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> GTA4 Multiplayer Previews
post Apr 8 2008, 05:02 PM
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After the 12 multiplayer screenshots were released a little early by certain websites, full previews of the GTAIV multiplayer modes have been released by the websites which also gave us the last set. Links to the articles can be found below.

Lazzbrium has provided a full summary of all of these articles on the forums. Thanks a lot Lazz!

And don't forget, as usual, stay tuned to GTA4.TV for all your GTA needs!

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post Apr 8 2008, 11:35 PM
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"Yes, you can score with kills (and stop a player’s progress as a result), but you can acquire cash by picking up what a player leaves behind, as well as by walking over the spots on the map marked with a dollar sign, where a pile of money can be found. That means players who may not be as skilled in quick aiming and firing can still do well by being a bit more cunning and deliberate in acquiring currency.”
- Piles of money lying around the map so you don't have to kill people to earn it.

"Another nice touch is the placing of weapon and other pick-up icons on the map..."
- Weapon pick-ups marked on the map.

"And when I was out of missiles, jumping to the water was a quick, painless way back down into the fray."
- No damage from falling into the water from a great height.

There's some pretty in-depth detail about the multiplayer modes as well, so if you're interested, it's worth the read.


"While the options we were shown were fairly limited, new clothes and accessories unlock as you rank up. Ranks run from 0-10, with experience earned by collecting cash in multiplayer... It's meant to reward you for playing a lot of multiplayer, but leveling up your character isn't the focus as it tends to be in Call of Duty 4 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2."
- Limited clothing options, 11 ranks; ranks not main focus.

"We weren't given a view of the lobby system, but from Rockstar's hints, it sounds like you will just run around going Bananarama in Liberty City until someone launches a game. The good news is that when a game is set up, the host has a myriad of options depending on the mode... and even what radio station is playing. We counted sixteen options for one mode and the others had similar amounts."
- In-game lobby until somebody launches a game, 16 game options including radio station.

"You may notice a slight drop in visual fidelity..."
- Visuals appear slightly worse in multiplayer (confirmed by Destructiod preview), but will still look great.

"However, if you crouch, your name disappears, making you tougher to spot. And if you use cover, both your name and dot disappear..."
- Multiplayer name zot disappears when crouched or in cover.

"On Happiness Island (Rockstar's version of Liberty Island)... and two people can guard the stairwell that acts as the lone entry point..."
- Possible entry for the Statue of Happiness? I might just be interpreting this wrong.

"However, with friendly fire off, I take no damage if an ally shoots a rocket at my feet to launch me in the air and onto a roof. Call it co-op rocket jumps..."
- With friendly fire off, you take no rocket damage from team mates and can copy the Soldier's strategy from TF2 of launching yourself onto buildings.

"It's tougher to get through in the armored van, but far more fun. One crook drives, Kenny rides shotgun again and two others can ride in the back. Kick open the doors and you can fire outside."
- Kicking open vehicle doors to fire out.

"...it takes hands-on time to appreciate how the SWAT Team flanks, advances, and dives for cover."
- Significantly improved law enforcement AI.

"You can pick up weapons and fire from inside or outside your car. But you can only hold one weapon at a time."
- In multiplayer modes (perhaps just GTA Race) you can only hold one weapon.

"It's perhaps even more fun, though, to stand in the street and cook a grenade."
- FPS style grenade cooking.

Again, plenty of multiplayer info. Worth the read if you want to know every little detail about the modes.

IGN Roundtable Discussion:

"They controlled in much the same way but felt a lot heavier, especially the big military chopper - The Annihilator."
- New vehicle: military helicopter called the Annihilator. Judging from the preview this is the police chopper from the trailers with the minigun on it.


"Starting off in the lobby menu, you can access the character customisation menu by pressing Y. From here you can switch between different player heads, torsos, legs, hats and glasses, and choose the sex of your character... From the start there are only three or four different selections to choose for each option, but we're told more options unlock as you progress through the single-player campaign."
- Customisation options include heads, torsos, legs, hats, glasses and sex. These are accessed by pressing Y from the lobby menu. Unlock extra parts by progressing through the single player game.

"Even these slimmed down multiplayer chunks can take ten minutes to cross."
- Individual boroughs of the city take ten minutes to cross.


"...and in one of the many small touches in the game, different players see different mobile operator logos on their home screens."
- Mobile service providers differ from player to player.

"...one of the team members couldn't resist jumping in a helicopter, chasing us down a street, and using the rotor blades to send us hurtling through the air to our death."
- Choppers blades either produce powerful drafts, or have the same effect as direct contact with them did in San Andreas, ie it just sends you flying through the air in a shower of gore.

"...according to Rockstar both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will be exactly the same in terms of multiplayer features."
- Fanboys rejoice.


"This article originally stated that there would be 15 multiplayer modes. Rockstar was quick to correct me upon seeing the article -- there will be more than 15 modes when the game ships."
- 15+ multiplayer modes will ship with the final game.

"We were told that these selections would be added as a player’s rank up, between 0 and 10..."
- The player's customisation options are also affected by their rank.


Que nada, holmes.


"Well, the cops still get fooled by the spray job, but what about rest?
- Cops are still fooled by the ol' Pay 'N' Spray trick.

"Sorry chaps. No theatre or replay mode."
- Damn.


"While the game allows you to select parts of the map to play in, choosing specific boroughs, smaller neighborhoods, or areas like the airport, it doesn't prevent players from roaming the entire city during any given match. Instead the respawns and weapon drops only occur in those areas."
- Limiting gameplay to one borough doesn't limit where you can go, only respawn points and weapon drops.

"...like the ability for players waiting in a lobby to turn on their radio and listen to GTA's soundtrack."
- Listen to radio stations in the game lobby.

"I ran back to my copter only to find its rotors had been snapped off during my crap landing next to a copse of trees."
- Choppers blades are clipped by contact with scenery.


"Enemies show on screen while moving and disappear when stationary.
- Enemies disappear when stationary as well.

"I also was able to tweak the reticule width, gamertag display, weather type, daytime, and control even voice chat options."
- Several unmentioned options when hosting a game.

"Another mode Rockstar casually mentioned was GT mode, which is a straight weaponless race."
- An alternative to GTA Race mode.


Que nada, holmes.


"...that you can use the phone system to set up private chat sessions with select teammates and form pacts with them, all without hitting the Xbox or PlayStation buttons and fumbling around sub-menus..."
- In-game (as opposed to XBL or PSN) private chat to communicate with foes privately.

"There seem to be myriad tracks to choose from, plus you can tweak them..."
- Lots of tweakable GTA Race tracks.


"...Distinctive GTA IV artwork running on slideshow in traditional style..."
- The old GTA style loading screens are back.

"...you can lean out of the side in an over-shoulder perspective and shoot bitches on the ground..."
- In-chopper camera is over the shoulder for passengers.

"...each player can choose radio stations independently of everyone else in the car."
- Players can listen to their own radio station, regardless of what others are listening to.

"...'Rockstar Games Social Club' will allow everybody's singleplayer stats to be viewed and analysed - the usually crazy stats, everything from distance travelled, to (presumably) headshots, kills, deaths, swimming, total play time - you name it."
- Rockstar Games Social Club will display singleplayer stats.

This is all the new information I could find and any other info that interested me. There may be other bits that may interest you and I recommend that you read these previews yourself.

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