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> The Walking Dead, TV Series
post Nov 16 2010, 05:54 PM
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So have any of you guys actually been following this 6 part series? I've seen the first two and am about to watch the third tonight. I gotta say, from what i've seen so far, it's a really successful adaptation. And even if you haven't even read the graphic novel/comic series it's quite an interesting seires.

I'm already hooked. It's better than most zombie films out there, and it even feels like an extended film rather than a TV series. Very well made.
The director of Shaw Shank Redemption and Green Mile had an important part in the direction of this adaptation. His name is Frank Darabont i think.

So, have you seen it yet?
do you like it/not?
why do you like it/not?

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post Dec 2 2010, 02:33 PM
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I watched Sunday's episode last night. It was good, but like Dupz said, I hate cliffhangers and there is no easy way to wrap up this season in one more episode. The end of this episode should have been the ending for the season. I'm not sure what's in store next week, but this week could have been used for much more than a 10 minute death to zombification transformation although the actual transformation scene was pretty fucking awesome - I just could have done without all the caressing of the body before she turned. Plus there were plenty other non-happenings of the episode. There's a lot of stuff that could have been wrapped up: Where the fuck is Merle? I was sure he'd be back by now. Don't tell me he's going to show up at the CDC. Shit, they couldn't get Mr. Svenning from Mallrats for one more episode to wrap up his storyline? Shit. They may get back to him next season, I guess there is a lot of speculation on the internet that he is the Governor from the comics but that's all speculation.

The problem with this season is they limited themselves with only six episodes. This week's episode is proof it - they're really rushing the storyline, trying to get a lot in, but skimping on the good material. It's like they wanted to start the next story arc, but really used this episode to beef up the drama. There were a total of TWO "live" zombies; the hot blonde who became a zombie and one outside CDC. Otherwise it's just a lot of bad acting. I wouldn't call this episode filler, but there was a lot of filler. I would have killed the redneck who was bittenabout 30 minutes before they left him - it was a terrible waste of half the show. Could have been over in a single shot. Also, I hate actor playing the CDC technician. Ever since the Truman show, what a dickhead actor. I'm sure they're going to make him into some kind of dickhead that wants to use the blonde sister who is still alive as some sort of test subject - in the previews for next week episode she's all naked and shit sitting in lab environment. Here's the preview for the finale: http://www.amctv.com/originals/The-Walking...id=686857950001

Frank Darabont is going to do whatever the fuck he wants with the series. The biggest stray from the comics so far has to be that Shane is still alive; he is supposed to have died when they leave camp. I guess the show would rather focus on the drama of the characters than stick to canon. Supposedly the writers were all fired because Darabont had to go back and rewrite all their shit. They probably aren't going to hire more writers and Darabond is going to bare the brunt of the storyline from here on out. Again, just something I've heard - or read somewhere. Anyway, I don't know who is to blame for the "meh" character development over the last few episodes. It was much better the first few episodes where Rick, Morgan and Glen were all introduced as strong characters - the new dynamic characters (the wife beater, the asshole mexican guy, even Rick's pussy son) from the RV camp all felt forced (with the exception of the old man - who fucking rocks and Merle's brother - who is kind of growing on me).

The next season is supposed to be 13 episodes, so I'm sure it'll be better and hopefully a little more focused.

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