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> 'Marriage Is for White People', Written by a black woman
Fido 14
post Mar 28 2006, 02:27 AM
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I grew up in a time when two-parent families were still the norm, in both black and white America. Then, as an adult, I saw divorce become more commonplace, then almost a rite of passage. Today it would appear that many -- particularly in the black community -- have dispensed with marriage altogether.

But as a black woman, I have witnessed the outrage of girlfriends when the ex failed to show up for his weekend with the kids, and I've seen the disappointment of children who missed having a dad around. Having enjoyed a close relationship with my own father, I made a conscious decision that I wanted a husband, not a live-in boyfriend and not a "baby's daddy," when it came my time to mate and marry.

My time never came.

For years, I wondered why not. And then some 12-year-olds enlightened me.

"Marriage is for white people."

That's what one of my students told me some years back when I taught a career exploration class for sixth-graders at an elementary school in Southeast Washington. I was pleasantly surprised when the boys in the class stated that being a good father was a very important goal to them, more meaningful than making money or having a fancy title.

"That's wonderful!" I told my class. "I think I'll invite some couples in to talk about being married and rearing children."

"Oh, no," objected one student. "We're not interested in the part about marriage. Only about how to be good fathers."

And that's when the other boy chimed in, speaking as if the words left a nasty taste in his mouth: "Marriage is for white people."


There you have it. A black woman confesses that black families were better back in the days of slavery. She also agrees that marriage is for white people. Its certainly not racist now since a black woman said it.

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post Mar 28 2006, 12:27 PM
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The average total cost of a wedding today is 15,244, a figure that rises to an astronomical 18,154 for weddings taking place in London.


Thats why a higher percentage of white people get married than black people. And before anyone hits out with "RACIST WAH WAH", do your own damn research and compare the average earnings of a white family compared to that of a black family.

It's irrelevant anyway. Marriage is an out-dated concept of legality and social mores, nothing more than an expensive symbol and the cause of an even more expensive get-out clause.

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I'm not racist, I'm just better than you. Flame on.

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