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whats your fave district i love staunton island portlands ok but not as good as Staunton Isle i hate shoreside vale
Chinatown and red lights district are good in Portland. Staunton has some cool districts too. Shoreside vale is probably the best island imo, cos the dodo is at the airport. happy.gif
I've completly forgotten about all the places in GTA3... I need to play it again.
I spend most of my time around the northern edges of Shoreside Vale near the dam, So I guess that will be my favourite District.
The Demon
QUOTE (iceman335 @ Apr 20 2005, 03:56 PM)
whats your fave district i love staunton island portlands ok but not as good as Staunton Isle i hate shoreside vale

Umm thoes are islands and if you mean islan i like Portland and Stanten Island but if you really mean district i like The Red Light District
I like them all I have to say though i like portland best, maybe its because its more industrial than the others other than that I cant quite tell you why. my second favorite area isnt one of the islands but is the subway I especially like trecking it on foot.
I think Portland looks amazing at night time and foggy at the same time!
It just gives you the feeling that you are in a right shithole of a city!
GTA3 thumbup.gif
I like anywhere on Staunton Island best, mainly the Bedford Point area.
The red light district and the area around St. Marcos Bistro (before the Mafia turns on you).
I have to say that I like the whole of Liberty City. I mostly prefer the "central park" in Staunton Island, can't remember what it's called. I like the drive to Shoreside Vale, especialy the projects and I love Portland. It's all good, the best ever GTA yet!

GTA3 Needs an official extended remake bursting with features.

i don't know its a tie between Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale; Portland is nice but i like the other two just a little more though; tough decision really
I liked Shoreside Vale. The awesome roads, hills, everything about it was cool!! Even the Mr Whoopie van would very rarely be seen way up there. Good veiw of the cities too. From what i've seen in SA, all you can see is fog. mad.gif
My favorite district was Staunton Island.It had a believable ghetto, and there were interesting places to go to.
I like staunton Island, but the other islands are just too dark and gloomy.
I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE PORTLAND. I want GTA3 for PC. But mine can't hold it.
Tommy Vercetti
Red Light District, hands down, teh best in GTA3.
The Ice Man
I like to hang around Chinatown, cause it's fun to piss off the Triads cause they can't do shit about it. Also the red light district, GTA 3 is old, but awesome, I am a GTA addict.
Portland is the Shizzle!
I like Shoreside Vale... pretty much the whole thing..
Staunton much more to do...then again, I love all of them because of the secrets they hold...
i like the red light district, and I think you all know why biggrin.gif
i love portland, especially the beginning.
Me too, it's my favourite island, it has so much to do on it.
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