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> Mass Effect 2 [spoilers ftw]
post Feb 18 2010, 11:47 PM
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I've been playing this game now for about a month, and I have to say that I'm fairly disappointed, what with all the hype it received. Everything it sets out to do, and that's a lot, it fails at miserably. The meat of the game is the FPS side, which is an undeniable throwback to about 20 years ago. The reticle is permanently frozen in first person hell, which never changes even if you manage to figure out a way to change the camera. Why is this a problem? Because if, and this happens a lot, one of your bumbling sidekicks mange to stand just so over your shoulder and behind you, all your bullets some how manage to hit them. Aiming is equally wonky and at random, where the game itself doesn't understand it's own programing. This means fighting Geth huskers with a shotgun is as equally pointless as fighting them with a pistol. When they charge at you, you'd think the visual cone effect would scatter the shots from your gun and hit multiple targets, but this is never the case. And further, if they get too close, once again the reticle forces you to hit whatever it is currently sitting on, rather then what you're actually aiming at. Med Gel only exists for the benefit of your cohorts, who are too retarded to use it themselves and resurrect you when you inevitably perish. This creates an odd scenario where it's far easier to force them forwards and fight till they die, bring them back, and continue. Since the enemies don't give XP, your buddies have infinite ammo and can be resurrected whenever, it often means that difficult fights find shepherd cowering in a small dark corner, waiting for the bad guys to go away.

The game is riddled with annoying bypass attempts and ridiculous hacking terminals, which tend to sabotage your entire game if you fail any of them. Say you fail at one that has a hidden tech inside, and you don't realize this, and you can never go back to it even if you could have a second chance, this could mean that later in the game half your squad dies. The bypass one is really hard, with only a small margin of success, and it wouldn't be so bad if it just wasn't so important to nail every single one of them. The hacking is moronic in simplicity, making one wonder why they ever put it in the first place. To add insult to injury, the last mini game, the resource scanning missions, is tedious and laughable, as you'll soon find yourself wasting mindless hours scouring the worlds for imaginary rocks you can't sell or trade anywhere. And remember, if you miss a single upgrade, anywhere, everyone dies at the end. And don't get any lofty ideas about giving all the upgrades to the team and none for yourself; even if you kill everyone on the last levels, you die too. Again. So remember, upgrade or else!

The big draw to the game is the conversations, which at times were inspired and rich, but mostly just repeated and recycled over and over again. Legion makes the best comments, at least for me, but it really isn't anything no-one else says either. The main aggravate in this system is the dippy renegade/paragon system, that you can use if you gain more points in them, but can't use if you don't have enough points. Which in turns means that it becomes incredibly stressful to not only gain points but also to use them. And remember, if you don't use either, horrible, horrible, horrible things will happen. Like Legion/Tali becoming disloyal, or any number of rewards or story-lines being lost.

The missions were straight forward and formulaic, with all the loyalty missions just being rewashed versions of each other. No matter what happens, someones parent is evil, they have deep psychological torment and they endlessly make things worse for themselves at home. Yay.

Why am I still playing?


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post Aug 17 2010, 02:59 PM
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doesn't play well with others...

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ohh snap... it was just announced that mass effect 2 is coming to the PS3!! biggrin.gif... maybe once i am tired of new vegas (HA!) i'll give this a whirl... it's release date is january so, that'll give me plenty of time to see if i get tired of new vegas...


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Oh, good one. The "you're on the internet so you must have no life" insult isn't moronic or unoriginal at all. You must, without a doubt, be a very important member of society, not at all a waste of the already barely valuable gift of life.

As is the case for everyone who takes issue with people who make them sad on the internet, you are one of two kinds of people:

You are exactly what you claim I am, and that is a lonely, pathetic basement dweller. You life is spent eating eight pounds of junk food per day, masturbating to anything you find online that's even remotely feminine, and wishing you had good looks and social skills. You continue to live with your mother until she dies of a combination of lung cancer and liver failure brought on by the chain-smoking and heavy drinking she used to cope with what a failure you are. Your mother mercifully dead and free of the living embodiment of failure she regretfully thrust from her loins, the bills start to pile up and you, unemployed and unable to pay these bills (of course), lose the house and everything in it. Somehow even more of a failure than you already were, you wander from place to place eating out of dumpsters and sleeping in your own filth until you finally die of AIDS, which you contracted from a diseased whore you scrounged up enough money to pay for, so you could finally lose your virginity while at the same time pretending that your mother was back in your life.


You are the type who was an athlete in high school, who was genetically doomed to be an idiot but managed to finish school and even get a college scholarship because you were so good at a worthless children's game. You went off to college with a suitcase full of polo shirts and condoms, the polo shirts, because you're a douche, and the condoms to prevent you from impregnating the dim-witted young college girls whom you could never touch without the aid of Rohypnol, a drug you refer to as "roofies" because you can neither spell or pronounce Rohypnol. You scrape by with borderline D's for the next four years, and leave the campus to go out into the real world where your realize you're not intelligent or talented enough to do anything of value with your life. Misery and minimum wage ensues for thirty years, then you blow your brains out, and your corpse, alone and forgotten, is not discovered until the smell of rotting flesh seeps under your door and your bodily fluids finally soak through the floor of your studio apartment and into the room below you. Your body is cremated, the ashes scraped into a garbage bin because there was no one in your life who valued you enough to pay for a casket, funeral, or burial plot.

You're undoubtedly one of the two, otherwise you would have better things to do than complain about the theme of a forum that doesn't care about anything you have to say.
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post Aug 17 2010, 04:44 PM
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Psy is gay and stupid.
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QUOTE (bOnEs @ Aug 17 2010, 03:59 PM) *
ohh snap... it was just announced that mass effect 2 is coming to the PS3!! biggrin.gif... maybe once i am tired of new vegas (HA!) i'll give this a whirl... it's release date is january so, that'll give me plenty of time to see if i get tired of new vegas...

Yessir! Link here.

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