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> Dragon Age: Origins
post Jul 14 2010, 04:46 PM
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doesn't play well with others...

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i rented this game yesterday and i was wondering if anyone here has played it... i found the first couple of hours slow and boring but, the action and story is starting to pick up now... i've got two women in my squad now, along with alistar... and i guess both of them are wooable? i don't think morrigan is too thrilled to have another female in the group but, morrigan is a bit of a bitch anyways... i removed my dog from my party but, i have no clue how to get him back in case i decide to kick one of the others out...

if i can fast-travel to each and every destination, i might have this game beat in like another day... i didn't realize i could do that... i bypassed a long journey i assume... i can't remember the town but, it was the one morrigan wanted me to go to immediately after she joined the party... so, now they all want me to go to redcliff, or something... i guess i need to physically journey there if i want to earn more experience...

the fighting is OK, the graphics are not very good at all, and the framerate on the PS3 is a bit slow... i have no clue what skills i am unlocking, or if they are useful because so far, all i've done is the basic attack... and that seems to be working... i am still confused about the leveling... the skills i have unlocked, haven't been useful at all...

everywhere i go, someone wants me to help them... i am trying to play this game as a good samaritian but, if i have to keep helping people, i am going to start to please morrigan with my devilish ways...


overall, it's a decent game... i guess i was expecting more considering how it won a bunch of awards last year... but, the RPG aspect really hasn't kicked in yet... it just feels like a hack-n-slash game right now because, leveling up isn't unlocking anything good, it's just allowing me to make my soldier stronger and faster in battle...

my teammates are very helpful in battle though, which is a nice change of pace from other games that claim this... the dialog branches are kind of fun to navigate, although, it's pretty easy to get under morrigan's skin... i guess i have to be more careful if i ever want to see more of her skin...

anyways, i got this game until sunday so, i'll keep advancing the story to see if it will suck me in... it hasn't yet...


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You're undoubtedly one of the two, otherwise you would have better things to do than complain about the theme of a forum that doesn't care about anything you have to say.
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post Jul 23 2010, 05:05 PM
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Okay, either you pissed Alistair off really bad at the beginning of the game, or there's some kind of glitch. Awakening was not worth full price for me, but 70% off is worth it, and Origins is worth full-price as far as I'm concerned, so buy them both. You will make multiple playthroughs of Origins, I've done every origin but the Dwarf Noble, and have run them all through Awakening. You will get your money's worth out of this game and you'll be surprised when you realize how addicted you are. It should keep you busy until New Vegas comes out.

As for how far off the end is, after you finish up with the Dwarves (which I would've done first), you'll do a group of quests in, whatever the main human city is called, I forget, then you'll do a quest in Redcliffe, then you'll head back to the main city for the final quests, which are epic and badass. When you get to the final quests, there's only going to be one chance to sell your loot, so take whatever gear you want to keep with you, even if that means stripping down your crew members. Whatever you have in your inventory at the end of the game goes with you when you import your character into Awakening.

Oh, and make sure you really look around when you hit the Deep Roads, there's a full suit of armor down there, and it's badass, so uncover the entire map, even if it means epic backtracking. It's worth it.

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