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This has probably been posted before so sorry if Im repeating old news..

Basically, where the boat is (in the naval yard) that you steal the hydra from in vertical bird, swim to the front end of it, then swim toward the dock where it's moored to get 5 stars, then turn around, dive, and swim away.

Do this a few times.

Then have a little look around you.

Dead cop bodies, floating EVERYWHERE!

They spawn in midair near you so just fall into the water and drown laugh.gif

user posted image
user posted image

I panicked and took a crap photo of a few of them before they disappeared >_<
Not noticed this before. I'll check it out.

Good find - if it's a new one!
Dear god how I hope it's a new find... tongue.gif
Cool find and i do think that this is a new find.
Am just uploading a photo now, although its not great, as the bodies kept disappearing before i got my camera ready wallbash_red.gif


Okay, photos are at the top now, theyre not great though, if anybody that can take better photos takes one of this let me know and ill stick it in instead of mine
I really like you

Jumpy.gif Jumpy.gif wallbash_red.gif wallbash_red.gif
always fun to be the only person in the world that can swim.
LOL! and he was using the dildo weapon aswell!
cool find wierd how cops cant swim.
QUOTE (Spawned @ Jan 1 2005, 07:46 PM)
LOL! and he was using the dildo weapon aswell!

There is little that is more entertaining than getting some friends over, and trying to survive on 5 stars with a dildo as your only weapon XD
cool thanks for this ill try it later
Ok, upon repeating this on another file, it took a few goes for the cops to actually start spawning above me.

So yeah, give it a few goes if its not working cool.gif

Also, try swimming just out of the dock, doing the lower wanted level cheat, then swimming back a few times.

Its not a particularly interesting glitch, but everyone loves mass police drownings laugh.gif
i had this problem with the ballas on the first island, when i tried to take over the boardwalk they would spawn under the bridges in the water but they held there breathe i guess cause they stayed alive and kept on killing me when i was trying to find where the hell they were
looks freaky
that pic looks kinda like snake eater.
Snake eater being..?
y cant cops swim.if you recruit gang member,they can swim.

guess ill jus gice a pad a floatin noodle
QUOTE (Pure-Chaos @ Jan 1 2005, 08:21 PM)
always fun to be the only person in the world that can swim.

Actually Grove Street gang members can swim, didnt u know that?
This effect is amplified if you swim into the hooded pier of the naval base. cops will span on both sides of you and jump into the water.
i have no name
people with beach clothing can swim as well

i only noticed cause of the other ped glitch where a person takes a pic and walks into the water to drows (but he didnt drown cause he was one of those beach people)
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