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Yay, Geek Central.

Ask any questions, brag about your machines.

I want good posts in here, no shit. If you are going to list your machine parts/brag, please get links from or

Have fun!
If you're having trouble running the PC version of GTA: San Andreas on your computer, please use this forum rather than Geek Central. Thanks smile.gif.

Warez: Discussion of programs/applications used to illegally download programs and/or media, and the posting of links to sites containing the same information is strictly prohibited and violators will be punished accordingly

^That means, besides what you already knew not to do conserning warez, please don't post what programs you use, if you use any warez programs.

Ex: "I use Limewire all the time to get music tongue.gif"

Ex 2: "Just get Bit Torrent."

Thank you.
Alright folks, this whole 'Firefox is better' shit is getting out of hand. As of now, if a topic turns into a 'which is better' topic when it never actually was, the topic will be locked and the offenders will be warned. No verbal warning, since this is your verbal warning.

This also applies to posts suggesting users download Firefox as a means of getitng around problems associated with Internet Explorer. Changing browsers does not solve the problem, it merely bypasses it.
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