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> What if Ireland went to the UN?, Sounds crazy
post Jul 20 2010, 02:50 PM
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Hi there

This doesn't matter where your from, just a question I thought I'd put forward and see the response.

What if Ireland went to the UN? And attempted to get small countries to go along with them to try and place UN sanctions on America or Britain anyone else?

I suppose one needs to have an open mind, without too much bias, or history of the past.

What is the UN for otherwise? A world body that is there to try and place the bad guys together, though in a world where interests are superior to international law, or any other laws internationally, it just doesn't work in reality.

President lamar's attack on the cherokee Indian tribe in Texas in 1839 was a stupid mistake, but distrust and violence existed on both sides. Texans, Mexicans and Natives all competing for the land of Texas.

"in a state[Texas] noted for strength"~JFK

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post Jan 30 2011, 12:27 AM
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There is absolutely nothing they could do in this situation regardless how much support they have to get the U.N to take action against a Security Council member.

The U.N is a giant multinational corporation with the national corporations(United Kingdom Corporation, Canadian Association, United States Company, etc.) being shareholders and thus having delegates that can work democratically to direct how the U.N corporation acts in regards to its corporate policy legislation concerning sanctions, military actions, etc.

All corporations are required under UCC to primarily focus on the interests of their shareholders which is always profit(return on investment, whatever form that may be) and not anyone or anything else, and the U.N is no different.

But the Security Council is basically the Executive Board of the corporation and the members all have majority shares and thus veto powers over the entirety of the United Nations corporate entity, and the United States Company and the United Kingdom Corporation are two of the majority holders with veto powers so the rest of the corporation can not take any kind of legal action against them unless the U.S and U.K themselves allow it to happen.

If you can get the U.S and Britain to go along with sanctioning themselves then I suppose it could be possible, but I highly doubt that will happen any time before hell freezes over.

Everything is a corporation these days, world government is no different - just super-sized compared to national and state or provincial corporations.

You gotta admire the corporatocracy though for its brilliance in establishing a purely right-wing system and moving it further and further to the political right all the while filling the media with reports about how society is moving more to the left and driving up anti-left sentiments to eliminate the last liberal viewpoints in our society simply because the corporate government is getting bigger.

The fact that it is an entirely corporate government structure and that the true left-wing political movement firmly and completely opposes such corporate governing is ignored in favor of the false delusion that left-wing simply means big government.

Size is irrelevant as it is a byproduct of the main ideological views - if you do not want corporations running most things then of course you need more true government to do it, if you do not want government doing it you need private groups or corporations to do it.

Structure is the important thing and despite the delusion perpetrated on our society over the last hundred years or so there is very little if anything even slightly left-wing about it in its current form.

Left-wing may be in favor of big government but it is not supportive of big corporation, it is anti-corporation.

The Statutes that the U.N legislates are not laws which is why nobody has a lawful duty to follow them, they are corporate policy and there are ways to get around them completely lawfully very easily - especially when you helped create that policy. Even if the U.N managed to pass legislation acting against the U.S or U.K corporations actually enforcing it would be a whole other challenge itself.

So yeah the U.N taking any kind of action against two of the top members of its executive board is quite a pipe dream.
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