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punxtr14, my name has lived here since March 21, 2004.
im psycho

and i been here since september 2003
Hullo, im M-A-C-E.
Yo, it's that kid Young Skillmatic, reppin North Carolina, RDU. I'm a killa on the mic so anyone wanna hear me drop somethin, holla back.
sup skill
drop it
Mota_Boys the name, Mota's my game this month i've been mostly xcited about ragdoll physics in san andreas..........takes me back 2 carmaggedon times with frail human bodies meeting unforgiving steel bonnet and just taking off into the air in a mad flailing mess. I may be mentally ill Jumpy.gif
Im kentpaul and I like GTA!!
'sup im yakuza69 but call me Dill, im a big fan of GTA, i reckon i might b the youngest on the site, 11 years old
Sup everyone im southside but you can just call me wink.gif

Anyways cant wait till the damn San Andreas is coming for PC or Xbox, seems like a gotta wait another year sad.gif
yeah but not too long
Im New

IAMCANADIAN thumbup.gif
Hey im ICE n im new ere cool.gif
Welcome to the site all new people. May your stay here be full of usefull posts.
alright 18 from liverpool and im a gta and liverpool fan.

cant wait for the realese of gta clap.gif
Welcome to the site everyone and please read The Rules
Digital Heroin
I am Digital Heroin, feeding the information addiction on a regular basis...
I'm Bippus13 and the grand theft auto series is amazing.
Xavia Johnson
Yo it's ya boy Xavia Johnson, and i'm gonna give a shoutout to my homies in Ganton, Vinewood, Mulholland, and Idelwood

hey I'm RskimB looking extremely forward to GTA:SA
hello all the new ppl
OK, I'm going to have to start enforcing the 1 post rule in this thread. Last time around there were more regulars posting their 'welcome' message every other day than new users *looks at psycho*

It's all very well to welcome a whole bunch of new users every once in a while, but make sure that's all it is (minimum one week space between posts).

This thread is more of a 'get your first post free' sort of thing. People don't really come back in here after they've posted to see if anyone's welcomed them.
i didn't see this thread until now...but im 14 from england, like heavy metal, sport and gta
Hey, I'm new. My name's Kerryn, I live in Australia and so far I'm the only female I've seen around here....

I love GTA. I have GTA3 and Vice City and have just pre-ordered my copy of San Andreas.
hi, im bob and im new.
DJ Joe G
Yo mofo's
DJ.O.E in da ouse

Big up ya chest
camp kill yourself
hey im camp kill yourself or u can call me CKY and ive been waitin for this game and watching this site since about march i just registed on the fourms now

Pastor Richards
Hey all just wanted to let every1 know that my new sn is Pastor Richards. If anybody is wonderin who i am i used to be Fyock that is all
hey im a major fan of the GTA series and ive been checking the main site for new information on San Andreas almost every day for about a year now.
I dont post much but ill put my two cents in if there a topic that i think i have sumthing worthy to say
Oops, didn't see this yesterday. *blends into the background*
Mr Corleone
im the don , lol na im mr corleone and ill kill every one lol
hey im RUNE77 and im really random.........................falafel
and i LOVE GTA easily the best game ever made on any console!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid.gif
Yo, i am originally known as the infamous "PimPSimP"

My name is Speedyrv.

I may not be posting that much because I am to busy playing games.
Hey there everyone. I have always come to this website for information and thought I may as well sign up to the forums to get to know the community here. I come from GTAF bearing figs and pottery! Gather around and I'll tell you tales from the old country and enlighten you with my long and witty acedotes.

If not, just welcome me. Leave the figs behind.
hello all the knew ppl read the rules tho

and read the topics before posting otherwise u will look like a fool

but have fun posting
davey boy
how you all doin my names dave im a musician in a rock band tryin to get a record deal.
other than that im a massive gta fan.
Hey everyone i enjoy vice city and new technology:D
hey, i met one of the creators of this site last night and they told me to come on here if i got a chance so here i am....uh, yeah biggrin.gif
im new here my name is contraband

im just here to get new info on gta and bring some much needed insight and wisdom to this site
QUOTE (Contraband @ Oct 9 2004, 08:50 PM)
im new here my name is contraband

im just here to get new info on gta and bring some much needed insight and wisdom to this site

Welcome Contraband. Follow the rules and don't spam (we have enough of it).
Whats the craic, im SmegHead and im from Dublin, Ireland

i play the bass, but i'd also like to bring to you rock/blues fans out there, Rory Gallagher was from ireland and not many people knew about him, The Album: Tattoo'd Lady, get it or download it or whatever, and walk on hot coals, its my favourite track, the solo will blow you away lamo.gif , and a million miles away(this one is a good blues track) and i'd like to add he was as good as jimi hendrix if not better in his own right, so if you dont believe me, i ask you to check him out, cause not many people knew of him, but with a little time and effort you can.

im not mental or anything Jumpy.gif
I'm kgibson80.....generic name with no nice ring to it....but I use it for most forums I visit so I don't get my usernames and p-words all mixed up.

I love the GTA series (haven't played 1 and 2)... Something about escaping into a virtual reality where I can tell people how I really feel about them with a mini-gun instead of the day to day "yes boss, no boss" routine that I'm in now. cool.gif

Oh yeah, and I visit this site more than once daily, it's awesome!
hi i'm the san andreas ace and i like food
Hey, I'm Lenny. Looking forward to the game...
Hey ya my name's SleepyMexican right and im a newb and i just found this site and it looks cool so i join
omg im really sorry. I missed this thread. I was looking for a forum for that. I uasally see a forum for it so I missed the thread. so hi again.
hi i'm Bobbiewozhere (i know it's a crap nick). I was looking for porn but found this
Hi, I'm the Jig and I'm a loc'd out G straight up, fo sheezie!

Actually, I'm a 27 year old white dude who sits in front of a computer all day and hasn't been in a fight since Reagan was in office. And that's precisely why I need SanAn to come out as soon as possible.
QUOTE (Bobbiewozhere @ Oct 12 2004, 08:56 AM)
hi i'm Bobbiewozhere (i know it's a crap nick). I was looking for porn but found this

Good to know you are honest wink.gif
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