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> The Ballad vs TLAD vs GTA IV, thoughts/summary
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post Dec 29 2009, 12:21 PM
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I finished TBOGT a few days ago and decided it's time to sum GTA IV series up. I am not going to provide an in-depth analysis, but I wanna pinpoint biggest ups and downs of all GTA IV games, comparing the 3 games vs. one another as well as against previous GTA games (with GTA San Andreas as the main reference).

GTA IV world in general:

- new game engine: graphics (architectural details!) and animation, also 5.1 sound (I'm not sure whether the latter was a novelty indeed)
- vast urban landscape to explore
- variety and accessibility of means of transport
- driving: more realistic than before and varying from vehicle to vehicle
- great new vehicles (esp. sports cars)
- friends & activities done with them: a fun and semi-organized way to spend time in free-roam
- increased AI of peds and drivers
- more realistic behavior of peds and drivers - they actually go from point to point (not just drive around like in previous GTA games)
- cool collectibles wink.gif
- usable internet

- playability in general; while GTA SA was a complex and fun game to digest, GTA IV was so only at times, leaving few things to do after getting 100% (or even before that)
- complex player character development(Niko/Johnny/Luis) development (no bodybuilding, too few clothes, no tattoos...)
- no vehicle customization (no modding garages like in SA)
- no rural landscapes (this is a controversial argument, I know - it's LC after all, but San Andreas's countryside/desert landscapes added a lot to the atmosphere)
- no driving schools (they were so much fun in SA), no gun

Now let's see about 3 GTA IV games:


- it was the main game, so it had more of everything than the DLCs
- unique jumps (DLCs don't have them)
- relation between friend's relations and storyline
- choices you can make in the main storyline
- interesting car theft missions (no exact location of vehicles, images via phone)

- very few side activities
- no paramedic/firefighter missions
- a lackluster character (Niko) with douchbag appearance and no balls (no match for Claude, Tommy or CJ)
- too easy and too one-sided missions


- great new music
- cool bikes
- awesome safehouse (TLAD club)

- too one sided missions (half of them might as well be part of the gang wars thing)
- softness of the character (Johnny) - not how I imagine leader of a biker gang; I'd prefer Billy hadn't he turned out to be a betraying scum
- too easy theft jobs/dirty laundry side missions
- boring gang wars
- too easy and boring final mission


- parachutes/base jumps
- triathlon races
- drug wars (with a variety of types)
- great new vehicles
- finally a cool tough guy character (Luis), not a fucking pussy

- too easy and boring final mission

I'd say even if put together, all GTA IV games are no match to the fantastic playground that was San Andreas. Technical advancement excites for a brief moment only, but it is playability that differs fascinating games from just good ones.

Within the world of GTA IV itself I'd say TBOGT is the best installment (which is, hopefully, good sign for the future - R* saw what went wrong with GTA IV and TLAD, unless of course all 3 games had been designed at once at the same time), although of it is GTA IV - the main game that is the biggest and thus offers most fun in total.

And what do you think?

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post Dec 29 2009, 02:33 PM
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Gay Tony was the best. GTAIV was great. TLAD was good.

I don't feel like getting into details; you touched on most of them, but I'm not that big of a cynic.
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