast and the furious and 2 fast 2 furious: I like these two movies because they got me interested in cars. Now cars are my life, no joke. Even my job is to do with cars (car body repair and sprayer) So those movies have given me a lot in life biggrin.gif

2. Menace II Society: Awesome hood movie, loads of cool stuff on it and some awesome beats!

3. Hackers: This movie proves that all hackers aren't complete geeks with no life, even though it isn't very real life it still gets that point across that people who know stuff about computer's aren't complete geeks, they actually have lifes.
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