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any1 in this room from london with called emiel??
i am boyak686 and i am a video game retard. roll2.gif
new member im a lady but dont tell anyone

New guy here, just got SA on saturday and hooked... finished Vice cCity as well. Big fan of the GTA series (inc the first two)

Foud these forums whislt searching for SA info... and it looks like i can kick some ass around here!

so hi!
sup OGz! Im OG Loc'z big lost brother bird.gif LOL, pimp ho'z and makin dat cheez, Im gangzta fo' life smokin' theez threez! Word! biggrin.gif

err, forgot to say SA rulles wink.gif thumbup.gif
Yep, i'm a newbie and i love the GTA series.
I've just got GTA San Andreas and i think this forum will be a mine of infomation.

Speak to you all soon. thumbup.gif
welcome people all shapes and sizes welcome it dusnt mater wether ur tall small or short and rememba act your age cus sum men be gay rapists like me and i hope ur scared of me now so u never come bak sillly n0000000000000000000000000000000bs
Well, i don't know about the rest of you but i've just browned myself.
I'm getting out of here scooter.gif
HI IM AKmaster gettting SA tommorow and im never gonna go out again so i wont be able to immitate the horrible crimes commited on gta like i just saw happen on the news!! ohmy.gif
Big Smoke
hi im Big Smoke and icant put an avatar on
the 1st duffman
hi i was the 1st duffman from the original site
now im back SA is fun im in the san francisco part, i also live in san francisco
Welcome, but if you really wanted to test out the smilies, then why didnt you do it in the Asylum or just edit your post or something?
Salutations(Zero the nerd)
athkatla, that is all!
frosty_101 here wats up all
hi i'm new
hey guys what's up, i'm new here. i garuntee i won't post anything stupid. i'm 23 years old and i'll try to help out where i can

thanks for all the advice i've received on here!
travis bickle
ez all. im travis bickle and belive one day a real rain will come.
im on a mission to find big foot now after reading bout it on here. jesus san an is just too big! ive been on it 12 hours and only done 5 or 6 missions i cant help but go exploring!
been waiting for this game for months and months, and .. months

bought it the day it came out, had to run around to like ten different places to get it, everywhere sold out

bought the guide, waste of money really, other than the guides for all the tags etc

so in summary i am a consumer whore, sell me your wares
Heya, new here, got SA on last fri and not done enough other things since tongue.gif
I am ch00b im from belgium and dont like to be called n00b scooter.gif

also im addicted to counter-strike ph34r.gif
I wonder why i'm posting here, oh yeah, i'm new.
im willis, im a new guy, GTA is so cool i like the hill billy land the the tractors are so fun to drive about in
Hi im Smithy182 ive been on this website loads and loads but ive only just signed up
QUOTE (His Infernal Majesty @ Sep 9 2004, 05:51 PM)
QUOTE (Milukman @ Sep 9 2004, 08:10 AM)
Salut je suis Milukman de Paris et j'ai gagné 4 titres NBA avec les washington Bullets , je n'écoute pas de Johnny Halliday ni Dick Rivers

Hi, I'm His Infernal Majesty and I don't know shit about french (no offence dude)
I'm from Belgium so I speak dutch but i'll try to speak English wink.gif

He's trying to say "Hi, I'm whoever from Paris and something about NBA with Washington Bullets. Then he says he doesn't like Johnny Halliday." And if I can just says someting I don't see why anyone gives fuck. By the way I'm Homie and I like GTA SanAndreas, Call of Duty, Joint Ops, and Battlefield Vietnam. I happen to run a clan for both JO and BFV, but screw them cus now I'm playing GTA.
hi my name is give me yo number and i'll give you a call
hey,im names a friend of destruction-overdrive

i keep it real dawgs
hi i am heathcliff and i am an alcoholic with an addiction to gta gaming...
hay ya im jon im in a band im 16 n im from burton
Well Im BoomeR, i run many websites, my personal one is I love love love GTA, along with computer programming Vb Perl Delphi C++ Flash Splash Photoshop PSP 3D Max And of course Web Deisign i hope to keep active in these forums alot, anyways peace. cool.gif
Sup im Allen.
You are all my friends now

hey guys, i'm steve, 20 years old. i'm a student. i live in dundee, scotland.
i'm a primarily a DH mountain biker, but this game has taken over my life, help me!!! biggrin.gif
Blak Majik
I'm Zac, 16 years old, from Australia.

I like poems and long walks on the beach....
im matt from odessa texas and I am a computer tech. that cant type for shit. My name is for the motorcycle i ride 2003 GSXR 750. I run and made
I am thek and i love the ps2 oh and grand theft auto
I am thek and i love the ps2 oh and grand theft auto
i am franny
QUOTE (franny @ Nov 6 2004, 02:50 PM)
i am franny

he is my half sister that i only met today
Well, I just joined a minute ago because I couldn't stand the last San Andreas board I was at, a bunch of spamming p.o.s. people.

ANYWHO, I'm Dirty Doug, and I enjoy gaming and snowboarding. Currently 14 years old, and jobless sad.gif. I live in Dudley, MA (U.S.A.)
wats up. i've been going to your site and reading the forums since september,i just decided to join today.
Hello there. Im stuart. Getting GTA SA tomorrow biggrin.gif

im 17 from scotland. go to ayr college have a part time job in a supermarket.


band=mad caddies, rise against, thrice. etc
Hello there. Im Stevey. Getting GTA SA wednesday

im 17 from scotland. go to ayr college have a part time job at the racecourse.

music = PUNK Rock and Nu Metal.

band=Korn, Slipknot, thrice
ssssssssssstop ccccccccccccccopying mmmmmmmmmmmmme. *runs back to playground*
Passionate Homo Sapiens Ingester
I dont fink ive done this yet, but Im not exactly new.

Im also 17 from scotland happy.gif Im between glasgow and cambridge for university. that sorta sucks. i manage to get on here quite a lot because i only seem to need two hours of sleep a day max. I like GnR, Franz Ferdinand (the band dumbass), GTA, football (soccer foo') and erm.. stuff.

well thats my bio cya round. and dont be a stranger n00b.
Franz Ferdinand sucks donky ass lol. but ill let u away with it seein as ur a GnR fan. Do u support the Gers??
ive not done this either im 13 (nearly 14) from scotland go to airdrie academy listen to anything half decent. like gta and rangers theres loads of people from scotland on here isnt there
loads of rangers fans too. biggrin.gif
Thank Fuck.
yes hope we win on wednesday
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