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> Mortorstorm: PR - Moar Pics
post Jan 11 2009, 03:36 AM
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These pics I took myself in photo mode.

Edit - Moar Pics

So there is no way this game doesn't have as good graphics as the first. I have no idea what Psy is talking about. They are better. GTA's cars do not have better damage. In Mortorstorm, it all depends on what car you crash. Most of them have fiber-glass bodies that merely break off or strong roll cages that prevent deformation. Its only realistic they don't get in twisted metal. Thats not saying you can't. There are vehicles that allow this. Not only that Mortorstorm has more parts on the cars that break off and more particles that fly everywhere. I will get pics later to show some good damage. This game is is more fast paced than the first. There are 16 amazing tracks. 16 is a decent amount but it really feels like more than 16 because there are so many different paths to take, each lap is different. There is a ton of thought on design put into these tracks. Not to mention the different race modes. And there are some amazing areas to be seen. This game is moving art. And its feels like a completely different race with each vehicle type. This was true in the first one but it feel even more prevalent in this edition. The vehicle classes feel more balanced too. I will really find this out if there is a dominant vehicle type when I play online. The last one more people just used racing trucks or rally cars. I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite type. There are a LOT more vehicles to choose from as well than in the previous one. The vehicle selection menu is different. Much less loading. It displays all the classes of vehicle for you to chose from in a row. And to change what vehicle you use in that class you press square and it bring you to a different menu to choose what model and paint job you want. Once selected it will remain set each time you re-enter vehicle selection. So if you have a favorite vehicle you don't have to scroll through all of them. You can just pick racing truck and you will have the vehicle of your choice. And all these menus are image based to cut back on loading times. But when you select a vehicle you can then go into a vehicle viewer mode where you see it in 3D as you can swivel the camera around to see it. Also in this mode you can rev the engine and honk the horn just for fun. You also select which driver you want to use and you can use the same driver for any car. And when selecting the driver, you again can swivel the camera around and zoom so you can get a nice shot of the chick in the skin tight jumpsuit's perfect ass and massive boobs. There is also some differences with the boost. If you are near lava your boost will fry MUCH faster from the heat. But if you are in water it will cool the engine giving you more boost. Photo mode its great. You can toggle the camera up down and all around. I liked how when you move the camera around it doesn't move still. It shakes a little so it kind of feels like a real camera being moved around. I though it was just a nice touch. My only complaints are that it feel like there should have been some driver & vehicle customization. I have a feeling these were either left out for the next one or they had a too tight of a deadline and couldn't finish them . I had said the first Mortorstorm is by far the the best, and most chaotic racing game I have ever played. And this one tops that.


I also want to add some comments on the Festival mode. Its based on rank now and each level up you unlock a fair amount of new vehicles and drivers. The tickets are divided up by areas. There is Earth Area which is muddy tracks. There is Air Area which is meant for smaller vehicles. Also Water Areas and Fire Areas. each areas has multiple races available at one time and you can go between each area at desire. So there is much more options to choose from when it comes to what race you want to do. If you are stuck on one there are plenty more to do. And of course the modes vary from Regular, to wreck limit. You can't crash more than a predetermined amount. Check points. Which force you to go on different paths and Elimination where every 15 seconds whoever is in last gets eliminated. This is so far the hardest mode. If you fuck up when the time is about to run out and you land in last you are done for.

PS: 2-4 player split screen and trophies.

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