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> White supremacy?, www.nationalvanguard.org
post Mar 25 2006, 02:44 PM
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well i found that site by accident last week, and i thought it was just a bunch of people fed up with how a black person can call a white person a skanky hoe, but if a white person calls a black person a skanky hoe thats racism, and i thought, thats a fair point, i'm a bit fed up of being called a racist if i say a black joke, even tho black people make money from telling joke about while people (i an't saying i don't think its funny, just its a bit like sexism, even tho its fair, woman always get the upperhand)

so then after looking thru the site i find a band called 'Prussian Blue'

that all looks sweet and innocent, but i'm getting the feeling something isn't as friendly as it seems, so after thinking i must be insane thinking these sites are secretly promoting white supremacy, and relgious 'cleansing' i had a quick look on google, and found this interesting article

anywho, another link in me mind was that i noticed someone on this forum seemed to fit the bill for being an avid supporter of this stuff, and thought before this person was just joking tongue.gif but its all a bit crazy, if anyone can be bothered to read it, i'm just wondering on other peoples opinons?
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post Mar 28 2006, 03:58 AM
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QUOTE(Fido 14 @ Mar 27 2006, 05:20 PM) [snapback]1122852[/snapback]

He was allowed and convinced others to kill jews because he was a National Socialist. Well, I'll make sure to knock that group of my donations list XD.

National Socialism is about preserving a nation and strengthening it. The Jews were out to destroy Germany with their greed just like they were with America. As I said before, Hitler planned to ship them to Madagascar. They refused since they're so superior and think that nothing can happen to themselves. Well look where that got them?

where is your proof that teh JEWS were out to destroy Madagascar... roll2.gif


how did they "take advantage" over the situation... And what makes the fact that they were the only people interested in running banks in defeated germany bad...?

They went to the streets and bartered. All Germans were very poor after WWI. The Jews did not care and instead, the first thing that came to their mind was money. They made money off of poor Germans by selling cheap things to them for high prices. Since a lot of Germans were out of power after WWI, Jews got even more power.

Listen, Going to the streets and bartering, creating business, and operating banks in a bankrupt country IS NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE of anyone, its helping them. As far as jews selling things for high prices to the "poor white man" XD?, why didnt the poor white man buy goods from someone else, was he a fucking retard?


Much of human history is evil...

Alright then shut up. Hitler is nothing compared to all the other evildoers.

Which are? Just so we can compare. He can compare to the crusades... american slavery, ect... And id say he is worse.


OH yes. roll2.gif with the weapons they had! So, why dont we kill the children who had nothing to with the threat! Ah hoy! XD ... please.

They did and it is a fact. Judea declared war on Germany. They boycotted goods that were in Germany. It was mentioned in the Judea Declares War video with factual proof.

What does that have to do with the jews haveing an cache or justify the killing of innoncent jewish children?


Listen. the difference is that the terrorists actually attacked us.... and are obviously a threat. We are just too disorganized and to undisciplined not to fuck up. In Hitlers case he just decided to round up a bunch of jews and kill them because they didnt let him get into his fancy art school.

Hahaha, look at QD actually still believing in the neo-cons' myth. Do you actually believe terrorists attacked us when there's factual proof in documentaries that prove there was demolition involved. Hitler killed Jews because they wouldn't let him into an art school? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard and is only made up by delusional people such as yourself to try and find some stupid reason on how to demonize Adolf Hitler.

Listen, I think your the one whose been brainwashed here...

thats exactly what Iran "says" and we trust Iran, dont we. XD. My point is how do you know he ONLY used it to explore space, when any exploration into space rocketry is exploration into ICBM technology (atleast at that point)

I trust Iran. I don't know where you get the fact that "all" people don't trust Iran as you just used the keyword "we". Its only paranoid people like you who have been brainwashed by the neo-cons to believe that at any moment, a towelhead will come behind you and blow you up. When in reality, that shit only goes down in the middle east.

well in that case, your an idiot if you really believe Iran has no interest in Nuclear Weapons...

yes, actaully it does. Because, your support of hitler is a joke. And im laughing at you, and it. o.o XD

And I pity your severe indoctrination of lies.

Oh yes, this neocon conspiracy... be more creative roll2.gif Stop using the words you read on Anarchist.com FFS.

DOnt be stupid. Of course it can. The only people who decide what the truth was were the people who won. The people who write down truth or talk about it have their own thoughts and predispostions. THeres no truth that isnt bias.

Are you serious? The truth CANNOT be biased. Statistics and facts cannot be biased. By your logic, your own "facts" of the holocaust can be biased.

of course they can. I neve said they couldnt. However, Im sure that 1million isa lot closer to the truth than 75k is...

Statistics are bias, ALL THE TIME, do you know how people "make statistics"? If you did, then you'd clearly know they are, from the way they are FORMED, bias. As far as fact's go, a lot of things people say are facts, really aren't facts. For example, some say that gravity is a FACT, other people think its not quite a fact andthat there are other forces at work. Obviously the two sides are BIAS a certain way.. facts can be bias.


Nominates FIDO for the new COPY AND POST KING!

You do realize that the United States has national security interests in keeping isreal happy, and that it shouldnt be much of supprise when the united states keeps Isreal happy by sending them 4 million dollars or letting that little bit of spying take place. You know why they do it? Thats because Isreal is the only powerful middle eastern ally the United States has. ALSO! GUESS WHAT! The United States right this instance is taking steps to reduce their dependence on isreal. It isnt that we "love the jews" or that the "jews own us" if that were the case, I highly doubt that they would want us setting up bases in Afganistan and Iraq, and supporting elections in which Hammas was voted in as the Ruling party. Wake up buddy.
It is funny though, No jew has became president. hmm.

What kind of crock of shit is that? I just gave you all the information needed to prove that the U.S. is controlled by Jews and you're still oblivious to the truth. You're telling me to wake up when you're still in a dormant state of mind that refuses to acknowledge the truth? You WAKE UP and realize that Jews control this nation. There are no Jewish presidents for the same reason there are no hispanic, black presidents. The Jews choose to have an Anglo-Saxon president in charge of the nation because for the most part, white people will listen to a white president. Put a black president or hispanic president and see how many white people will listen to their government anymore. That is why I encourage a black or hispanic to become president (which I know won't happen) so whites won't listen to their government anymore and break loose from the puppet strings.

You uh, didnt give any evidence.. Just propoganda. You failed to indentify one repudable source, and since your the one with something to prove, I SUGGEST YOU GET ON IT.


The only reason he lost because because he was stupid and arrogant.

Oh wow, how wonderful. Someone who hates Hitler so much doesn't even know anything about him or the true reason why Hitler lost the war. I suggest reading The Masta 420's post explaining how Adolf Hitler lost the war http://www.gta-sanandreas.com/forums/index...pic=68653&st=0#.

I got it. I was bouncing off of your post saying that " The only reason he lost the war was because he went to fight Russia in the wenter". 1. That is stupid, fighting Russian in the winter XD. and 2. It is arrogant to think you'd win in the winter against the home team.. pfft.


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