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after taking a squalo III and driving it to the south west corner untill i died and lost all my mussels, i see that all of SF is full of color, and the country too. there are now red colored gang territorys in the country side. what the hell happened? this a glitch??!?!?!
i think red means that the area is under attack...but i could b mistaken
no not gang attacking red. that i know what it is. i dunno why all the san andreas map is colored except for what i did
wait.. are you saying you have gang areas in every city? that.. would be COOL! drool.gif
hmmm well sorry dude i wouldnt hav a clue, hav u tried 2 get the areas back???
yea evrey city
and i took all of bayside. the vegos have 3 territorys covering the whoe area. theres one territory in the middle of the gnat bridge sad.gif and LV is all one color, too lite to tell but its not green im sure.
im 74 territorys
ballas are 17
and vegos (who own like most of SF ) have 26
Uhm.. youre talking about los santos now.. but are you saying that there are gang territories in San Fierro and Los Venturos as well? And can you take them?
lol what the hell....somethins messed up their man... wink.gif
I got some territorie in the town where boat school is, and i didnt atack any1, it just appeared... il try to get few homies and atack some1 in san fierro, see what happens
I deffinetly know that some ballas have turf in San Fierro. But its not alot.
here are some pics
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

and also crack dealers are now in san ferrio, which i never saw before this happened

here is a pic of the crack dealer

user posted image
Man, let us know if those territories are ableto be taken.. Because that means its a game feature.. And if so.. WTF did you do to get it? Im sure were all interested...
yea, vegos ownd bayside. other then the one supose to be up there there was one big one that took up the whole town, and a small one

and i took some new territorys but i got like 40 more to go. i dunno if i can get red or if theres a light shade i cant see since they show the 2 bigggest gangs

and like i said

after taking a squallo III and driving it to the south west corner untill i died they appeared

one theroy is that maby they have another unuseable san adreas down that way, or maby since i was driving the boat for 4 hours into ocean thats what happens (i had the X button held down by an object as i was on the computer)
i have all territory and i have no idea what the hell your talking about
blaah blaah
??? looks kinda fucked, keep testing stuff and tell us what happens
anyone know what gang carrys desert eagels? cus i never noticed them before but now they spawn at the LS airport
i dont know what they are called but they are coloured yellow on the territory map cool.gif
It's either a very good fake or something's going on with your SA...
Well I heared a rumor from one of my freinds at school, but I didnt beleaive him, but now im not certon.

He said he was at his friends house and had taken over all of the terrortorries he thought when he saw some bella's in SF and killed them and got the area then after he said the almost all the map was colored.
and that was when I said your messen with me and I walked away.
i hear people taking all territorys and nothing like this has happened. and i never got to take all of them, i had to find 1 more ballas
I still think this might not be entirly true, but I will look into this now.
thats 3 now

i hope you can do it, but it takes a coupple hours man
if we can get enough people getting the glitch i will be able to figure how to get the new territorys,

(i am signed up to like 7 gta message boards, and 2 other boards have a member trying it now)
i hate when im in a gang war and they spawn underwater and i cant kill them its bullshit mad.gif clap.gif
well one territory is about the middle of the gnat bridge....explaine how the hell i find them?
Stan Petrov
btw,I think ballas have un-movable turf in SF,and Vgogs in LV so they cant be wiped from the game,anyone lese think that?
there was a topic like this a few weeks back with a video, someone saw ballas in SF and got a huge teritory there...i tried but it never happend, and BTW how many hours are u into the game?
QUOTE (agent_ozzy @ Nov 22 2004, 05:42 AM)
after taking a squallo III and driving it to the south west corner untill i died and lost all my mussels, i see that all of SF is full of color, and the country too. there are now red colored gang territorys in the country side. what the hell happened? this a glitch??!?!?!

did you have all the teritories you could when this happenned???
well i can also confirm that there are territories all over the map... i myself saw some ballas in san fierro and killed 3 of them which started a gang war... i won the war... got the territory and then all 3 cities had colors of different gangs.

now have fun... and if you dont beleive me i'll take some screenshots later tonight from m3 cap card wink.gif
please do high247
wow more people with this effect, this is getting goood
omfg iv got 2 try this. this sounds fucking awesome!
i got gang terrortory in SF... it aint markd but i kill the ballas there and it turnz green str8 away
u had many people on a few site conferm that this happens
Fake Fake Fake. those pics of yours are doc'd and i have beaten the entire game on my other save.

Ps: on my sig i am trying to beat the game in 2 days. it cant be done. i have tried over and over again.

there are only 56 or so territories.

its real dude. prob a glitch but that means every pic, video are edited. and everyone has the same type of story, i saw vaggos in SF but nothin happend when i killed em.
if you think its fake, then why did people at
have the same thing happen to them

edit-and yea only 50 something territorys? how did i get in the 70's?

well i found somehting verry surprising. i made a gang war with the ballas in LV, and the territory covered all of LV. i recorded it on vcr cus my camera batterys are dead, but i'll have new pics up soon
Well it is pretty obvious whats happened now that i think of it..
A glitch has occured where ballers are wrongly spawned in the other terrortories, and if there are three or more, when you kill them the game goes into gang war mode... because of the attributes associated with the ballas/gangmembers. I dont believe ppl are faking this at all, its a nice glitch! Bout time we saw one of those! laugh.gif
So what we have is a glitch that you have to be lucky enough to get! It would certainly make it interesting...

seems if you fly towards the South East Corner for a while, then kill yourself, a glitch happens opening all gang territorys to be taken over...
What the fuck is that? i cant even make out the posts blink.gif

that has the better info and pics of it in action...

user posted image
QUOTE (liquidussnake119 @ Nov 24 2004, 04:18 AM)

that has the better info and pics of it in action...

user posted image

thats pretty cool.. so we can acquire more territories..
Freaky shit. I'm scared to try it though, I want my game to be glitch free. sad.gif
That is weird. If I try it I will save it on a different file just incase.
should be in hints and finds but still good work
I agree, very weird, but good find.
awesome...If only they would have given the mafia some territories.
This glitch looks mad, i just read all the pages on that site.
People say that they had 100% gang territories, then after they do the glitch it goes down, and you have to take them over again to get 100% back...
clap.gif nice glitch.
Is it the Southeast or Southwest corner, because these two posts are contradicting each other direction giving wise?
So you have to have 100% territories in ls?

man i only got like 98.00% territories

i was in a gang war on the third wave and then i died and the area had no gang colors at all does anyone know how to fix this

PM me
Have u tried taking over any of the other territories, to make sure it's not just a map glitch?
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