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> Rare car collection
post Apr 5 2009, 04:53 AM
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Upstanding Citizen

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How can you live with coming out of your apartment and seeing a Romero parked in front of your house. LOL.
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I Made Your Mom ...
post Apr 14 2009, 09:54 AM
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Upstanding Citizen
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QUOTE(GMT @ Jun 23 2008, 04:27 PM) [snapback]1449970[/snapback]
talking about rare cars...

has anyone ever seen a Contender with bullbars, rollcage and foglights on the roof?

I used to have one that I screwed and ever since that unfortunate event, I've never seen a Contender with these additional parts again...

They're used by the Irish mob. You can 'obtain' one by hanging around East Island City and Steinway. I saw that you already got one, but just incase you wreck it and want to get another, now you know where. wink.gif
There are loads of those gang modified cars hanging around various districts of Liberty. There are lists out there.

  • Declasse Sabre GT
    Black with white stripe.
    Masses of power, especially with that whining supercharger up front. Barrels of fun in the rain.
  • Albany Cavalcade
    Pearlescant black/green with black rims.
    Acquired from that construction site mission for Playbox X. Stylish, but identical to a normal Cavalcade performance-wise.

  • Albany Buccanneer
    Recently acquired this. Handlies like a pig and doesn't have much power going forward. May get rid of it.
  • Imponte Dukes
    Variant with rear window louvres. 'Vitamin C' orange with black detailing. Probably my favourite car.
    Every trip anywhere is always a whirlwind of tire smoke and indicator glass in this thing. It's immense fun, but hard to control as it seems to want to go everywhere sideways.

    Algonquin - Albany Ave.
  • Karin Sultan
    Korean gang modified bodykit, spoiler and tuning. Sky blue bodywork and exhaust with dark gold rims.
    An excellent rocket, this. Suspension is spot on, holds the road well and can outrun most other cars. Brakes are also excellent.
  • Benefactor Schafter
    Russian mob modified bodykit and tuning. Silver with black rims.
    Tends more towards oversteer than understeer, but rarely does either. Despite the massive V12 engine it's also pretty sluggish. A pretty average runabout, more for the looks than the performance.

    Algonquin - Xenotime St.
  • Pegassi Infernus
    Orange with black stripe.
    Great for running rings around the cops, but it's fragile like an egg.
  • Dewbauchee Super GT
    Pearlescant black/gold.
    Takes more punishment than the Pegassi but is slower as a result. Feels like an extremely overweight coupé rather than a supercar. Looks sharp though.

  • Stevie's Pfister Comet
    Metallic blue.
    Acceleration is brilliant, top speed is average. Very precise, but quite boring to drive since there's no drama. It pretty much drives itself.
  • Maibatsu Vincent
    LX2007 variant with spoiler. Black with black rims.
    Handles well, has a surprisingly scary top speed if you can get it there, looks fantastic and can take a fair amount of punishment. And all this whilst comfortably seating four people.

I don't really consider the NRG-900 or the Sultan RS to be rare, since there is a fixed, constant spawning location for them in the game and it's not really a chore to go and get one whenever you fancy dying horribly in a head-on collision with a truck. Hence the absence of them in my parking spots.

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post Apr 17 2009, 05:40 PM
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Upstanding Citizen

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QUOTE(Thrilla in Manila @ Jun 6 2008, 05:43 AM) [snapback]1445526[/snapback]
That shit is awesome. I had a Stretch in Bohan because it was the first one I jacked (they were rare) but since they became more common as I played through the game I got rid of it to make room for more cars. I'll just post my collection, no pics, no rare paint jobs I don't think. I haven't played GTA 4 in a while so this might not be 100% accurate.

Bohan Apartment:
1. Motorcycle
2. Red Backup Infernus

Algonquin Penthouse:
1. Grey PMP 600
2. Stevie's Yellow Comet

Algonquin Luxury Apartment:
1. (Forgot Color) Turismo
2. Yellow Super GT

Alderney Apartment:
1. Orange Infernus
2. Green Sultan RS
3. Motorcycle
4. ???

Cool! I just use my super GT in red, dont think it's very rare but is still awsome! I like to keep the same cars for as long as i can, i've had this for oer half the game!

Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them
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post Jun 11 2009, 12:09 AM
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Upstanding Citizen

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check out my sentinel xs std [sentinel tuning division]

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Banana Boy
post Jun 14 2009, 02:31 PM
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1. White Sentinel Modded
2. none (needs to be filled)


1. Red w/ Black stripe Freeway
2. Yellow w/ black stripe Banshee


1. Florian's Infernus
2. Blue or Red (cant remember) Felzter convertable w/ no top

Playboy X's place

1. Pure Black Oracle (not the shitty greenish black)
2. Sky Blue Patriot w/o american flag stipe


1. Silver Comet
2. Red with Red rims PJC 600

At one time I kept a bus and a helicopter at 2 on my safe houses


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