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Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
Basically this is a competition to make a splash page for the upcoming site(s) on Iced Network. We'll give you free reign other than the sites it's to link to are:

Iced-Entertainment (Green themed)
Iced-Gaming (Blue themed)
Iced-GFX (Orange themed)
Iced-Hosting (Red themed)

Good luck

-Mello, NCP and Zacko
What's Iced network?
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
Iced Network, the plan so far:

A network of 4 sites, accessed through a splash page, Iced-Gaming, Iced-Entertainment, Iced-GFX and Iced-Hosting.
Hosted by Johnny from and Starman.
Probable staff: Admins: Me and Zacko
Graphics makers: Toge and Bulldog
Mods: appointed later
Forums done in IPD 2.0 licenced free or Mambo (similiar to php nuke but more customisable and safer)

I've told you WAY more than you need to know, but I guess it'll help the staff now that all the info is in one place I guess happy.gif
how big do you want it also do you want us to make a splash page for each of them or make them all on one splash page
Just one splash page biggrin.gif
eh im in iced network foo sad.gif
Well we now have one so the competition is over Im afraid, Thanks to Starman (or whatever his name is now)

winining entry: (remove if advertising)
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