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> Midnight Club Los Angeles, RockstarBase.com article
post Sep 13 2009, 11:23 AM
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Created with permission

For several years Midnight Club has been at the top of open world racing games, the same goes for Midnight Club Los Angeles, for the first time ever Midnight Club has a 24hour cycle, and traffic will change based on the time.
The game is powered by the R.A.G.E engine, which stands for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, by using this engine Rockstar is capable of creating realistic graphics.


MC has good “GTA” like cutscenes this means: Good Motion capture, Lip-sync and good dialogs.
The characters in the game are tough , great, stereotype, like real Rockstars.
The story adds a little bit more to the game, you know what you are racing for, but if you only want to race, you can skip the cut scenes.
When you are cruising on the street, and you see an opponent, he has a arrow above is car, when you drive up to him and press Y ( Or Triangle) , than you can start racing immediately.
When racing someone you met on the street, you see a little cutscene between the drivers.
The game has a couple of new views , the standard one is a view that swings along with the car as you drive, but there ss also a classic view you know from the previous games.
If you lose you still get some money and reputation points, so you are still making progress throughout the game.
Multiplayer Details.

There are 11 multiplayer modes, from basis checkpoint races to “Stockpile” mode.
MCLA Multiplayer includes a “cruise” mode well-known from Burnout Paradise.
In the cruise mode, you can just drive online and enjoy the beauty of Los Angeles, but at any time you can start racing on your own circuit which you can create in the race editor!

More Videos Here.

Rockstar Released 2 car packs for Midnight Club Los Angeles, this is my favorite car.
Want to know more about these packs? Click Me!

Detailed Information.

Game: MidnightClub Los Angeles
Developer : Rockstar Games San Diego
Publisher: Take-Two
Platform: PS3, Xbox 360
Engine: R.A.G.E ( Rockstar Advanced Game Engine)
Social Club Features: Yes : Status Sync, Driving Test, Gallery and More!
Downloadble Content: Yes , South Central Update and 2 Vehicle Packs.

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post Sep 15 2009, 06:54 PM
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QUOTE (bOnEs @ Sep 15 2009, 01:55 PM) *
yea, i'm a late bloomer to this game... i bought it a few months ago when the priced dropped to $30... it's fun and the customization options are ridiculous!! the rubber-band AI drives me nuts sometimes but other times it works to my benefit since, i am always in the race even after a nasty crash early...

it's fun but, even i find some of the races way too hard... i am still working on the "yellow" races because, my cars aren't good enough to even challenge the tougher racers... i've already spent about 15 hours on this game and i don't even think i've gotten 30% of the way through... it's a pretty fucking deep racer...

The AI in MC2 was much harder. Mostly because they drive like complete psychopaths and try to ram you off the road. Once you get to the final level some of the racers you encounter will take you days to complete. But as for you having trouble, what car are you using? I had a Datsun at level 2 upgrades for a while, then I used a RX-8 until I won the Camaro Concept DUB.
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