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post Jun 5 2010, 08:24 PM
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And again I tell you Duff we are changed people, grown up, full time jobs, commitments, homes and such. Yet you again assume what once was will always be. Surely you realise that since we were both unbanned that we are changed people, else why would we have been back again?

I find it almost sad and petty you keep locking these now to stop the discussion, as you are just going with this gut instinct of yours and acting in this manner. If all we cared about was angering you, why would we be here asking why we were banned, discussing it, when we could just spam up the forums insulting you and such? You seem unaware of the possibilities that we are two changed people, who were just having some fun after a hard weeks work.

I'm not really expecting much from you now Duff, you've shown two times you can't stand to reason by locking these discussions, but I will try for a third time none the less.
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post Jun 6 2010, 03:29 AM
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First off, I want to know who's who.
Dualshock speaks on behalf of Asthenia. It looks like Dualshock is Asthenia's new temporary account, registered hours ago.
Kuwongain speaks on behalf of Kuwong. But Kuwongain is not Kuwong? unsure.gif -Because Kuwongain registered March 2008.

Is the "Duffman! Can't breathe!, Oh no!" topic the only reason why Asthenia and Kuwong was banned? If there were no other big reasons then I fear this forum has problems on a higher level and a petty joke/troll thread is peanuts in comparison.

That thread looks pretty harmless and I don't understand how it alone can justify even a raise of the warn level. (Yes I know the background.)
Kudos to Duff for being willing to discuss the matter and admitting that banning was an overreaction.

I know I don't know everything and I'm not jumping to any conclusions. I only raise questions and I leave to others to answer them, either here in public or in the Staff forum. I don't need to know the answer but I want to know that it is being looked into. I want to feel safe here and not risk a banning because of a joke.
Maybe those two members have a habit of doing similar things, and that would be "other big reasons" as mentioned above. But I've not observed any other misconduct from them during my time here.

I hope this is a "happy ending".

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