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Mr. Liberal Zombie
QUOTE(Destruction-Overdrive @ Aug 1 2006, 03:26 PM) [snapback]1209603[/snapback]

i need

IPB Image

that of tony cipriani but larger

thanks. if u get these for me i wont rape you

Did you want a Toni sig/av, or did you just want the image so you can do whatever with it? Either way:

IPB Image

*whew* Now at least I can rest easy knowing I won't get raped by D-O...
those are great, thanks guys. im shocked how fast tehy got answered. im making a sig with them.
i would like a sig with a 2006 corvette with my name in the corner
Hi there, ive made a form that is very explanatory, so it should be easier to make the banner. Of course you dont have to follow it 100 per cent but this is basicaly what i want

Color Scheme: Dark Red


Size: 570 x 150

Font: (please use the white and black 'crystal font' rather than the only black one)

Text Color: White & Black ( if only one colour can be used then white please)


Sig/Banner: Banner

Border: Plain White Line

Extra Details: I want the stock image on the left of the banner, and the text going accross to the right after the stock.~ PLEASE TRY TO LEAVE LITTLE SPACE ON THE BANNER.

I've got a new site I just started up tonight and I got a nice skin that I love, unfortunately I can't find any buttons or markers/folders that go with it.I was wondering if anyone here can make a full set of buttons/markers/folders to fit the color scheme or possibly knows where I might be able to find a full set of free buttons that will go with it.I don't want to change the skin again, I love it the way it is.

The site is here: The_420_Syndicate

Any help would be much appreciated.I could make them myself, unfortunately my PSP X10 isn't working right now due to a virus and I don't think I'll have it back any time soon.

Again, any help will be much appreciated and I'll give whoever can help me an admin spot on the board.Though right now it's not even online so I'm the only member, but hopefully I'll get some members quickly and an admin spot will actually mean something. tongue.gif
Grove Gangster
Can anybody give me some CJ Avatar? Anyone is good for me.
hey, 'shunka, could you throw me together something involving tupac, Ice cube, and Xzibit. i prefer this setup:

X and Cube up front, with Pac in the back, and smoke rolling up from the bottom, with "Westside" written wherever it looks coolest. i know your the man to talk to about this shit, so yeah.

X: should be the old skool version of him like form the "what you see is what you get" video,

Cube: something from his WC days. he was killa then

Pac: something kick ass.

Note that they can be form another pic, or animated by you, i dont care as long as it looks good.

Now that its well outlined, i do hope something can be worked out. I would do it myself, but have niether the software nor the skillz.
Thanks much man. props to ya if it gets done. thumbup.gif
hello again but could i av a gd cars movie sig plz.
or could some one cut a piece out my sig and make the ava.
Could somebody, preferably Ender cut out this car, shadows included and put Phantom next to it on the bottom right side.

IPB Image
Im looking for a 500 x 200 band sign,
The band is called "First comes the Fire" It will be ussed for our demos/cds/and myspace pictures,
I would REALLY appreciate it, in like writing like my sig but with a cool firey background.
please get back to me asap smile.gif
The Porscheofile
Hey all. i was wondering if the talented people ehre could possible make this pic of pawprints wave back and forth. there should be around 1.5 seconds between each wave. its for a website im cooking up. thanks a million to whoever. [img=]
Hey can someone mke me a banner for a Just Cause forum im making.

Size 788 x 100 would be great
I was wondering if someone could resize this and make the background transparent. No border or text or anything. I'd do it but I don't have photoshop or anything.

IPB Image
Oh my God, it's the Triforce. I didn't know you were a Zelda fan. Just for that, I shall do this for you. Would you like the glow around the Triforce removed, or would you like to keep it?
I dunno. The glow around the actual triforce is pretty cool, but the shiny effect on the crest is pretty gay. Just toy with it and if you get something that looks good, just post it. I'm not too fussed.
I'd appreciate it if someone could make a sig with a TVR Tuscan in it, nothing that looks kinda tacky. If anyone has seen Kamhal's sig, then i want it kinda like that. Also, add my name... Van Hel Singh. Check the way you spell it, some people get it wrong.

Thanks all
Ok, I have some ideas for a sig, if you could just do one of them it'd be awesome.

With all of these sig ideas I want the name PapaBearDX in it somewhere, and if possible, when clicked to link to my myspace (, and a matching avatar.

1.Little miss sunshine(the movie)

2. Sidekick 3 (animated?)

3. Atlanta Falcons

4. Gremlins

5. Old school Teenage mutant ninja turtles.
Mindfury, I have TWO versions of the Triforce. One with stroke, the other without. Both are available for use.

Without Stroke:
IPB Image

With Stroke:
IPB Image
I'll take the one without the stroke.

I need someone to make me an animated signature. I will give details if you send me a message.

Could someone please do me a Royal Marines Sig and Avi.
Example pics

Thanks in advance.
Ok, i know i posted this before but i want to make it more specific, I'd like a boondock saints signature, Kind of like mine except that mine looks like absolute shit. All I really want is a pic from the boondock saints with like a border and my name on it, PM me for details. ( Ill give credit)
Heh, I never though I'd be requesting a signature but seeing as I've just reformatted my computer, I have no Photoshop and I'm sure Paint isn't up to the job I have in mind. Anyway, on with the request. I'd like a Final Fantasy Advent Children signature, and matching avatar. The signature is to be 300x100, with a basic font, but nothing too crappy like Comic Sans. I want it to be sleek and well designed. The avatar must be 90x90. The signature must have a form of identification on it, preferably in the corner though not too noticable. Both the avatar and signature must have a 1px black border.

Tony I'd do that for your just wait a while and I'll get back to ya.
I wish I could get Fido14's GTA 3 sig. sad.gif
Because I can't really be arsed to turn my PC on I'll request a sig please:

Theme - Queen biggrin.gif
Pics - Any
Text - 'Blaze' 'Queen'
oh i will =D
QUOTE(Blackfuse @ Oct 1 2006, 11:35 AM) [snapback]1239267[/snapback]

oh i will =D

ok sorry for all of the posts but i finally made up my mind.
All I want is my name in black text thats shiny, like a black ipod.
i want it like this bigg
Can someone make me a signature wit a green abstract backround,and a picture of Rob on like the left if you dont know what i mean by robin i mean like Bat Man and Robin not bat man just robing and on the right have like the out line a girl than in bling Text Write Gorillan And if its not to much trouble i'd like a nice boarder with like a cool design any type just something that would look nice with the picture and if you want who evers making it you can put your name in small letters because a lot of people do that to show that they created it anyway that would be great if any of you can make it thank you.
I would like an animated Chicago Bears signature. Pm me for details please.
IPB Image

I want that image with a girl with blonde hair and something like his clothes holding hands please smile.gif

I think you can make your own...
Its been a while since I've made my self a sig and tbh I can't really be bothered as my recent works of art have been bad so I'd like to request again please , Id like a Queen sig but if your not up that post some sigs my way and I'll have the one you will offer If its me smile.gif.
IPB Image

can someone cut the biker for me plz. i could do it easy enough but im too lazy. i know now by saying that no one will do it, but im pretty sure someone here already did it. i think it was dup that made hbw a sig with it. if so, if you (dup) still have the cut laying around, could ya post it?
can you PLEASE make me a desktop background that has the word "Colster TM" (without quotation marks) in the centre, with a black background, cool font, and make the font 3-D.

summat like: THIS
I Made Your Mom In GMod
I need somebody to make a logo to go on a building in a map I'm making. It's for this film me and Zacko are making at the moment. PM me if you're interested and I'll give you some specifics.
Should just post the details here.. then i might be interested.
hey, can i get a sig/avy pair. i want it to be a pic. of duante stallworth(hes a football player) with matching colors. and for the avy. just the saints(football team) colors with disturbed8080 written on it. please pm when you are done. thanks.
Requesting a Freddie Mercury/Queen sig , I'd do it myself but I'm not too good at making real person sigs , I've cut one image for you , which you can use if you like , and use other Queen members if you can find any good pictures , please PM me with the sig please.
IPB Image
Kool Kow Klansmen
Can somebody do me a Tommy Vercetti sig please? im no good at all this graphics stuff. Thanks. Message me if you need pictures.
couls somebody please make me a vicecity stories signature and avatar.
im a bit crap at making siga and avas so i'll leave it to the professionals.
IPB Image

IPB Image

Can someone make me a sig really quick.

Just a few images faded over each other and some text.

Nice design.

I need it within a day or two because its a sports thing for next sunday.
Hey guys, I really suck at making anything, I was wondering if anyone could make me a sig with my truck (San Andreas version in it)

But have it in the real world, burning out on the street and put Foxracing500rX² in cool letters on the bottom right.

Thanks a Ton, I will give a link pics of my truck, followed by a pic of my truck in San Andreas form.

IPB Image
thx GFX.Absinthe but could anyone make this sig better or make a totally new one please.
k gimme 30 mins CJ
k thankyou alot blackfuse.
ur a great man.
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