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user posted image

no this is not photoshopped...I was on the glowing rock and i saw this light...Im not sure what it is...Any help will be appreated

user posted image

and what does everyone think of this lol

user posted image

and dolphins freak me out

I know the bottom 2 are bad...But i have another one
user posted image

so what does everyone think?
the bottom one just looks like a rock..the top one is jetstream from a airplane..either that or a shooting star
What is the borrom one?
Carlos Del Aztecas
that rock looks transperent.
that light appears on my game at night in the desert. when i close up on it, it's flashing.and it leaves a line-trail behind.
wft is it? this black thing?

I followed a round shaped thing with my jet at night and then got Las Venturas (where i'm not supposed to be at the moment) and got shot by a jet, it's fun though trying to avoid the missiles, works well for a couple of times.
The top picture is a jet stream, from an aircraft. If you go flying, you might actually be able to see one get made.

what a waste of board space.
Its not. I have been up close. It is what looks like a missile, i have been right up close, it has all the characteristics of the missiles, looks the same from close.
I fly around alot and in the sky i see this white line going across the screen didnt think it was anything special..
And are shooting stars rare because ive seen 2 or 3..... If so i better catch a pic
Jet Stream....and as for the dolphins...too smart....they scare my ass off....thank god they don't have opposable thumbs.
Those stupid streams were in Vice City. Except they were slower.
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