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I've been here for just over a month now and my name is to the top left and the team I support is obvious to football fans!!!
Jumpy.gif Jumpy.gif Jumpy.gif
im also new as u can see by my post count smile.gif
Maniac Centipede
Hello. I am your superior being Centipede. You shall Call me centipede when you see me!
Hi. I'm not tellin you my username because I asume that you can already see it. If you play games on steam then you can find me as either darkjak51 or delta51. If you want to know any more about me then look at my profile.
Hi, I'm Carpetdweller, but you can call me Carpet.

I've been hanging around other SA forums for a while now and thought I'd see what was going on over here.
Be gentle with me and this could be the beginning of something amazing.
What's up everyone...

Cool site, definately helps when shit goes down and I don't know how to get out of it in SanAndreas.

Well, I'd write a bit more but it seems like GTA has taken control of my free time... later!


ogglock... that's all
I'm glamourousrage. And I'm new. biggrin.gif
hi im LATIN KINGZ and im an jk smile.gif
yo dawgz i is new up in herr! ima gunna be da baddest mudder f*cka in dis joint aiight so dont get in me way boiiii.

Just kidding, I am new here. This looks like a cool place to chat so......hi
The Hydra Sucks
I'm The Hydra Sucks (obviously). Maybe one or two of you may know me from GTADomain's boards as that anal-retentive asshole with a cool avatar. That's pretty much an accurate picture.

Hope to post here occasionally and not piss anyone off.

"Keep it locked, keep it GANGSTA baby!"
New members hi!
Here click you should.
not trying to spam, but it's amazing how some people have 1 actual post - and it's in here.
QUOTE(basicked @ May 24 2005, 11:10 AM)
not trying to spam, but it's amazing how some people have 1 actual post - and it's in here.

Most people have ore than one post tho, just like me.
Mc Ice
hey i`m warren, i`ve been banned from PGTA (twice & perm) & just got banned from LINK REMOVED (temp)

REMOVED is a good forum, plz sign up guys! its very active!
Hi im new.. And i have a question. How the hell did these people post in september when GTA San andreas didnt come out until October 26? Crackheads. What the hell?
Hey, I'm Eric. This is my first GTA forum (woohoo) but ive played GTA:VC and GTA:SA but not gotten 100% on either.
hi im sam2 and Im a playstation fanatic!
Uh, yeah. I'm NotSoSane, this is the 1st GTA forum i've been a member of, thats about it
My name is TheGamerFreak, and I'm also on IGN.
Hey guys, Body-Count calling from the UK.
Hey everyone. I'm 22, male and from Portland, OR. San Andreas is my favorite GTA, with Vice City and GTA2 behind that.
James R. Bath
What's up? I am James Bath and I like to watch Different Strokes.
How is everyone?
I am Pimpplaya from Ireland (one of the few who play it). Respect me and i'll respect you. ph34r.gif
i'm mega jaz, i love games
Lo All, I'm Sneltrekker, come from Belgium ... college student
bak again

i was here from the beginnig but then i left for liek a year and now im back
wassup every 1,i'm trigga39..keep it real
Hello everyone, alot of you may know me from Invisionfree boards, im the Root Admihn at Forumstyler and know MasterG pretty well, not sure what his user name here is but he is admin or staff?

Anyways this is a great site and i intend on sticking around!
i'm UltimateGTAGamer91. uhhh.... I like San Andreas, and vice city..... and san andreas. goddamn it! i played san andreas almost all day yesterday, and still haven't passed it 100%. poop. speaking of poop....
I'm R4 formerly known as deeee_one_and_only, but that account i cannot use any more cuz my buddy fucked up IE, and gave me adware.
I first joined as what_ever but i can't use that accounte either...
PM me for questions about why i can't use 'em.
Hello All 14,692 members (thats alot!), I'm RGT, I like the RGT A.K.A Lamborghini Murcielago RGT..awesome.

I got GTA about a 3 days on PC, I'm now about 30% through the game. cool.gif
Hi! I'm mr.easy i'm new here of course. I came from gtafourms and decided to come here too. I'm really going to enjoy my stay here and try to behave the best I can. Thanks guys! smile.gif
HI, there , i`m new here , i was looking for some GTA info and i found this site, it seems really great !! I`m from Guatemala ,

Only one question if any one knows where i can find some san andreas midi files, like the tune in the opening of the game i would appreciate it
Hi i could of joined long ago but didnt no there was a forum so well i hope to stay lamo.gif
Hi everyone, I'm KableKiB (used to be KableKid12) and I'm new here. Looks like a nice community.

Hey i'm overdose, i'm new to the forum.

I think that the website is really great and decided to become a member.
Hi, I'm Isi. I'm 16 years old, and I run a web design company.

Isi is my real life nickname and it is pronounced "Issy", had it since year 3 at Primary School.. so been a good couple of years now.

I'm a GTA Addict, GTA offers me everything I look for in a game.

I grabbed myself a copy of SA last Thursday for XBox, and now I'm like 25% into it.

Anyway, see you around
Hey, I'm loner-girl...I visited this website some and thought it was pretty cool and joined.
Hello to all peoples
I play halo and gta
Also Im in summer school taking spanish 2 again thanks alot xbox
FatBoy Slim
Well, I'm FatBoy Slim. I am betta in GTA SA than all my friends. (I don't have any friends) So technically I am betta. Anyway, I like eggs. I prefer human.
ar8 im samlad
Hi all, im coleridge49 and I just found this site by Yahoo and thought I'd join up.
Whats up everybody,
I was here before as the basic name "Nathan", but the forums crashed and stuff, etc.

Now I'm back after a long time,
just wanted to say hey again, get acquainted with the new members and the Veterans'

hi im power ranger i like pasta salad
shiiiat, didn't even see this topic, started killin my keyboard right away smile.gif
ok, I'm noiz, a dude from Croatia, don't think you got much of croatians here, but fuhck it, it's a start. that's about it, yall know why I'm here..
I'd like to wish you all a happy time here at the GTA_SanAndreas forums.
Hey what's up, GTA fans! As you can see, I'm CJ's girlfriend! For real, screw all the ladies who try to claim him, I'm the one whose gettin' the ring! bird.gif lol anyway, in reality I'm a single mother with a gorgeous daughter named Aaliyah. Yes, you heard that right, Aaliyah! I named my daughter after the singer who tragically died in the Bahamas plane crash 4 years ago. wink.gif You can say my daughter is a living tribute.

I love San Andreas, it's the only game I've played the most outta all the other GTA games. Even though I can't stand the b****, Catalina be makin' some funny quotes.

"Hand over the money or I'll blow your f**** b*** off!"

Now that's funny right there! biggrin.gif Anyway, I gotta check this forum out more! See ya guys around! Holla if you're CJ and Big Smoke fans! thumbup.gif
Hey, registered here a while ago but I'll be hanging out more often now that I have SA @ 100% wink.gif
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