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> Random/Unique encounters
post May 30 2010, 09:44 AM
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anyone feel a bit miffed by these? Sure there have been some great ones, seen a few unique ones myself (I think, hard to tell) but there's so many that are the same. Just once I'd like the woman by a broken cart needs protecting from pursuing bandits, or a random person who claims he is "lost" wants a ride into town, not to just steal my horse.

It seems for all the random encounters Rockstar put into the game, none of them vary from their originally intended event.

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post May 30 2010, 02:21 PM
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doesn't play well with others...

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i agree that there are a lot of the same ones but, there are some really cool ones out there too... i've seen a man shoot his wife, then shoot himself... i've seen TNT makers blow themselves up laugh.gif... i found the cannibal campsite... i've seen a circle of dead bodies like it was a mexican standoff or a deal gone wrong... a woman sobbing over her dead husband and drinks herself to death...

while i get sick of helping a shop owner with a thief, or helping someone with their stolen horse, i still do enjoy the random events i find out in the wilderness... i am at the point right now where i pretty much ignore the pleas inside a town... i hate arriving to a settlement, only to be asked to leave and help someone... fuck that, i need a drink and some sleep...


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Oh, good one. The "you're on the internet so you must have no life" insult isn't moronic or unoriginal at all. You must, without a doubt, be a very important member of society, not at all a waste of the already barely valuable gift of life.

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You're undoubtedly one of the two, otherwise you would have better things to do than complain about the theme of a forum that doesn't care about anything you have to say.
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post Jul 15 2010, 08:35 AM
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QUOTE (bOnEs @ May 30 2010, 10:21 AM) *
i've seen TNT makers blow themselves up

I just saw TNT guys twice in 15 minutes. Both pairs were smoking cigarettes/throwing matches, and nothing happened. The first guys I took money out of their chest and then they threw dynamite at me but instead blew themselves up. The second pair wanted me to take their wagon somewhere.

a woman sobbing over her dead husband and drinks herself to death...

I got that but opposite just before.

gta 5

People say I'm crazy for running into burning buildings. I say I'm crazy because I do it for free.
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