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It's over - i moving on.....

After getting bored with some of the rants the girlfreinds dish out, and getting bored of Cj's replies

(except for the reply to "are you coming in for coffee?" - "Are you clean bitch? - classic!)

i decided to experiment with ways of killing them off.

After driving off a pier, starting a gang war during a date etc I thought that jumping out of a burning plane, watching your girl punge to her death whilst floating safely down on a parachute would do the trick - only to find the game declaring "you've lost your girlfreind - date over" - and she's back at home!!

saying that, the look on denises face as i beat her with the dildo to a pulp was priceless. (no puns intended but it wasnt the "coffe session" she had planned!!)Once i got the pimp suit she was history - typical bloke i guess.

Any suggestions, best ways of getting them out the way for good, your favourite dump the girl methods??? ph34r.gif
just throw some sachtels at her and enjoy diespam.gif Jumpy.gif roll2.gif
Or just use a gun.

But yeah, trying to kill them during Insane Stunts is fun. thumbup.gif
Molotov+Chainsaw+Girlfreind=Catch the flaming girl cool.gif
stick a satchel to her, and when shes running away, blow it up, its great fun.
Snipe her.Blow her brains out.

If i get sniped youll know its becuz i told ya to fite.

I like it. sooo nasty as well.

i just realised i'm not supposed to ask for your favourites... oh well sue me.

it's a shame you cant give them a fualty parachute - watch them drop and see how wide the spaltt marks are!!!


Grove -ST- 4 Life
Stachel is good, but 2 cut off her head with a Katana is better and take her 2 the graveyard in Las Brujas at 24:00 and kill her with a shovel is BEST clap.gif thumbup.gif roll2.gif diespam.gif
put satchels on a bike then jump on the bike with her following you, drive to a cliff and when you go over jump off the bike and blow it up with her still falling next to her. she gets killed by the explosion and the fall (the only downside is that you get killed as well as it won't work with a parachute.
mr shmartypantz
quick clue: click click................. BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I crushed millie to death with a train. Dumb bitch.
Satchels don't work. I covered Millie in them and pressed the trigger and jack shit happened. I like to point an M4 at their heads and empty a clip at them once their crouched down.
lol i shot the fucking bitch (milly) in the head with a rocket launcher Jumpy.gif Jumpy.gif Jumpy.gif Jumpy.gif
make it seem as if it was an accident get a pick up load it with satchels in the back drive along bail out then boom! roll2.gif
i like to...

take a turismo...paint it black, get nitrous, suspension, rims...

pick up the girl for the date... cover the turismo in satchels.... speed along a runway with nitrous running so your at max speed...aim for a ramp at the end of the runway...bail...and blow her up as the car goes airborne...doesnt always work (sometimes car spins out) but is fun when it does smile.gif
I like killing them with the mini gun, its fast an painless. I think??
ah who cares
whip out your flamethrower, and watch her run around on flames!!!
just try and beat up with fists, the nurse because she knows martial arts she slightly harder than normal peds to beat. lol
I put 35 satchels around the girl in the desert town. She, myself, and the poor guy talking to her were blown outwards. Where she stood was an enourmous black, what would be a crater
QUOTE (skinheadonthembta @ Feb 21 2005, 07:39 PM)
Satchels don't work. I covered Millie in them and pressed the trigger and jack shit happened. I like to point an M4 at their heads and empty a clip at them once their crouched down.

you just need a lot of them
If you kill Katie or Barbara do you lose the get out of jail/hospital free with all weapons bit they give you?
fly really high in a heli and jump out
i torched helena.... and watched her burn

yes if u kill katie or barbara or mechell u lose their special gifts
drive by killa
I think making it seem like an accident is best. For example- just drive down the highway in your favourite car (with a bomb from 8 balls in it) then make sure the bitch is in the car. Then go full speed on the highway and activate the bomb with O, then bail out and watch the car go up in flames along with that special someone who you just want dead.
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