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very excellent work, love the flames paintjob.

wish i could do that....
im gobsmacked
Do more cars, and I'll get them all on the site, very very nice work.
ImaPhatPimp - I plan to do atleast 2 more cars (Remington&one other) I did the SlamVan first because I was keen to do plenty of variations. It would be cool to go onto the front page. The SlamVan is the only one getting hydraulics, so the other 2 should take a lot less time. I'll PM you once it's all ready to go up.

Vendetta - thanks for sorting the big picture, wasn't sure if I should link it or what.

JStormz - I'm looking at doing something with the front, because I don't like it the way it is.

Should be an update within the next 24hrs, I'm completely re-doing the hydrualics.

here's another flame paintjob, it was messed up on the front, hence the render angle. I'll get this one sorted out for the next update.
user posted image
That ones the best so far.
The black w/flames work together well smile.gif
cool this topic should be pinned for 3d car models.
if their are more made.
Big Fat Negro
Delicious. I like the orange/red flame'd one the best so far. Those wheels are like, badass. Keep up the über work.

i like the rims too
Thanks everyone...

I've got some more pics for ya.

I've been having some trouble with my files, I think it's starting to push the computer a little too hard. The hydraulics is causing me so much trouble, I've given up for a few days. So I did some new paint jobs, and fixed some old ones.

Due to the Hydrualics problems, I'm going to have to push back the animations and the Monster Truck version.

Here's the first one, the CSR SlamVan, I was messing around, and the logo was the most suitable. I don't like CSR, but thought it would look cool on the SlamVan.
user posted image

Here's the white and blue flames version... the blue bits on the wheels was a mistake.
user posted image

Here's the fixed orange flames one,
user posted image

and here's a large render, Click Here
that last one with the chrome grill is bad ass, good job.
try make a pic of the slamvan doing a wheelspin on the spot!
you know, smoke evrywhere (almost), basically, nice smoke effects from the wheelspin and exhuast...

EDIT: btw those pic's are top-stuff!!!!
Mechanicalsitic - Smoke is really hard, to do properly. Particle effects are easy enough, but it would take hours and hours, and I'd prefer to spend that time working on getting an animation done.

Good idea though, I'd love to get it doing a burnout, especially for an animation. Maybe in the future, I'll give it a go.
I'm interested to see what people think, did I capture the essence of the SlamVan? I think it's missing something, I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway, I'll be spending more time on this over the next week or 2 so check back here for updates.

its so cool man but i am playing it now and i have a slamvan

i think the windows where the driver/passenger sits that whole area needs to come up just slighty higher than the bonnet

10/10 though man I wudnt change it
Got a little side tracked actually playing GTA for a change. God those Savannas are bricks!! but that soft-top sure does look nice.

Finished the Hydaulics, they look a tad weird from this angle. I'm trying to keep them in the dark as much as possible, they're far from perfect.

Green on Green flames
user posted image

Orange on Orange flames
user posted image


The SUPER SLAMMED, SLAMVAN. No one can call these wheels too small tongue.gif

>>Click Here - Big picture (134kb)<<
Holy sweet mother of Jesus ohmy.gif

the green one is ****ing lush tongue.gif clap.gif
That last picture makes me want a real slamvan.
i want one now....
laugh.gif very nice man.
i was scrolling through thesesites and looking at these CG/3d artworks
and, i was wondering if u have made other stuff, like not even SA related? (on other sites)

btw: this type of art is great for wallpapers on desktops....
Thanks for all the kind words... This is actually the best work I've ever done, take GTA to motivate me into doing this. I've done bits and pieces in 3D before, but I'm mainly a Motion Graphics - Designer.

Cars, women, and robots, are the 3 most common 3d modelled stuff. So if you surf you'll find some AMAZING 3D cars that put me to shame tongue.gif

Each new render becomes my Wallpaper, I was going to stick to only posting small pics, but if I'm rendering them large for me, I might aswell share.

I've just figured out how to add "FLEKS" to the paint. So check back for an update within the next hour or so.

OK, I was messing around with adding fleks to the paintwork...

Here's the test
user posted image

Here's the RENDER

Still needs some work, but all the renders from now on will have fleks in the paintwork
This is just amazing! Keep it up, great job!
Eric Cartman
That one is my fav. Keep up the good work! thumbup.gif
Man that is soooo awesome, 10/10...... I like the one thats orange with orange flames thumbup.gif clap.gif thumbup.gif

EDIT: I just realised how graphic the tyres are especially on the green one....nice stuff
you should try to make one with a pearlessence paint job, that would be cool.
As you can see I'm all about spinners. Therefore I think that'd be awesome. I don't know how hard or easy that is but I just think it'd add another element to it.

I'm also all about flecked chameleon paint. I bought a bucket of that heat sensitive stuff and made everything I had chameleon laugh.gif. On San Andreas I found a way to make the Blade chameleon and have chameleon flames only visible from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and believe me it looks awesome. I'd imagine chameleon fleck paint to be pushing it or extremely time-consuming, but I don't know for sure. Would it be?

Gettin better with each one, I especially like the SuperSlammedVan cool.gif

Edit: Got to thinking about the spinners, I think it might take away from the pic as a whole if it weren't perfect, but that's just me.
I can do pearlescent/chameleon paintjobs pretty easy. I've done a few, but it doesn't quite look right. I want to do a paintjob, with normal body-paint and pearlescent Flames, where the flames are only visible from certain angles.

If you want to post some sample pictures u think r cool, go for it, or PM me with links.

I'll have a play.

regarding spinners.... I think they're ugly. I've only seen 2 designs I liked, I reckon there are way more normal wheel designs that look vastly superior than the spinning counterparts. I'll have another search, try and find some I like.

If you want to post some sample pictures u think r cool, go for it, or PM me with links.

We'll see, stay posted.

(I've started the Remington)
(I've started the Remington)

Fucking sweet, give it a nice paint job wink.gif
don't do spinners they overrated and ugly
I wish i was talented enough to do 3d modeling.
On the remington i would love to see the wire frame daytons but since you used that, here are a few other to look at.

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
Dude, I'm speechless, and yeah, don't do spinners...

Not on a Remington.
Wow. Your work is absolutely amazing. I'd really like to see some of the other stuff you've done. Do you have a website with some more of your work?

Also, I noticed on one of the renders a page or so back of the slamvan on its back wheels, with the front up in the air, that the front left tire (when your looking at it) doesnt have a rim on it.

EDIT: This one
Yeah it does its in the shade

Edit: like the specks thumbup.gif
washunka - There's little talent involved in 3D, it's been a hell of a lot of work to get to this point. You've got plenty of time to pick it up. There's so much to learn, for free online.

JStormz - I will do some tests by taking pictures and photoshopping wheels onto both the Remington & SlamVan. Then I'll decide which ones to model. Thanks for the pic.

GFX - This is the best work I've ever done in 3D, so I don't have any other cool stuff to see. Oh and yeah that Tire is in shade. I was trying to keep the underside of the car as dark as possible, because it's not modelled very well tongue.gif

stjimmy - If I do - do spinners - they will be on the SlamVan. They wouldn't suit the remington. I agree spinners are way over rated, but I do think the best designs have yet to come out. There are WIRE SPINNERS, that I'm looking at creating for the SlamVan, whether I post them or not, depends on how well they turns out.

Everyone I should have a SlamVan update today (14 hours- from this post),

SlamVan > Flames with fleks: (800x600)
- Yellow-Red on Black
- Orange on Orange
- Green on Green

SlamVan > Pearlecent paint job tests (+fleks) :(800x600)
-Yellow to Pink
-Pearlecent Flames test

SlamVan > Wallpaper: (1280-wide)
Depends on how well the above renders turn out. I'll render the best one bigger.

Remington - Don't expect much -only done the Front+Sides- but I will post 1 pic

Note - I'm still trying to figure out how to present the FINAL renders. I am consdering presenting the SlamVan and the Remington as limited edition SAN ANDREAS toys/models. Do a box for them, and render them beside their boxes. It's a nice mix of 3D, Design, packaging, and product rendering/photography.
Sounds cool, can't wait till the next update thumbup.gif
Big Fat Negro
When you said some people put you to shame, did you mean people like... This?
user posted image laugh.gif

No, I meant people like this...
user posted image
and this
user posted image
and defienitly this
user posted image

These people have too much time on their hands tongue.gif
Yeah I have kinda realized spinners aren't all they are cracked up to be, since getting NFSU2 working again.

Edit: Yeah those people have too much free time.

I'm assuming that incorporating that awesome of graphics into a game takes tons of time right? Of course I'm talking about Gran Turismo 4 laugh.gif

Spinners on a thanks. Wire spinners on a Slamvan...sounds promising.
Holy crap!!!.......them ones are insane
yeah NFU-2, I had to have one car with spinners to get the extra star ratings, but I never had spinners on my pride and joy. I just prefered normal wheels... Like I said, I think the best spinners designs haven't come out yet.

Been a long day, computers been messing up, renders have taken longer to setup, so this isn't all I promised. I'll give you guys a partial Remington pic another day. The last big render was taking too long, so I had to cancel it. I'll render it out tomorrow hopefully.

Ok, here we go...

The LSPD SlamVan, I mentioned ages ago.... it was just for kicks.
user posted image

The Flames
user posted image
user posted image

Pearlescent/chameleon experiment
user posted image
user posted image

Now the Green Pearl/chameleon
user posted image
user posted image

Have I posted a pic of what the badge looks like?
user posted image
thumbup.gif thumbup.gif

You have really outdone yourself once again.

yup, all of these are going up as my wallpapers tonight biggrin.gif

I really love the green pearl/flames

The LSPD one would be much better if the roof lights were made to look slightly transparent or maybe better lighting effects, im not sure but it the roof lights look rather unnatural.

The pearl/chameleon experiment one is Sexeh biggrin.gif

keep up the kickass job thumbup.gif
Nice job, id hate to imagine the vertices in that. what lighting are you using?
The cop and pearlescent one's look sweet but I would like to see a cop one with more detail.
The cop one was me just messing around, I don't want to spend ages making the lights look right and fixing everything else.

The lighting is a single spotlight, and some Global Illumanation, using mental rays Final Gather thingy.
that's awesome... the LSPD one is funny........ good job with the pearl thumbup.gif
Aaah, flecked chameleon flames. I'm in heaven laugh.gif

And the no flecked one is awesome too. They're all awesome.

Why the different wheels on the skyview of the green one? I think they're better but maybe that's just me, it fits in the whole showy look of it.
I've got 4 different sets of wheels attached to the model on different layers. I accidently left them on that one. I'll do some new, more detailed, wheels later on.
haha, a police slamvan.
The rims on the green pearl slamvan look nice.
made you guys a new desktop/large render.

I made a new set of rims, they don't entirely suit the SlamVan, but I love them, and I can now use them on any car I want. The TIRE TREAD is now modelled, not just a bump-map (texture).
Brightness has been increased so u can see the rubber. Note the CrossDrilled Brake discs. (I think they might be on the wrong way round)
user posted image

First one (thrown together, SLAMVAN txt supposed to match GTA:SA... when u jump in a car the name comes up, green with black outline)
user posted image
>> 1400px wide <<
>> 1280px wide <<

Second one (Better design)
user posted image
>> 1280px wide <<

I've started the SlamVan>Monster Truck, I'll post the TIRES when i get them finished, they look pretty cool. Having some trouble making the SlamVans Wheel Archs big enough.
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