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> Energy Drinks, do you?
Energy Drinks
Which energy drinks do you prefer?
Coffee (classic energy drink) [ 10 ] ** [34.48%]
Red Bull [ 10 ] ** [34.48%]
Relentless [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
Monster [ 3 ] ** [10.34%]
Rockstar [ 3 ] ** [10.34%]
Electrolyte Drinks [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
Isotonic Drinks [ 0 ] ** [0.00%]
None (I prefer milk) [ 3 ] ** [10.34%]
Total Votes: 22
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post Jan 4 2011, 04:42 PM
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Still Standing
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This is not a survey. Does anyone else here enjoy the odd coffee each day or a can of Red Bull? Do you rely on energy drinks to get you through a hectic day?
I was just wondering, because with such a busy life style, i almost live on borrowed energy, including coffee and energy drinks every day of the week apart from maybe the weekend.

I have to admit i love coffee, i really like the taste of it, and the plus side is that it has caffeine in it. The bad thing is because i drink it every day it doesn't really have much effect on me in terms of energy perk. I drink about two to three coffee's at University during the day, but for a real boost i find myself buying canned energy drinks with my lunch instead of a normal drink. I'm not the only one though, most of my friends do too. What io find bad about this is that they always leave you feeling more thirsty.

So my other question is this - What is your preferred energy drink?

I used to drink Relentless for a while until discovered Monster which i liked the taste of more. now recently i have found a different energy drink which is still and refreshing as well as full of Caffeine, Taurine, Ginseng and all those things. It's called "Rockstar - Recovery", they make others, but this one in particular i like.

Or do you despise energy drinks and prefer an isotonic or electrolyte recovery drink?

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post Jan 4 2011, 06:27 PM
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doesn't play well with others...

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as long as your aware tongue.gif... and in moderation, they're not bad... but, daily or twice daily isn't good for you, nor is what demon said in drinking 10-14 cups of coffee... there is a such thing as overkill...

full throttle was my favorite flavored energy drink though...


QUOTE (Massacre @ Mar 15 2011, 01:24 AM) *
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You're undoubtedly one of the two, otherwise you would have better things to do than complain about the theme of a forum that doesn't care about anything you have to say.
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