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Name's DTH, i'm probably the only person here who hasn't completed a GTA game. By mean complete, I mean haven't even got to the final missions. Oh well. Still, that doesn't mean I suck, I just spend more time doin' my own thang. Well, hello to you all. >.>

I just started a new San Andreas file today, i'm aiming to complete that, at least.

And FYI, I *am* close to completing Vice City. tongue.gif
im your name and i randomly join forums as isurf the web
i am uberhead, i like to drive a motor with a MP 5 or something and then i pull the trigger and THEN am i happy smile.gif
and i maked this happy/crappy movie:
QUOTE(CJ'sGirlfriend @ Jul 11 2005, 09:34 PM)
Holla if you're CJ and Big Smoke fans! thumbup.gif

Cj's ok but Smoke is addicted to the haterade

Oh ya, my names , yes thats my real name. it's pronounced kdfghsjdfe.

Hey everyone, im Kara, 20 from Scotland Jumpy.gif Joinned her to get some SA help smile.gif
A big HELLO to all GTA fans in the forum! I'm Jedah the well known Vampire Savior. I'm a fan of the GTA series since GTA III and currently I'm playing San Andreas. Well that's all for now, wish me happy posting!
Hey dudes and dudettes! How's it hangin?!

Just picked up the PC version of San Andreas. Spent like 300 bucks upgrading my computer just to play the damned thing. (DVDrom, ram, and a graphics card.)

Looked around the forum and have seen alot of cool freaks. Wierd but cool.

Got some tech questions I hoping I can get some answers too. err glitch questions? Gonna go look around to find the appropriate thread to post my question. Basically all the characters and other people including CJ randomly contort into triangle type star glob fragments. It's really annoying.

Catch yall later!
Hey, I'm Al, I've played heaps of San Andreas on PC and PS2 and I'm buying it on XBox after playing it at a mates place, best game ever.
Smoke-A-Lot Records
wassup people, the names gonzoe, 16years of age, and my interests would be..

chillin with my gf
hanging out with my mates
playing games
Aloha! clap.gif
this is my first time back here in months. im not really a new member, i registered here a long time ago, but i've been inactive. i decided to check up on this place again.
i'm trigger543 and i love graffitting.
um im nick im your neighbor and i watch u ever day. ph34r.gif

Been lurking for a while but I figured I should join in since I am now a proud owner of my first AO rated video game. I'm a PC-only gamer whos been playing since Doom shareware. I used to be a strictly a FPS-only gamer but I went out on a limb for GTA:SA, and that branch snapped and I fell right out of the damn tree.

I landed on my friggin head, but luckily I landed on top of one of those punk ass Ballas. Those bitches think they own the damn neighborhood. Pffft. I have been around longer than they have.

Anyways, I guess I will see yall around the block.

Hi everyone happy.gif. I constantly visit this site for hints and maps. And I saw the forums, and what the hell, I joined. I'll try to keep active and be a regular in this forum. Have fun every1 happy.gif

Ski Masked Gangsta
Hey I just joined a few minutes ago, you can just call me Gangsta or Mario, whatever you want. SO yeah I am new.
Hey Hell0.My name is...mike bernstien,just stoping by to check this place out.
crow t robot
n00b here..How's it goin.
Tommy Gun
It's probably to late to join this Forum as everyone has completed the game by now, and have moved on ????
Mitsubtichi Tie Crack child
QUOTE(Tommy Gun @ Aug 5 2005, 01:27 PM)
It's probably to late to join this Forum as everyone has completed the game by now, and have moved on ????
No... it's not to late not everyone has completed the game and the ones that have still come on to help people out..
Hey Guys!!! I entered a couple of days ago, but I didnt enter to this part. biggrin.gif

Steve Stiffler
This site Fuckin kicks ass, Just call me Steve or Stiffler, Not the one from American Pie, I still say fuck a lot though
Hello from australia!
Just your average guy, live in melbourne, married, 2 sons.
Not alot of time thses days for games, but i try smile.gif

Glad to be here smile.gif
hey I a few days ago and missed this so now I am posting
Hi. Just saying hi really... I'm 16 and I'm from England so yeah that's it really hope I have a good time here =)
Alkaline Sheep
Oops didnt see this ,
Anyway hey im kinda new, from england blah de blah,
Main hobbies is fiddling round with comps its fun, anything else feel free to ask.
i just joined so poped in here to say hi to everyone so hi all smile.gif
New guy from Spain; loving the game. I am stuck in Desperados; not able to recruit gang menbers. iamtrying everything that I have read and nothing. if you can help, I would be eternally grateful.
Keep it to 1 post per person. New people only!
Gee You Knit
im gee you knit i like Fried Chicken and BLTS
yeah..GeekiiGangsta and everyone on here basically thinks im a retard...I have my work cut out for me!
hey wats up , i've just found this forum by accident when searching for a way to pass that mission called los desperados , google search engine led me to here n it seems cool to find such forum for gta fans
my name's sherif 19 from Alexandria Egypt n my pic's posted already
supp new thug
Sup everyone
hello i'm @minigun@ as you can tell by my name i live minguns

i have been playing gta games for quite a few years and completed them all but not 100%
Hello.. I wub GTA and wub RAtM. I also love big forums and being staff at big forums, thus I registered here. I am starting a music forum called Ock Rock and Need a business partner, I figured it was my time to be great.
Hi everybody I'm Pimb,25,and I'm from Belgium.French is my mother tongue,so,sorry in advance for my poor English ,I'll do my best.
mr "sain" here im a chronic KRONIK thats about it...piss me off and a blow a huge toke into your face
Hey Whats Up
hi im thereaper im newish so go asy n me
JP "Penz" Pedersen, 45, from Denmark.

Mostly into military flight sims, but I got turned on to GTA SA by a friend and as a consequence I have practically lived in San Andreas for the last two months ... wink.gif
Hey, I'm from Holland.
Found this forum, cause I looked for a map with the cars in the game on it.
I'm playin SA for the third time now, so you can say I'm completely addicted. tongue.gif
The Emperor
Im shrike and Im a madman yeehaw!
Hi Guys,

I am the Urban Ninja from the North of Scotland.
Just bought SA for the ultimate gaming console, also know as the XBOX clap.gif
had to, got stuck too it on my mates PS2, but he had to go and join the RAF didn't he...... ohmy.gif
youll see alot of me here.
Plenty of you have probably seen me already, but still, who cares i havent posted here (this topic) yet happy.gif . im from scotland too if anyones interested, and i recently (like, yesterday - 1/sep) bought a PSP biggrin.gif
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