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1. I am tired of seeing "BIGFOOT IN MA HOUZE!!11" everywhere on this board. From now on, all bigfoot topics will be locked.[/b]

2. Don't start BS rumors here. If you do, possible automatic suspension. (depending how big it is)

3. Please provide proof of your find. This would include pictures, instructions and movies.

4. Make sure no one else has found your findings. The search tool is useful you know.

5. Anti Idiocy Guide: Due to overwhelming numbers of tards and tard discussions, here are the following reasons why most topics get locked:

1. Anything relating to Bigfoot or any other stupid conspiracy
2. Repetitive topic
3. Incoherent replies/posts.---[Added]---I, Xtortion, have been seeing a lot of this lately. Posts such as; "lol, cool", "Nice find", "really, lol", "cool, i never knew that", "I'll try it", "Never heard of it, but cool" and so on). Many other mods and I have been to deleting these posts to cut down on the spam. So stop posting incoherent replies and put some substance in your post. Failure to comply with this will result in a warn and your post being deleted or the topic being locked and possibly a suspension.
4. Posting OLD finds.
5. Mission help topics or any other topics not relating to hints and finds.
6. Topic that bears no fluent content.

Also, topics will get locked without warning if they so happen to fall under any of these categories.

Happy Hunting.
End of story, they aren't know the deal.

A full scan of the game by Psy, and just recently by myself, shows there is not even a string with "bigfoot" in it aside from the thanks.

NO UFO or BIGFOOT topics at all, or suspension/ban.
Please look for an answer here before posting a topic about vehicle locations or import/export side missions.

Unofficial Vehicle Guide

EDIT: The above link is broken.... I will try to have this fixed ASAP.
Prohibited Topics

The following topics will now be closed automatically upon sight and members creating them/flaming in them will be punished accordingly.
  • Anything to do with missions
  • "What if" 's
  • "Don't you think it would be..."
  • "AIM ME"
  • "If you need help..."
  • "WTF"
  • NO UFO or BIGFOOT topics at all, or face suspension/ban Including topics saying that bigfoot/ufos aren't in the game.
  • Anything about the NEXT GTA (for now, post thoughts/ideas/rumours HERE)
  • Favourites topics
Useful guides posted in this forum will be moved to the San Andreas FAQs section for easy access. Repeat/basic guides will be trashed.

Any topic created that is covered in any of the pinned topics will be automaticly closed and the creator will be warned/banned/suspended as the mods and admins see fit. Punishments will be enforced on a sliding scale - first offenders receive warnings, multiple offences gain suspensions.

Thank you.
The Search Tool and You!

Now that you're a member of the GTA-SanAndres forums, you may want to participate in topics. While this is chock full of fun for the whole family, you may feel that something is missing. Perhaps something exciting has happened, or maybe you have a funny story that you'd like to share with your fellow forum friends, or perhaps you have a question. Whenever any of the formentioned occur, you will have to create a new topc. But wait one gosh darn second! Before you ever create a new topic, you should use the SEARCH TOOL!

The search tool is located at the top right corner of the forums between the Help button and the Members button, indicated by a magnifying glass....always. It will never dissapear, or move somewhere else, no matter what topic you are in, the search tool will always be in the TOP RIGHT CORNER.

user posted image

How to Use the Search Tool

1. Click the Search Tool button.

2. This brings you to the SEARCH PAGE

user posted image

3. You can search by "keywords" or by a members name.

KEYWORDS are specific words in a topic that you are looking for.

Example: Timmy wants to talk about his new puppy dog. He knows to search for a topic about puppy dogs first so he does a keyword serch for DOGS.

4. Now you can tell the search engine what forum you would like to search. You can search all the forums, or a specifc one. You can even weed out old topics or exclude new ones! The choice is yours!

It is best to search topics from ANY DATE to make sure you will not be making a duplicate topics.

5. Once you've customized your search so it best fits your needs, click the PERFORM THE SEARCH button.

6. Next, if the search engine found any matches, it will display them.

7. If you did not find a topic that is about what you would like to talk about, then AND ONLY THEN can you make a new topic.

IT'S THAT SIMPLE! The search button is your new best friend!


Remember kids, for every time someone doesnt use the search button, one porn site dissappears forever!
A lot of people here are relatively new to San Andreas, and there are lots of questions and concerns about missions. Before you post anything, please click this link. Find the mission you're stuck on and read the walkthrough. If you're still having problems, please be as specific as possible.
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