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> Congressman Ron Paul, Does anyone like any of his views?
post Jul 30 2010, 01:18 PM
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Hi there

For anyone who knows about Ron paul, the congressman from Texas who is a Republican, well a libertarian.

As anyone who is American, do you like any of Ron's Ideas?

I think some step back in foreign policy is defiantely a good idea, I'm notsure if a lot of what he says may be realistic.

He did mention that if Texas wanted to leave the union as a majority, he would support it.

I personally believe America will be a little smaller at some point in it's future. It makes sense, borders are redrawn eventually, history shows that.

President lamar's attack on the cherokee Indian tribe in Texas in 1839 was a stupid mistake, but distrust and violence existed on both sides. Texans, Mexicans and Natives all competing for the land of Texas.

"in a state[Texas] noted for strength"~JFK

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post Jan 8 2012, 08:36 PM
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The Balkans could be a topic of its own, but I don't think I want to debate it. You recognize Kosovo as a nation and I do not recognize it, let's just leave it at that. And I agree that men are the bastards of the world.

Here is a follow-up article on the previous Ron Paul article I posted.
Quoting Jason Zweig in The Wall Street Journal:

Our recent post on Ron Paulís personal investment portfolio drew a torrent of comment from readers. In this post, weíll try to cover the main points they raised.

As a financial journalist (and registered Independent), I donít take sides in political campaigns. But, in more than 20 years as an investing reporter, Iíve never seen a more unorthodox portfolio than Rep. Paulís: no bonds at all, no mainstream stocks or mutual funds (other than three funds that ďshort sell,Ē or bet against, U.S. stocks), and 64% of all assets in the shares of companies that mine silver and gold.

Its distinctiveness alone makes Rep. Paulís portfolio worth writing, and reading, about. But his investing approach is also noteworthy for another reason: because it points toward a profound lesson about diversification.

Many of Rep. Paulís supporters protested, in their comments, that his portfolio has already been vindicated by its performance.

It isnít that simple.

Congressional financial-disclosure forms report holdings only in wide dollar ranges (for example, $15,001 to $50,000). If Rep. Paul owned gold bullion, estimating his investment performance would be fairly easy. But he doesnít; he owns gold-mining stocks instead. And since the size of each stock holding is disclosed only within a broad band of valuation, thereís no way an outside observer can derive a long-term rate of return for Rep. Paulís portfolio (or for any other member of Congress, for that matter). We did ask for comment, but his office didnít respond.

There isnít much doubt that Rep. Paulís portfolio has outperformed the U.S. stock market as a whole. Ten years ago, the NYSE Arca Gold BUGS Index, a basket of stocks in mining companies, was at $65; this week, itís at $522. Thatís roughly a 23% average annual return; over the past decade, by contrast, the Standard & Poorís 500-stock index, counting dividends, has returned some 2.9% annually.

Yet we would argue that performance alone canít tell you whether an investment approach is sensible or not. After all, over the 10 years ended Dec. 31, 1999, Internet stocks far outperformed most other investments. That didnít ensure that they would continue to do so in the years to come, and it certainly didnít mean that it was prudent to put all or most of your money into stocks like Pets.com or eToys Inc.

Likewise, over the decade ended Dec. 31, 1989, Japanese stocks outperformed just about all other financial assets worldwide. But the Land of the Rising Sun very quickly became the Land of the Sinking Stocks, and anyone who kept most of his money in Japanese stocks has spent the last two decades kicking himself.

The same has been true of countless other assets at many other times and places.

In each of those cases, just as those assets were cresting in price, the people who owned them declared that their past performance proved that they were ďrightĒ to make huge bets on them. History proved them wrong.

In short, investing isnít just about maximizing your upside if you turn out to be right. Itís also about minimizing your downside if you turn out to be wrong. Putting two-thirds of all your assets into one concentrated bet is a great idea if the future plays out just as you imagine it will Ė but a rotten idea if the future turns out to be full of surprises.

Thatís why most investors diversify: to get cheap insurance against the two greatest risks we face.

One is the danger of other peopleís ignorance and error: that governments will pursue reckless policies, that corporations will be run into the ground, that speculators will drive valuations of assets to euphoric highs and miserable lows. This is the kind of risk that Rep. Paul has insured against, so far very successfully.

The second risk is the danger of our own ignorance and error: that we will underestimate the resilience of people and markets, that we will mistake likelihoods for certainties, that we ourselves will be swept up in manias and dragged down into depression when markets go mad. Above all, it is the simple risk that we will end up so sure of our own view of the world that the future is certain to catch us by surprise. And this is the risk that Rep. Paulís portfolio doesnít appear to insure against at all.

Rep. Paulís supporters admire him for the consistency of his political views. But if the future happens to unfold in ways he doesnít expect, then his hot investment portfolio is likely to go cold in a hurry.

End of quote.

So he's a little crazy managing his own funds, what about managing the American economy?

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