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I'm Luke, have been loving the site for over a year! Great work! I Like Computer games (especially GTA of course smile.gif). I dont have a PS2 so i will be eagarly waiting for the PC version of San Andreas! I also enjoy photography, cycling, tennis and hanging with my mates! I am a student here in the UK and am currently doing the first year of me A-Levels! I have a scooter.gif, but cant wait till i am 17 when i can get a bigger motorbike smile.gif

Enough of my ranting! Nice to meet you all (well say hi anyway!)

hey everyone, just thought i'd come say hiya.

just registered becuase im too excited about gta:sa and anything related to that is good enough for me!

[VCU] Kr1pt0n
hi every one i kr1pt0n i run a web site and forum of my own and am a member of VCU vice city unleashed the best VC forum ever and i will be a member of SAU San andraus unleashed which will be the best SA forum and site ever bird.gif
hey people!, i'm Dazz-L, been on your site for information on san andreas (quite alot of info to keep me satisfied) and now i decided to join your community.
Crash Happy!
I'm right here d00ders.

My name is Crash Happy!
Hello all of the new-comers!
Ian James
hey I'm ian james and i live in england, and GTA:SA don't come out here for about 11 days!! mad.gif but i thought id join anyways. smile.gif
Hey there folks.

I swear I've registered a while ago but the constant stream of alcohol in my veins has got to my brain and now I have forgotten all.

Yeah...anyway....I'm not really a monkey, but I am incredibly wise......
hey im steveo im 18 from liverpool and im currently editing my website i would preciate it if you would join my forums and get my gta board up and running thanks and my forums link is
hey, i'm chris i'm from So. Cal. has u can tell by my name. 21 going to school, i'm not to big with the net. but i've been coming hear a wile far SA news, so i finally joined. thumbup.gif
I'm a little late to introduce myself, but hey.. No one knows me here either, so...

I'm Derrick, 21 years old. I live in Iowa.

Blood Type - A

(you laugh now, but in America with a president like ours; knowing eachother's blood type isn't a bad idea)
Welcome all you new people. Enjoy your stay.
Sup everyone,im DaReaper uh I just started posting and this site has been pretty helpfull in overloading my imagination of this game
Dark Angel
Hi people I'm a nooob. I like the night. And I can't want till GTA S.A. comes out. biggrin.gif
i am an idiot
stupid.gif i am i am stupid stupid.gif
I'm sooooo n00b Its like I wan't born yet.

user posted image

beep! Beep!
First OFF: this is the BEST FUCKIN FORUM EVER!!!!!

im wallstreet_kid got the name because i like playing the videogame for Nintendo... I ALSO own 100 shares of Take Two Innteractive (which ownes R*) thats howmuch i support those guyz. i also work with autistic children.. for a company called CENTRAL VALLEY AUTISM PROJECT. i get payed to teach them how to live life and i also get paid to go to the movies with them, water parks, and even get payed for eating caandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE WHAT EDUCATION GETS YOU!!!!!.... girlz and candy..and being a part owner of R*....GTA is the best VG FRANCHISE PERIOD.... the getaway sucks ass...mafia was average.... and dont be surpriesed to see a NINTENDO VERSION video game where mario and luigi is gang banging daisy in a tricked mario kart, as they try to buy all of MARIO WORLD and collect hidden packages...
wicked forum! I have just been postin about San ANdreas, sorry its a little late!

Hey Im sanandreasiscomin, for god sake, Im crap at nicknames!! Well I like posting on San Andreas General Discussion! S you'll see me there every fucking day!
Hi everyone,

Im mike anderson.. im 15 and i love GTA! I cant wait till san andreas come out here in da uk! thats bout it..
cya on da forums!!!

oh yeh, plz take a visit to this forum called platinum zone, where you can chat about literally anything!!! thanx wink.gif Click Here!
hi to all im [-U-DIE-NOW-] and i LOV battelfield vtienam and i just got to say WHY CANT I ADD AN IMAGE OF THE SAN SANDREAS MAP I MADE FROM THS OFFICAL SITE IMAGES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY GOD DAMIT!!!!!!!!!! mad.gif

Madd Marky
I'm Mark, 26 from London, England. Looking forward to playing GTA: San Andreas when it comes out here in the UK. Got it on Pre-Order
hi im link, i got hooked on gta london and bought every gta since,
cant wait for gta:sa to come out
hi, i'm new! hello everyone! thumbup.gif

Im sam, im from nz and im countin down the days till ocyober 28.

bird.gif ---> BUSH
Solid Snake
hey everyone, hows things?
i'm a newb here but not to forums in general. hows the fish?
tom, 18, england. I F*IN love GTA. When i heard about SA i completed vice 100% again just to stop thinking about it. GOTTA WAIT TILL FRIDAY THO AGH AGH AGH.
hi im new bye

my crappy sig

user posted image
hello. I signed up for these forums today after I bought GTA SA. good timing, eh?
hi to everyone new
I'm Elbatcho, I have been reading your post since March but I have only started to post now. I picked up the game yesterday morning and I am addicted to the whole series again.
hi i'm new
I am BigNosedBeast.
I am ManiacStrangler at the GFCC and both NeckCutter and MrJQuacks on Gamefaqs.
Dominoes double cheese melt is awesome. thumbup.gif

Don't expect too much from me since I am sort of quiet and boring just like in person.
whoa, didn't see this thread before I posted my "new guy" thread. I mostly work on cars, but I love GTA too, as you can probably tell from what's in my sig.
my name is joe
hi, my name is joe ,and i'm australian i've been visiting for a while, just recently became a member,
Midgits are funny.
welcome everyone to gta-sanandreas

dont flame the admins because they help build our lives wacko.gif their names are

PSY(site maker, has a fetish for fat curly red heads)
Pyro(tall guy with glasses)
Prime(midgit with horrible acne))
hay gta peeps. I got looking at this site a couple of days ago, and i love it. Enjoying the new game now. Hope we are all doing the same.
hi im new. kinda implied.
hey welcome to the site
RUN it's a trap, Run Newbs, dont come back, it's a trap! run!
ye n00bs this is a crap site go away and never come back

*few damm n00bs belive anything*
hi, i'm new here, not new to fourms sites though. the games looks great, cant wait.

hi i'm new
yes i am new and can any one help me get a signature up im abit slow today! stupid.gif
[color=orange] Hey everyone! my name is -=Fox=- and i am from i love the GTA games and have been posting on GTA for a long time and have been on many previous forums, and i thought i would drop by and see what these boards are like. They seem to be nice and well ran so maybe i will stick around for awhile, if anyone needs anything please dont hesitate to ask me. diespam.gif
im killerquick and wats up, i own a few websites around da net.
hi. i'm Berdu. been around on the GTA boards a while. i'll get my copy of SA tomorrow, and i've been reading these forums a lot, so i guess i should register and join the conversations...

i actually bought PS2 just for this game (is that sad?)

anyway, i'm a been a huge Vice City fan, if you wanna se my ubercool Vice City video, you can download it at my site
Hello everyone.

I purchased San Andreas on the 26th (I have always been a big fan) and joined up looking to get some tips and ask a few questions, maybe even make some friends.
Yo, Kareem is in da house. the GTA series is simply awesome and that's why I joined. I have an Xbox, I'm hoping to get GTA asap.

Anywayz, this Forum will be great to be apart of, I'm looking forward to it!
biggrin.gif Hi
Im ryan33433 and i just joined the day before halloween.!!!
I own all the GTA games (from 1 - 5) for PS1 and PS2.
vice city is really kool but san andreas is a lot koller.
i think the best part of gta sa is jumping out of a airplane or helicopter and then using my parashoot.
i also like dating the girls in da game.
i was wondering how to rob a store cause in gta vice city u lock on to the cashier and he drops money but in gta sana andreas that doesnt work can somebody plz tell me how to rob a store.
u can e-mail me at

thank u!!!

sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
Hey, im red_bengal. I like the Cincinnat Reds and the Cincinnati Bengals..dont laugh! Anywho, big fan of GTA. Loved GTA III and Vice City although I liked GTA III more. I've been counting down to San Andreas since I first heard of it, its been a long long time, but I finally have it it my hands!

Pros about GTA: Love the graphics, gameplay, everything about it!
Cons: Hate those damn minny air planes and the RC cars in Vice City!
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