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I figured out how to make cars stick halfway into the ground here are the steps

1. Get a monster truck (beat 8 track mission or just cheat)
2. find a long stretch of road
3. position your monster truck right behind a fast moving car (this works really good with oceanic cars, and doenst work with many other cars, the oceanic car is the old car that looks like a 55 chevy)
4. slowly ride your monster truck on top of the ca in front of you. but dont run it all the way over, when you get to the back window then the car should flip straight up and get stuck half in and half out of the ground. Sometimes the car will just flip straight up in the air and go up to 100 (estimated) feet high
o yea that real fun i do it on police cars lol
yeah dude. I did that shit, and the car shot up in the air doing flips. I got out and took pictures. It went high as hell...well actually that would be heaven wouldn't it?
That is a really fun thing to do. I enjoy flipping the police cars in particular.
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