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Welcome to the San An news show! The headlines for today are as follows;

Base five to open a store!
Andromada being stolen in Verdant Meadows.
Man causes $30 worth of damage on basket ball court.
Monster truck rampage in countryside.
Man falls out of car and is ran over 42 times!

Base five to open a store!

A new phenominal trend has broke out of hand and has raised 40 billion dollars, goes by the name of Base 5.

user posted imageuser posted image

The city san fierro has donated $4 to opening the new Base 5 store in San fierro.

Andromada being stolen in Verdant Meadows

A group calling themselves the Andromada highjacking team are living in a house in Verdant meadows and chasing the andromada in a hydra. They have successfully high jacked it but no pictures yet. One of our journalists, named pinky, purchased one from the military base 'Action Replay Max'. Below are some pictures.

user posted image
user posted image

Man causes 30 dollars worth of damage t basket ball court

CarlJohnson has ripped down a basket ball net just north of ganton bridge. He claims it's tthe first time he's played basket ball as his friend Madd Dogg taken his ball away when he stayed at his house.

Due to the intrest rate and VAT, Carl johnson is now paying a whopping 40 dollars to fix the net.

user posted image

Monster truck rampage in the country side

An anonimous driver has been smashing down trees near the infamous 'Mount Chilliad'. Nature activists had this to say "Gowd dayum monchta trokz ran doin ma cattill!"

The driver is still going and has no intent to stop. Hey we're just giving news, not trying to prevent it. You wanna stop him? You wanna play police? Go get him then... >: (

user posted image

Man falls out of car and is ran over a record 42 times!

Due to the increase of drive bys, the death rate for drive bys is likely to increae too. But tthis is the first time the drive byer has been harmed, read on.

He was leaning out to get a better shot at his opponets, and fell out, and then was ran over. Again..And again...Again..And again...Again..And again............

He bled all over the road. His will went to Carl Johnson to help pay for his basketball fine. 3 dollars were reported to have been transfered to CJ's bank acount.

user posted image

That concludes today's news, tune in next time for how the andromada team broke the height record of two altemetre bars, and how people are exploring the skys and looking ffor 'secret interiors'.

I'm your host, -Kurt, and good night.
not bad, pretty entertaining.
LOL very good biggrin.gif Liked it alot you should have a weekly paper or your own site wink.gif

called "San Andreas News"
I like it
Keep it up.
Haha, nice job. I think that more people would be intrested if you put your pictures into it, and not ones that we have seen so many times, it hurts our eyes. Great ideas though!
very intresting.
how bout more newz tommorow?
That is a great read, we need more interesting things on the forums like vids and san andreas news papers. thumbup.gif
great work
can't wait to see your next
very good you should make a site on this
I liked the andromada one
The Nemesís
Hey, my pics of my CJ in base 5 gear is in there biggrin.gif
drive bying one was pretty interesting and funny. good work.
that was great n entertaining

especially the drive by news about the will $3 ha ha ha biggrin.gif
GREAT PAGE!!!!! i thought it was pretty halarious!!!!! roll2.gif Jumpy.gif good job
great newspaper, cant wait for the next one. I like the clear pictures, and the basketball one is funny with him breaking the net lol. thumbup.gif

Sounds like me with the monster truck. roll2.gif Jumpy.gif The calm 'we ain't trying to stop him' remark is cool too, kinda satirical lol.
Base 5 made 40 billion dollars?!!!! Everybody in the whole state must have spontaneosly decided to start looking like rappers. Maybe...maybe... it was the green goo!

Real good paper, though.

I dont remember see-ing that one guy in the drive-by with a white tank top though. I suppose it's a beta shot?

QUOTE (-Kurt @ Mar 28 2005, 12:04 AM)
as his friend Madd Dogg taken his ball away when he stayed at his house.

heh laugh.gif
nice job man keep it up
Good newspaper maybe use some original pics from your game though.
That was a good read. =)
kurt when ya gonna make anouther 1? clap.gif
Far too busy to right a new one right now... There will be one soon though.
[ Edit ]
nice job stealing the pics. use your own next time!!!!
"Man falls out of car and is ran over a record 42 times!"


i liked it; keep them coming smile.gif
Creativity, I love it.

Keep up the good work. smile.gif
QUOTE (envy @ Mar 30 2005, 12:03 AM)
nice job stealing the pics. use your own next time!!!!

Maybe he never had a camera or didn't want to, or something?

Good job man, thumbup.gif
QUOTE (-Kurt @ Mar 29 2005, 08:16 PM)
Far too busy to right a new one right now... There will be one soon though.
[ Edit ]

i think advertising isnt allowed? mad.gif ryt.. cos thats wot it basicly is? isnt it? sad.gif
Wise up, let the reporter use the pics, there entertaining! biggrin.gif
You also should have a layout for the paper
I made a new one, read it on my site
I dont like your 2nd issue sorry sad.gif 1st one alot better
d o not be stupid
i bet u cant make a better one mad.gif
Will in the forest
cool i guess,now can i ask one thing where do u get the gang with the white vests and green rag front?i have seen in trailers big smoke,sweet, are dressed differntly?
QUOTE (darkmatie @ Apr 1 2005, 09:34 AM)
do not be stupid
i bet u cant make a better one mad.gif

Never said i could. i just dont think the 2nd issue is good compared to the 1st issue released. wink.gif
yo it was ok but the pics that were on the link i clicked and it show the pic plus bit more sycastic that paper you should think more realistic like say when a heli comes near you do the blow up cars cheat take a pic of it and say like today a helicoptor crashed and blew up lookely all the police men in the helicoptor were killed. like
Bong Hitter
sounded stupid at first sight.. but actually it was very funny laugh.gif
That was pretty funny, the bit about the basketball was the best, keep it up laugh.gif
not better then sweet but ok job
Also run your text through Word, I hate spelling mistakes in newspaper.
very good one
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