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If any of you are interested in owning all 100% of the gang territories around San Andreas, you'll most likely have run into this problem. "Ok, Los Santos is all green, but I'm missing one territory!". It'll usually be a Vagos territory too, and you're right, there are no other territories in Los Santos. Try looking all the way up to the top of the map where the boat school resides in the desert. Does that have a yellow Vagos overlay? For some reason the game creates a Los Santos Vagos gang territory at the boat school. This could well be because of the distance you fly out to sea on the later Las Venturas missions, however luckily Vagos members will spawn and allow you to win your 100% gang territory. It won't act the same way as a normal gang war, you'll sort of just provoke one and win, but this is where you'll find the last one if you're missing any.
Thanks Psy. I was wondering about that. A little bizzare how the Vagos got gang territory up there, but I guess I can soon take it away.
diespam.gif THX BUT THATS NOT WUT IM LOOKING FOR wallbash_red.gif I WANT MORE CHEATS thumbup.gif
ah, i see. i was wondering about that.
I have one up there but it appeared as a GSF territory.
yea i seen it a while ago but i cant get the one under the bridge
i cant find people to start war with
i think i should also add that there is a really small territory that is red towards the north east of los santos. it's only about 10 feet wide and is right out front of the little grocery store thing. i'm not sure if everyone has this one in their game, but i figured i'd note it because it's sometimes hard to see. later!
yeah i know what u mean and since this retarded territory glitch i wish nobody opened there damn mouth to tell people about(some shit is not meant to be found and this is one of them) cuz if i didnt i would already have 100% gang hood under GSF control

im havin trouble starting the gang wars in SF where the ballas and vagos territories are next to eachother ballas near the ship and bridge and vagos in the patio lookin area...even wit the gang war code im still having trouble cuz i used the flame-thrower on 4 vagos and ballas within their teritorries but still the gang war dosent start any pointers on exactly which spot will activate gang wars?? i got all the other territorries...2 more to go ...but i never got any help with this they did say something about some of the gang territorry dosent have any gang members in it well they do but not the gang thats supposed to be in there common sence they should have just had one gang in each of their own territorries and i dont understand why there are more gangs then territorry.
This happened to me too. I was waiting for them to start a gang war so i could locate them, but they never did, and i found the territory when i was looking for the vibrator!
Wut tha hells a vibrater and wurr do ya get it?
Psy, do you have many more questions to answer?
Yeah, i found that vibrator by a dumpster on a construction site, very funny laugh.gif
I just owned them Vargos biatches. biggrin.gif clap.gif
There is also a territory in San Feirro, Next to the Big Bridge going to the boat school...But there is no gang members there, well there are but the wrong gang.

too answer your question Greenmist, the real gang there actually does show up but it is rare...
i have the balla terratory near the san fierro brdge (north west) but i have ballas spawn there... cool.gif
QUOTE (matmu52 @ Feb 17 2005, 05:53 AM)
There is also a territory in San Feirro, Next to the Big Bridge going to the boat school...But there is no gang members there, well there are but the wrong gang.

too answer your question Greenmist, the real gang there actually does show up but it is rare...

i doubt that ciz i be around there all day and no vagos show up and ballas show up but not around the purple it really sucks but im not that worried about the gangs im kinda gettin sick of playing san andreas i beat it got 100% im not starting over all i do is drive around...

in order to get the vagos by boat shool u need the gang cheat then walk around a lil bit then they will show
ya, very true green. im at a 78% completion, and i almost have all territories in LS, but the big bridge in SF and Pier 61 i believe, i cant find and gangs over there. in LV, at the quarry, i cant find and vagos around there.
the czar
Does anyone else have a game where ballas have some territory in san fierro.

I can never get them to spawn out there either. This file is cheat free as well.
That happened to my friend but the Ballas have turf in north San Fierro and they don't spawn. roll2.gif
a vibrateer is something a girl uses to get a orgasism with if u ask what a orgasism is go ask ur mom she will tell you all about it smile.gif oh yea bout the one under the bridge is something that happens cause of cheats and no ballas ever show am sorry to tell you this. you FUCKING cheaters! srry i lost it if u didn't cheat then u went to far out in the sea and u can't take it back
Yeah I have 100% beaten the game, but territories i have 99.47 I think.
the czar
That's the thing though...I haven't cheated on this file and I'm at about 94%. But at least it's good news to hear that you don't need all the gang territory to get 100%.
ye good find
the czar
nevermind. Finally knocked out the last territory.

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