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> Video Game Box Art Creations!!, make your own box art!!
post Aug 12 2010, 07:47 PM
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doesn't play well with others...

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i've done this on a few other forums over the years but, i don't think i ever tried it here... and there are quite a few creative people here so i think we could have some fun with this...anyways, the rules are simple...

1) select which system (PS3 or xbox360) you want to make a game for from the images i provide below...
2) create your own video game...
3) slap a ESRB rating and your own company logo on there as well if you want to...

and that's all there is to it... you can do something funny, outrageous, obscene, or really make an attempt at creating something cool and interesting... and sorry europeans but, i don't know how your ESRB pegi rating system works so i didn't include their logos... but, you can add them to your box art if you wish... and yes, all games are exclusive to their system unless you want to remove those tag lines included in the box art headers...

here's my creation to get things started off...

Attached File  bigtower.jpg ( 384.65K ) Number of downloads: 11

and here are the required pieces of art you must use in your box art...

Attached File  ps3boxart.png ( 33.71K ) Number of downloads: 18

Attached File  xbox360box.png ( 66.84K ) Number of downloads: 10

Attached File  ESRB.png ( 54K ) Number of downloads: 0

so, have it and let's see what this crazy community can come up with... i am already LOL'n at the possibilities laugh.gif...


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