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> Fort Carson Mysteries and the Invisible Police Chopper
post Sep 11 2009, 06:26 PM
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This is considered a reference thread. Not secrets, glitches, or findings....
Well maybe findings, but more of just some detailed observations, if you will.

I noticed these details about Fort Carson long ago. From 2004 release, onward.
They exist on every platform of the game I have: PS2 V1 / XBox V1 / PC V1 and V2

This is my research on the mysteries of Fort Carson.

Fort Carson, located on the western shore of Bone County, Las Venturas, parallel to the western Tierra Robada peninsula,
while ignored by many, has always held my fascination for non-storyline exploration. This is in fact, a very special place.
We paid $50 for this game, so explore everything, including this.

I frequently conduct 6-star battles at the north end of the tunnel, where the invisible cop chopper lives.
First, some background details about Fort Carson and it's normal, as well as it's strange features.

Fort Carson appears to be, just another town in Bone County........

The safe house features a multi-vehicle saving garage, while appearing to be a 1-vehicle garage.

*The safe house dock is conveniently located a swim away from Mike Toreno's stash of heavy weaponry.
(The fastest boat, the 'Speeder', spawns at the Fort Carson safe house dock for free, as well.)

*If you collect the cars from GTA:VC, the Fort Carson Medical Center usually spawns the Hearse.
There's many other medical facilities/mortuaries in SA, but Fort Carson usually delivers. Ambulance is 100% always there as well.

*Close to the Big Ear, where the SandKing & NV Goggles spawn, as well as the shortest Free-Jump Antenna is. (splat!)

*Home to the weird pedestrians, such as; the trenchcoat cowboy, the "John Redcorn" (King of the Hill)
Native American type guy, the well-endowed country girl...all of which have hilarious dialogues, classic stuff.

*Nice molotov spawn behind the 24-7. One of the only spawns here other than the Desert Eagle at the Lil Probe Inn trailer park.

*An abandoned drive-in theatre, how unique....a bribe nearby, regular shotgun spawn in nearby trailer park.

*Law is VERY slow to rise, on a 1-star, which quickly dissappears, and even a 2-star, you can stand there for a long time.

*Insubstantial plane in downtown, a wall you can walk through. Hollow building up the street from the 24-7. Not invisible to cops, though.

*The Beagle that spawns, with a wing inside a house. Usually blows up upon going near it, much less trying to pilot the vehicle.

*The very famous Cluckin' Bell and 24-7 are closed at night. The hours are roughly, open from 6AM to Midnight.
24-7 is closed by 22:00 hours. The Cluckin' Bell yellow arrow disappears promptly at 00:00........

*Thankfully, there's a Sprunk machine (Health Replenish) at a hotel, main road running east-west. (West of the Cluckin' Bell)

*The only armor in this town can be found at Ammu-Nation, which strangely has unique-jump ramp physics on it's foundation.
(This has been one of my favorite stunting grounds since finding it in 2004. Jump the Ammu-Nation building.)

*The traffic goes past Ammu-Nation, and the surrounding loop, at an alarming speed. That part is normal.

FC Ammu-Nation area, is where I first encountered the not-normal HIGH-speed-glitch, where uncommonly high vehicle speeds
ruin the game for any driving, anywhere in San Andreas. Solution unknown.
No cheats, no glitches, etc. were used. The problem was asked on many GTA sites and boards. Still to this day, solution unknown.
The save which has the speed glitch must be deleted. Otherwise from nowhere, cars end up inside other vehicles, at insect speed.
MUCH faster than the fastest pile-up on the LV Freeway. Like a program is running on top of another program. Or under it.
They are not there then >bang< 2+more cars mating like insects. One on top of another instantly. It is a horrible glitch. Happens all
over San Andreas but thought to be the result of so much high-speed NRG, and NOS-sportscar stunting, originating in Fort Carson.

*This town features a convenient underground tunnel, directly behind the safe house, with a police bribe.

This is the best part of this study. The tunnel leads to a ledge, and that ledge eventually goes up to the road.
While on the ledge, no law enforcement vehicles go down there. Fall off the edge down, but not drive down.

There is where the invisible cop chopper lives during a 6-star.
It's rotors can be seen occasionally, and it can be targeted intermittently with the HSRPG, but only inside the wall of the hill.
It's radio operator, and rotor sound, can be heard audibly, the entire time of it's presence. Running back and forth
inside and out the tunnel exit may get it to appear, but it is difficult. Once in the tunnel, it's lights may shine.
Once out on the ledge, it's lights may shine. But there is no helicopter. It has to "re-emerge" physically, for it to be shot down.

Fort Carson Mysteries
Why is the Beagle spawned with a wing in the house?
Why is the Cluckin' Bell and 24-7 only open during the day?
Why is the cop chopper stuck in the wall of the hill over the tunnel?
Why are the cops so slow to respond????????? <--In LS they would be all over CJ in a second.
What's up with that Drive-In Theatre. I saw it featured in a stunt video once, but other than that....

I do not believe in any conspiracies heard in the Truth's ramblings, the big black birds in the desert,
the lights in the desert sky, or any rumors about the Lil Probe Inn. Area 69 is just a military base.
This is not about those types of comedic mysteries, this is about FC, and the invisible chopper.
That is a 100% unsolved mystery, or more than likely, a programming glitch, that follows game versions

Fighting on the FC Tunnel Ledge
From standing on the ledge over the water, I found out how to kill the Rhinos that collect
up ahead at the road rail. RPG the wall, totally engulf that wall in flames, that burns them up.
They do explode, simply because they are engulfed in flames. Basic fire like Molotovs.
I spent a Saturday once, a few years ago, blowing up Rhinos, where anyone I knew who played SA,
said that Rhinos could not be blown up other than with Molotovs. Just engulf the wall with flames,
by whatever means. Fire is fire, and that takes out the Rhinos, when the choppers are not incoming.
Pelt that motherfucking wall with fire, use your infinite molotovs, or just RPG it , just under the railing,
where you see the Rhino's turret sticking out, set that area on fire. It blows up the tanks eventually.
Faster then you'd think actually, waiting for the helicopters which take forever to show up.....
I think this may be BECAUSE there is a helicopter already there! The one that can't get out of the mountain!
This is the invisible police helicopter. You can hear it, and you can only see it intermittently through the RPG sensor,
but you cannot see it physically, it is stuck somewhere inside the ground, and the wall, of the north end of the tunnel.
The part that is the ledge, you just can't isolate it, and it won't come out, usually, until it disappears, then after a sand storm.....

The police helicopters will not come during an LV sand/dust storm, as many 6-star wanted level veterans here know.

But the invisible chopper.....that is not seen anywhere else in San Andreas.
You can hear him, partially see him, but he is no danger....and you can't kill him,
until he somehow re-emerges. If at all. The underwater graveyard of the Back o Beyond creek w/bribe....
cannot compare to this. There, you can see the cop choppers, and then they go down.
Under the water that is the thing there....here, is the under the mountain thing. You can't see him, but you can hear him.

You can target and shoot down countless helicopters that approach at the FC ledge, but not the invisible one.
It's like he spawns inside the hill over the tunnel. That is something that has haunted me about SA since 2004.

So what do YOU think about Fort Carson, other than having to buy the property for 100% completion,
or landing there with a parachute? Spent any time there? Discovered any of these things, or studied FC for any length of time?

There will always be Mysteries in places like Fort Carson, LV.


The Fight Continues
Going back for a battle with cops to lure out the chopper, at the Fort Carson tunnel,
some of these views may shed a bit more light on the embedded/invisible police helicopter.
Can hear him, but rarely can see him unless back into the tunnel where only the rotors appear.

Note the road is more than a few meters above the mountain tunnel, which is solid.
Also note the north, south, east or west directions that choppers can approach.

1) North = Sherman Dam vicinity
2) West = Over the water
3) South = Through Fort Carson proper
4) East = From over the road above, below the Big Ear, which is much higher ground

Even in the daytime, from the east, you can see the spotlights in the wall:

As well as from the south:

Much easier to see the spotlights hovering/circling at night:

Finally, going back inside the tunnel itself, the rotors reveal themselves.
The helicopter is located inside the mountain. Not above, on the road.

Carl can fire bomb the general area of the rotors and eventually an explosion will be heard,
the pilot's voice will drop off. If you only have 5 stars, the 6th will appear.
The bottom line is the invisible chopper's rotors can finally allow you to put a
location on the otherwise unknown area of the speaker's voices.

I've spent many hours fighting the invisible chopper, with a 6 star wanted level.
Once you exterminate it, eventually, it will come back, after waves of easy to spot choppers.

Wanted level is not even a concern as no road vehicles can get there unless careening off the guard rail above.
Sure an occasional tank or Barracks OL will flop over but usually they fall into the water, or are easily disposed of.
Carl just needs to get up to the FC safe house to change clothes to lose the wanted level, that's no problem.

However this strange anomaly has never changed from 2004, first version PS2, to the current PC version 2.
The invisible chopper always spawns inside the mountain. The rest fly in from the north, south, east, and west.

My next quest to answer this unsolved mystery, truly an original San Andreas finding,
is to fly into the Underworld with a jet pack, and into this mountain.
I want to see the invisible police helicopter of the Fort Carson tunnel.
Might have to go under Area 69 to get a wanted level going, but it just may be worth it.
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