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> White supremacy?, www.nationalvanguard.org
post Mar 25 2006, 02:44 PM
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well i found that site by accident last week, and i thought it was just a bunch of people fed up with how a black person can call a white person a skanky hoe, but if a white person calls a black person a skanky hoe thats racism, and i thought, thats a fair point, i'm a bit fed up of being called a racist if i say a black joke, even tho black people make money from telling joke about while people (i an't saying i don't think its funny, just its a bit like sexism, even tho its fair, woman always get the upperhand)

so then after looking thru the site i find a band called 'Prussian Blue'

that all looks sweet and innocent, but i'm getting the feeling something isn't as friendly as it seems, so after thinking i must be insane thinking these sites are secretly promoting white supremacy, and relgious 'cleansing' i had a quick look on google, and found this interesting article

anywho, another link in me mind was that i noticed someone on this forum seemed to fit the bill for being an avid supporter of this stuff, and thought before this person was just joking tongue.gif but its all a bit crazy, if anyone can be bothered to read it, i'm just wondering on other peoples opinons?
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Fido 14
post Mar 29 2006, 08:42 PM
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where is your proof that teh JEWS were out to destroy Madagascar...

What are you talking about? That's not even what I said. I said that Hitler was planning on shipping the Jews to Madagascar. The Jews refused and then they started a nationwide boycott in Germany. Then they declared war on Germany as I've been saying before; Judea Declared War.

Listen, Going to the streets and bartering, creating business, and operating banks in a bankrupt country IS NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE of anyone, its helping them. As far as jews selling things for high prices to the "poor white man" XD?, why didnt the poor white man buy goods from someone else, was he a fucking retard?

Helping them? So you consider Jews that take over high positions in a nation and have strong Zionist beliefs helping the German people? No wonder you have no problem with the U.S. government. They've had those positions before the Germans were poor after WWI. They took advantage of the Germans after WWI because they went on the streets and they sold their goods to them for way higher prices. The Germans didn't buy stuff from anyone else because there was no one else. They were desperate and the Jews were right there with the goods.

Which are? Just so we can compare. He can compare to the crusades... american slavery, ect... And id say he is worse.

What a typical guilty white's mindset. To think that the worst things that ever happened on this Earth were slavery, National Socialists, and the crusades against the poor little innocent Muslims. Sorry, but you need to step into reality. First of all, I don't consider 74,000-100,000 deaths or along that range that bad compared to all the ZIONIST WAR CRIMES that are committed day in and day out in these modern times against Palestinians in the Middle East shown in the Zionist War Crimes video that I presented a while ago. Especially when there weren't even cruel procedures of death used by the National Socialists. That's right, the burning jews and gas chambers are myths and are proven in JDW. Lets look at Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun and look at all the atrocities they have committed against Europe and China. What about the wicked acts by the Muslim Turks who have devastated a thriving great Christian city Constantinople which belonged to the Greeks and turned it into Istanbul with their Mosques? Then they had the Greeks under 400 years of slavery until the Greeks revolted. A Greek genocide that no one even knows about where 350,000 Greeks were killed and vandalisms against Eastern Orthodox Churches. How about another vicious atrocity committed by the Turks where they killed off 2,000,000 Armenians and even used the hanging method to kill a lot of them. But somehow this FAKE Jewish genocide is more important than the Greek and Armenian genocides.

What does that have to do with the jews haveing an cache or justify the killing of innoncent jewish children?

You claim that they were innocent, but they were avid readers of the Talmud. And if you ever read the Talmud or even excerpts from the Talmud then you'd know that even Jewish children have the knowledge to to do mischievous things since Jewish children are forced to read the Talmud from a very young age and continue reading it. This was to stop the seed of terror and to stop them from teaching evil to their next generations. Maybe they wouldn't have anything to do with it if the Jewish parents simply agreed to be shipped to Madagascar.


Listen, I think your the one whose been brainwashed here...

Am I the one whose been brainwashed? All my life I've been taught to think one way throughout my whole time in school. Now that I look back at it, I see how clever these Jews were. To indoctrinate children from a young age. I remember the "holocaust" since 5th grade, and that's some pretty heavy brainwashing if you ask me since they continue to teach the same thing over and over every year. Anyways, I believed the baloney and never even question anything since I thought that teachers knew best and that they should always be right. Luckily for me, I realize that teachers aren't the best source of information now that I look back. So I guess you are right to an extent, that I was brainwashed when I was younger to think only one way. Am I brainwashed right now? Definitely not. Since I looked both ways and saw the correct way that had realistic evidence. It is you who is brainwashed, who can't bear the thought of being open-minded and looking at things two ways instead of one that has been indoctrinated inside of you throughout your whole life.


of course they can. I neve said they couldnt. However, Im sure that 1million isa lot closer to the truth than 75k is...

Statistics are bias, ALL THE TIME, do you know how people "make statistics"? If you did, then you'd clearly know they are, from the way they are FORMED, bias. As far as fact's go, a lot of things people say are facts, really aren't facts. For example, some say that gravity is a FACT, other people think its not quite a fact andthat there are other forces at work. Obviously the two sides are BIAS a certain way.. facts can be bias.

I can understand how someone could take facts and then add a little bit of his own persuasion into it so that the reader can join his political group, organization, or whatever. But facts are facts and if someone just says the plain facts then there's nothing to argue about.

You uh, didnt give any evidence.. Just propoganda. You failed to indentify one repudable source, and since your the one with something to prove, I SUGGEST YOU GET ON IT.

I've already showed you the facts. You laughed before on how Jews control the U.S. Then I showed you all the high ranks of the U.S. and they all turned out to be Jewish. If you don't know the ethnicity of the high ranked people in your own country then you're not a patriot and its common knowledge. Hell, you can even tell by some of their names that they're Jewish even without any background information. I was hoping a patriot like you would know the ethnicity of his own leaders, but I guess its not common knowledge to you. I've also showed you the facts on who controls the U.S. media. You can't call the facts propaganda.

I got it. I was bouncing off of your post saying that " The only reason he lost the war was because he went to fight Russia in the wenter". 1. That is stupid, fighting Russian in the winter XD. and 2. It is arrogant to think you'd win in the winter against the home team.. pfft.

Well I do agree with you that it was a mistake on Hitler's behalf to attack Russia at that stage of time, but Tha Masta 420's post below your post explains perfectly why he did it. It definitely wasn't because he was "arrogant."


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