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Lorn Vaden
hello there i'm a new member of the forum & i have a question about the tags,the oysters,horseshoes & snapshots...what exactly i'm going to get if i completed all of them?

& another thing the sections under the map guidance there is no links or pictures about the locations of the hidden items could this be a problem because of the site itself or something?

thank u & have a nice day... smile.gif
Tags - Gangs weapon upgrade, guns at CJ's house.

Horseshoes - Increases luck, and guns at Casino.

Oysters - Better lung capacity, Sex appeal upgrade.

Photo ops - Guns at Gas Station

I tihnk thats it.
- At CJ's house appears AK47, MAC9, Molotov, Sawn-OFF Shotgun.
- Increase Percentage
- Give to some of your homies knifes, desert eagles, FBI gun(Don't remember exactly)
- Increase respect
- At your Garage in SF appears Sniper Rifle, MicroSMG, Shotgun, and Grenades
- Increase persentage
- At Four Dragons casino appears M4, MP5, Combat Shotgun, and Satchel Charges
- Increase luck
- Increase Persentage
- Increase SEX appeal
- Increase Lung Capacity
Lorn Vaden
thank you very much for your help about the topic... smile.gif
about the links related to maps to show the hidden items still not appeared for me sad.gif

thank you anyway...

Lorn Vaden
ok here is this idea...anyone who has the pictures of the hidden items please
send them to this E-Mail:
thank you very much.. biggrin.gif
waisted menkey
this place here has maps as well.
Agent XYZ
you can find maps around anywhere.....and you gotta find em all if you want 100% otherwise you just get the guns.....
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