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Good idea
Welcome guy's.
Jorge V.U.
hi, i'v just logged in. I live in Belgium but my mom was Mexican
Hey, wassup! I was just getting back into forums today. You may or may not recognize me as Veloci from the older boards. Don't worry, I'm gonna keep those dumbass posts to a minimum this time.
Jorge V.U.
can anyone tell me where I can change my profile (like my picture)?
In your control panel
yo, I'm Oliver, I have the GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas on the playstation 2, and I realy like it
I am also Jorge V.U.'s brother, he showed me this site
I'm not good with introductions so I won't give one.
I'm just new smile.gif
Welcome to the forums guys. Make sure you read the rules before making any big posts, and to make sure you post in the correct forum. Stay out of trouble, and I'm sure you'll do fine.
Heya guys, stay out of trouble and have fun smile.gif.
my name is melta6825.
hope u guys enjoy my humour coz i am wicked in dat category
smell ya l8r m8s

scooter.gif Vroom Vroom Vroom?????????
im blade501 i live in england blah blah blah i wouldve posted here when i signed up but i forgot.
Hey, I'm SMCentral, I own a site. I like hip hop/ rap music. I hate people that think they can take control of you. I also like shooting cats with my BB Gun lool
hi m8 if u want wats ur site m8y
hi! this is becky.. maybe sum of u remember me. i came from corey and mastas site but it hasnt been working lately so i joined this cuz i know most of the members at that site are members here lol so yeaa <3
Hey Beckys.The IPB DP site got deleted due to "illegal content", LOL.We're back to our old IF board till we get the new site up and running.We couldn't contact you about that as we didn't know you outside of DP.I PMed you the link to the old site.

And welcome to Guides, it's a great site too. smile.gif
Hey, been checking out the site and this forum for a while, so I figured I might as well sign up. Won't be on much, but it looks like a real solid forum, so well done.
hey every1 im a big fan of gta + slinkys so i signed up hope 2 be on here lots! cya around!
Welcome smile.gif Slinkys are cool.
welcome slink.
slinky rock too tongue.gif
Hey guys, I completly forgot that I had a account here but I just remembered so im going to try and post here now it's a nice forum
Hey y'all, I'm new. I joined like 2 months ago and this is my first time posting. I recently got a new copy of San Andreas(I let my friend borrow my old san andreas and he never gave it back)

This is good stuff. Out of all the GTA sites and forums, these have been the most helpful.
I'm not new but I never got to introduce myself.

Hi, I'm me.
Death To The Prom King Of The Century
I am new here this is my second post here my first post was in post a picture of yourself I'm 19, male, 6'3, 180 pounds AKA 82kg, australian, beer drinker, skateboarder and have girlfriend.
Grove Gangster
Hi, people. I am new here, joined about 2 months later. Just now I found this topic but it doesnt matter. I enjoyed the forum at first sight, and now I truly know this is a very nice place on web.
Bag Of Puppies
Welcome to you all guys! Be sure to visit the Asylum
I have a new name lol
im ben. i like punk and vidyah games. i love my computer and music.

french fries rule too.
my names chris clingan
from manch england
i buzz off all the gta's exept lcs wot a letdown piece of shit
i sold it bout 2 days after i bought it
Hello everybody! Nice board.
Hi all. Been around for a while, finally decided to register. This site is great and has helped me a lot.

San Andreas is the best game ever.

I'm female.

Right now I play NFL fantasy football, I have three teams:

Los Santos Saints

San Fierro Fighters and

Las Venturas Villains

Geetings from Ganton

A female gamer.

*Senses raging teenage hormones*

My advice; run.
Hey guys =)
Hewwo, funky sig.
Bag Of Puppies
QUOTE(Vendetta @ Oct 16 2006, 09:09 PM) [snapback]1246803[/snapback]


A female gamer.

*Senses raging teenage hormones*

My advice; run.

Quite funny you're the first one to post after she did don't ya think ant? rolleyes.gif

Hi everyone, welcome to the site! smile.gif
GTA Prime
Well im new, just this minute registered, I like GTA obviously, what else would i be doing here?

I have GTA (PC) GTA 3, Vice City and San ANdreas all on PS2, completed them all so now i basically look for stunts and glitches.

I guess theres not much more you can put in an Introduction thread, so HELLO everyone Jumpy.gif

Hi, I'm new here! I've advertised my forums, but I've decided to stay here.

I've got GTA3 (completed), Vice City (done some of asset missions) and Liberty City Stories (bearly just started). I got the latter two quite early ago, but I am just rubbish at them!
hey every body im 13 boy my name is jerico im just lookin to beat somebody on midnight club 3 so bring it on yall
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][size=7]
UM I'm Andrea. I'm new.. obviously. I'm 16 from Canada and yeah. What's up? I feel like I'm the only girl here =| are there others ¿
you dont look 16
Well your not the only girl here i am but dont expect equal treatment here...

expect lots of sexist remarks and such.
^yeah i actually have kind of noticed haha. but what can you expect with mostly guys right? it doesn't get to me too much haha.

and nationlistbrain.. how old do i look then? haha
believe me the degrading comments will eat you away a little bit....

Not only the comments but false immature accusations laugh.gif
Handsome B Wonderful
Yeah, you'd better listen to what he says.



We treat Dame like crap because it's funny. You might be different. Because if you ain't, and you turn out to be Compton Gay, may God have mercy on your soul.
My names Tom, Im 18 and a Redneck in West Virginia.

Anyways, Im not new to gta forums, Im a member at too, just cant get enough of GTA.

So if anyone wants to chat or whatever you can email me at

Andrea, no matter what board your on, as long as there is hormone raging 14 year olds, you will most likely get hit on or offended by what they say, just dont let it bug yah.
welcome to the board Foxracing500rX².
i hope you enjoy this forum.
welcome to the forum m8 have a good stay
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