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post Oct 9 2010, 04:09 PM
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doesn't play well with others...

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since this is nearing release, i figured it could use it's own topic...

well i got a chance to play the multiplayer beta last night, one of the benefits of being a playstation+ member biggrin.gif, and so far, it's not all that good to be honest... they were only featuring one mode last night called "wanted" where you try to locate and kill another player blending into the crowd... and if you do anything to blow your cover, like killing that person or running in the open, you'll become a target yourself and be hunted down by other players, and breaking their line of site and hiding is the only way to lose the bounty on your head, which is damn near impossible to do in the small confined spaces of the beta...

i played this mode about a half dozen times and started to get extremely bored with it... supposedly there's another mode called, "alliance", which i would like to check out but, i am not as excited about it as i might of been had the "wanted" mode been more fun... i don't know, right now it feels like a cheap tacked-on mode for the sake of adding multiplayer to an already stellar single player experience...

trust me, i am sure the single player game will be fun as hell... i am just not so sure about the multiplayer just yet... and i am probably months away from actually checking this game out and playing it... i don't see myself buying this game at all... after not playing ACII after i beat it 100%, i don't want to waste my money on purchasing another AC so soon... i think i'll just rent this sometime next year...

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You're undoubtedly one of the two, otherwise you would have better things to do than complain about the theme of a forum that doesn't care about anything you have to say.
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