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> Assassin's Creed 2, GIANT MONEKY BALLS!
post Apr 13 2009, 02:21 AM
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Assassins Creed II takes place in 1476 in a war ridden Italy with new Assassin Ezio out to discover his roots.

Assassins Creed II is the sequel to the popular 2007 action-adventure game, Assassins Creed. In the continuation of the saga, Assassins Creed II takes place in Italy set in the year 1476. You assume the role of Ezio Auditore de Firenze, the new protaganist of the series, and bloodline relative of the late Altiar and desmond from the original Assassins Creed. This newest entry in the series introduces a revamped combat system, new side quests and a bag of unique new abilities, and many more new things. Assassins Creed II was announced by word of mouth in mid 2008, but was confirmed to be exsistant via teaser on April 6th 2009. Assassins Creed II is due out in the fiscal year of 2010.

Confirmed New Gameplay Details

The May 2009 issue of Game Informer Magazine revealed a large amount of information concerning the gameplay and story elements of Assassins Creed II.

- Players now assume the role of Ezio Auditore de Firenze instead as the main Character. He is from Florence Italy and has blood ties to Altiar.

- Assassins Creed II is set in 1476 in Italy and will feature locations including Saint Marks Basilica cathedrale, The Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, and Da Vincis Workshop

- Ezio wields dual hidden blades, and can perform multipule moves with them including a disarm technique.

- Ezio can obtain and use several different weapons from shops and pick them up off deseased enemies. Including Short Swords, Long Swords, Curved Daggers, Spears, Warhammers, Battle Axes and a Mace.

- Gliding or Flying is confirmed. Ezio can swoop or glide down and across the cities for a haste escape.

- There are now several types of opposition to fight including Archers, Shield Wielding troops, Chainmail armored troops, Special Forces style attack guards, your basic guards, large dual weapon troops and even other assassins.

- Day and Night cycle has been included in this installment (Day, Dawn, Dusk, Night etc)

- Sinse players will be in Venice in the game, Ezio can Swim and use the water as an escape tactic. In the Last game, Water was an instant death.

- Health now longer regerates, players heal themselves or must find doctors in towns

- You Can buy and upgrade weapons and items at shops

- There is a notoriety System in play in which Ezio will become recognized for his slayings. Some people will cower in fear were as others will view you in disgust.

- The Counter-System is back as well as a revamped fighting system with better manuvability

- Every weapon in Assassins Creed II has a Finishing move

- Players can disarm enemies weapons and then use them against them

- New special attacks and abilties

- Hidden items throughout the world include Gold Coins, Flags and mini statues. This time, collecting these items will unlock new items and reward players will bonuses as well as achievements.

- Can now kill people while in hidding spots (Hay bails etc)

- 16 different Mission types (they removed ease-dropping or pick pocketing mission types)

- Horse riding is confirmed to return with new features

- A team of 240 plus people are working on the game

The Game Informer issue also lays out a large amount of information reguarding new characters. The magazine is already being distrbuted throughout the United States.

Sounds like it isn't going to have any modern day parts because of the non-regenerating health. In the last game that just signified de-syncing with the memories. Here it seems its actual health. That or this one will have a "twist." That being the same "twist" from the first game.


I'm not fixing the typo on the topic description just cause.

2nd edit.

Warhammers, Battle Axes and a Mace.

Fucking metal!

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post Jun 8 2009, 06:40 PM
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doesn't play well with others...

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i wouldn't care if the graphics aren't that much improved over the previous one because, it was the gameplay of the first one that had me hooked... never have i been able to scale a city so fluidly as i did in the first one... not even infamous can pull that one off... it comes close but, it was completely natural in assassin's creed...

the graphics were good enough in the first one that, if we were to get the exact same graphics (which we won't because this is a different time and setting), i'd still be happy... i'm just ecstatic over the gameplay changes from the first one... this adventure might be fun instead of repetitive...


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