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There has been an unfortunate turn of events, as you may know a user under the name of Stan Petrov has not logged into this forum for a long time now.

Before this time of absence I spoke to him and he was talking about him and his family having booked a ski holiday in Austria and travelling there by means of coach sometime around the present date if I recall correctly.

Today I came into some information that there has been a coach accident somewhere in Germany, this was the coach carrying UK holidaymakers to a skiing holiday resort in Austria. The news was that this coach was not suitable for the weather conditions currently disrupted by all the snow this week and that the coach witnessed a fatal accident which sent many to hospital in a crucial condition and the rest tragically injured.

I have been led to believe that the user Stan Petrov was one of the passengers on board this coach, I just hope that he is one of the few still in hospital.

All I can do is hope and I wish others will do to. If worse comes to worse... R.I.P Stan sad.gif

This thread will be updated as new information is found

Edit: Having read Xealos' post, one person has died. It seems my source was incorrect unsure.gif
Was there any other information? Link if possible.
Interesting story, but is there any proof?
oh man,i never knew him but i hope he still alive sad.gif
What the hell?
Unless I see proof I'll carry on believing that all you are doing is lying, and reinforcing it by using big words. By the way, pointless though it may be:

Stan's last post on the forum.
He is in no ay dead, at the least he is in critical condition. if that is so, we all hope he gets better soon.
I'm quite interested in this info you found Xealos. Any links?
I hope he is ok.... get well soon Stan (and Vendetta).
Is there any proof that he actually was on that coach?

Lots of UK coaches go to Austria...
As I said, I'm led to believe this. It's not news enforced with much proof and sources but just to keep a heads up...
Hopefully he wasnt on it.
you should prolly consider changin the title until we find out "the worst"...he might not be dead (hopfully not!) and you dont wanna jinx him ya kno
I've just found some information here.

Plus Edge found some here.
Does anyone know what Stan's real name was? (In case it ever comes up)
Stan Petrov
Well, I'm basing this all around the fact that I found it on a fe local Scottish newspapers. There's a chance it isn't him, but he was most likely in the group of coaches where the incident happened.
Well, we don't have to worry about 'the worst' having happened; this article says that it was a woman that was killed.
Fingers crossed and hope for the best guys.

Q that wasn't his name, Stan Petrov is/was a football player for Celtic.
Thats scary...
I sure hope hes not, but from what ive read that chanches of it being him dead are slim to none
Well I hope he's not dead and if he is R.I.P. i'll see you up there buddy.
He's not dead.. He cant be.. sad.gif I'm quite upset now.. *Goes to bed*..
Thats some pretty horrible news. If he was on the bus that crashed, I hope he's doing well. All we can do is hope.
Surely there is someone who knows some details of him, he has been here a quite long time.

Phone number? Real Name? Anything...
He's not dead (refer to my post on page one), but there is a small chance he was on the bus, if this is the case, I wish him a speedy recovery.
If an admin goes and gets his IP, they can look it up.

I bet Stan's okay... I don't think anyone has died on these forums, just injuries, sich as EMBO's hang gliding accident.
QUOTE (p00pin'pirate @ Feb 24 2005, 07:43 PM)
i never liked stan barley even knew him but damn whats up with that

hope he survived cuz im wanted 2 kill him
no just kiding stan wuz ok i guess

How could you even know him... his last post was almost a month ago
you joined like 7 days ago...
Lets just hope he's O.K ohmy.gif

How old is he anyway ??

Briton tells of coach crash horror
A Briton who survived a fatal coach crash in Germany has described the horrific scene.

Steven Williams was one of nine British passengers injured when the bus turned over in snowy conditions on Saturday morning. Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Williams paid tribute to coach hostess Rosie Nolan, 57, who was hurled out of the vehicle and died.

Describing the chaos after the crash, he said: "I saw someone in the road which must have been Rosie. I came with the same company last year and so I knew her. She was really kind, a smashing woman."

Mr Williams, who suffered seven broken ribs, told of the moments leading up to the crash near Grunstadt on a Mannheim-bound motorway en route to a ski trip in Austria.

The 52-year-old said passengers started to scream as the bus suddenly swerved. "I was just dozing when it happened. All of a sudden it started swerving and there was some shouting from the front, people screaming," he said.

"As the shouting came from the front we swerved round... then we started tipping over on our side and went right over. All I remember after that is standing upright and everything was a mess inside and people were all moaning and groaning. It was pretty horrific."

Mr Williams, a businessman from Writtle, Essex, clambered out the broken back window on to the motorway.

Speaking from a hospital in nearby Ludwighafen, he said the injured were looked after at the road-side by other passengers. "It was strange, some of them had just got a couple of scratches and were fine," he said. "I was in a lot of pain and I just wanted to sit down. It was absolutely freezing, I only had a t-shirt and jumper on but then somebody came and wrapped a blanket around me."

Mr Williams, who runs a business maintaining fire extinguishers, could not say whether the coach was going too fast. He said: "I'm just glad it's over. I just want to get home."

Another 45-year-old British man is critically ill in hospital. There were 35 people on board the Austria-bound coach, including the hostess and two drivers. Other injured Britons included an 11-year-old boy who had a broken jaw and minor spinal injuries. Coach driver Steven Gibson, 34, has undergone surgery for a broken leg and hip. He will be interviewed by German police later this week.

He wasn't 11 year old I assure you. I think about 17.
oh right!!
Well his profile sais he was born in '88 so he would be 16 today.
i always thought he wuz older
Russian Mafia Soldier
scooter.gif scooter.gif scooter.gif scooter.gif scooter.gif

OH...............MY..................GOD...........................NOT STAN, WHY NOT SOMEONE STUPID?!?!?


Well I hope he's not dead and if he is R.I.P. i'll see you up there buddy.

I dont know whats going on. Maybe Im crazy, but shouldnt you have better people to meet in the afterlife than an internet "buddy"?
i hope hes ok i dont really even no him but still hope hes not hurt
QUOTE (Xtortion @ Feb 24 2005, 05:59 PM)
Well his profile sais he was born in '88 so he would be 16 today.

Actually his birthday is today..17 sad.gif

What a topic were having on his birthday...
I think everybody's taking this too far. Chances are he didn't even go on a coach, on the day of the accident. And if he did, it's likely not even the same coach. Most-likely he's perfectly fine. But I'm nearly 100% sure he's not dead, in any case.
Actually, he was on the boards yesterday. I saw his name at the bottom. He is probably just chillin.

BUT I MISS HIS AVATAR... sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
Get better Stan.
Wha, he was on the boards yesterday? Can't Admins see the last time a person logs in? Then we would know.
ohmy.gif Oh shit. I hope that he's alright. ohmy.gif
He's gona get a kick out of all this when he gets back.
eh for starters Stan left these boards months before that coach crass in Austria.. I can't believe that you jump to the conclusion that, that 1 coach that crashed and killed 1 person was Stan.

Also Stan Petrov is not his real name.. thatís a Celtic player. He posted his real name once but Iíve forgotten what it was.

[edit] plus all you fucking scavengers get off his avatar mad.gif
just lets wish him the best and that where ever he is, he will get well soon.
QUOTE (kuwong @ Feb 25 2005, 10:04 AM)
just lets wish him the best and that where ever he is, he will get well soon.

who's to say there's even anything wrong with him? Maybe he just left the boards because he was busy with school and exams and shit.

Talk about ppl jumping to wild conclusions.
cuda is your boi
QUOTE (Qdeathstar @ Feb 25 2005, 02:18 AM)
Stan Petrov

I just read the first page, so I dont know if anyone told you this, his name isnt Stan Petrov, thats the name of his favourite soccer player...

EDIT: well, Austin already posted what I said tongue.gif
The Celtic player is Stilian Petrov, Austin wink.gif goddamn it haven't my rantings during matches cleared that up but i doubt many people use their full name as their alias on a forum.
QUOTE (Anto @ Feb 25 2005, 10:12 AM)
The Celtic player is Stilian Petrov, Austin wink.gif goddamn it haven't my rantings during matches cleared that up but i doubt many people use their full name as their alias on a forum.

aye I seem to remember stan saying stan was short for stilian or something.. im not celtic fan so I don't know!!111one sad.gif
yeah the moderator Stan petrov went to Austria.
had a sex change, then was the only one on a coach [in Austria] that crashed, that was injured.

lol, out of, what. 1000 or so Scots that went to Austria in the last month, he was the one that the newspapers are talking about.


And i just won the lottery.

edit: and Stan IS Stilian in Bulgarian.
He's going to be shocked when he returns to this forum. Everybody thinking he's dead just because he went on holiday to Austria
Fanatica Unleashed
Dispite everything you've all said, what if he was no-where near the crash!

He'd be cracking up at all of us sat 'ere worrying lol!
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