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> White supremacy?, www.nationalvanguard.org
post Mar 25 2006, 02:44 PM
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well i found that site by accident last week, and i thought it was just a bunch of people fed up with how a black person can call a white person a skanky hoe, but if a white person calls a black person a skanky hoe thats racism, and i thought, thats a fair point, i'm a bit fed up of being called a racist if i say a black joke, even tho black people make money from telling joke about while people (i an't saying i don't think its funny, just its a bit like sexism, even tho its fair, woman always get the upperhand)

so then after looking thru the site i find a band called 'Prussian Blue'

that all looks sweet and innocent, but i'm getting the feeling something isn't as friendly as it seems, so after thinking i must be insane thinking these sites are secretly promoting white supremacy, and relgious 'cleansing' i had a quick look on google, and found this interesting article

anywho, another link in me mind was that i noticed someone on this forum seemed to fit the bill for being an avid supporter of this stuff, and thought before this person was just joking tongue.gif but its all a bit crazy, if anyone can be bothered to read it, i'm just wondering on other peoples opinons?
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Fido 14
post Mar 26 2006, 08:31 PM
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It doenst matter. I didnt say that he DID do those things JUST, I said that those things are what GAVE him power. v.v

Yeah? And so what? Even if it didn't give him power, he would still continue to do those things because was a National Socialist. That's what National Socialism is about.

How many jews did he kill then? What made those deaths justified... I dont care if he killed 1million or 6million. Its still wrong and in his case, evil. What makes the death of one Jewish child justified? They werent strapping bombs to theirselves or planning any rebellion.. 1million jews, or 6million, does it matter? not really.

I am estimating about 74,000. What made those deaths justified? Are you kidding me? What made the Jews taking advantage of a bad situation after WWI justified? What made them taking control of all the banks justified? Evil my ass. If you think 74,000 deaths is some how evil then you have to acknowledge that all of human history is "EVIL". From the day of dawn there have been murderings and many without reasons. Just look at ancient history for perfect examples of the most brutal empires, which make the Nazis look like a bunch of wimps. In this case with Hitler, it was the most reasonable. Hitler had no plans on killing the Jews. He simply wanted to ship them back to Madagascar. The Jews rebutted this and instead started a boycott against Germany. Therefore, Judea declared war on Germany. That's right, the JEWS declared war on Deutschland. Are you to say that Hitler was the most evil person ever to set foot on this Earth while Zionist tyrants who have trod this world for 100 years with an iron fist continue their crimes against Palestinians and other Arabs? That sounds certainly evil to me and of course George W. Bush and Tony Blair supporting and helping out these Zionist war crimes. That sounds terribly EVIL to me.

YOU do know that there is almost no difference between a rocket that can be used to put something in space and a rocket that can be used to carry an ICBM, right?

What is your point exactly? He used it for space experiments not for attacking other nations.

XD. ORLY? evidence... but please, nothing from KKK.com or ThejewishConspiracy.org please ....

You know I can put a thousand XD's and ORLY? YARLY!!'s too. That doesn't really help the discussion, now does it? The TRUTH cannot be biased. No matter who chooses to use the truth. Whether it be neo-Nazis, revisionists, or Arabs. You will always put a label and say "Hey, you can't believe what they say because.... well... THEY'RE EVIL NAZIS, HOLOCAUST DENIERS, AND TERRORISTS!" Google it yourself and you will find out who controls the major media outlets such as ABC/capital cities/Disney, CBS/Viacom, AOL-Time Warner, Vivendi/Universal, Fox broadcasting/News Corporation, Dreamworks SKG, Columbia Pictures, NBC/GE, Associated Press, Newhouse Media empire, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, Top American Radio. And we all know that the media is a very powerful tool for brainwashing the masses, e.g. MTV. The director of homeland security Michael Chertoff is Jewish. Daniel Goldin, a Jew, has been in control of NASA since 1992.

One of Bush's Foreign Policy Advisors, Richard Perle, is a known Jew with a history of sending classified government documents to the Israeli Embassy and also worked for Soltam, an Israeli company which builds weapons. Yet, he is allowed to continue working in our government. A close friend of Perle's is Jewboy Paul Wolfowitz, Bush's Deputy Defense Secretary. This list just goes on. The Jews Robert Satloff and Elliott Abrams are National Security Council Advisors. Dov Zekheim, Under Secretary of Defense and Comptroller, reportedly has dual citizenship with Israel. Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor at the Pentagon has even closer ties with Israel. He is closely associated with the Zionist Organization of America, and runs a law firm which has only one office located in Israel.

Marc Grossman, a Jew, is Bush's Under Secretary of State of Political Affairs. Richard Haass, Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Ambassador at Large, is also Director of National Security Programs and Senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. He likes to promote bombing Iraq, as does Robert Zoellick, another Jew (U.S. Trade Representative). Other Jews include Henry Kissinger and James Schlesinger (both pentagon advisors who advocate bombing Iraq). Steve Goldsmith, Senior Advisor to the President, makes frequent trips to Israel.

Mel Sembler President of the export-Import Bank of the United States is a Jew. Joshua Bolten Chief Policy Director is a Jew. Adam Goldman, the White House Special Liaison to the Jewish Community is a Jew. Joseph Gildenhorn, Bush Campaign's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community. Christopher Gersten, Former Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition. He is married to Linda Chavez, Labor Secretary. Mark Weinberger, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury is a Jew. Samuel Bodman, Deputy Secretary of Commerce is a Jew. Bonnie Cohen, Under Secretary of State for Management is a Jew. Ruth Davis, Director of Foreign Service Institute is a Jew. Lincoln Bloomfield, Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs is a Jew. Jay Lefkowitz, General Counsel of the Office of Budget and Management is a Jew. David Frum, White House Speechwriter is a Jew.

President Nixon once stated "People have to realize that Jews in the U.S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big
companies. And there is a force we have to take into consideration."

Additionally, American politicians, for the most part, are controlled by Jewish plutocrats, many of whom reside in Israel, as well. This is why Americanpoliticians are hesitant to be critical of Israel. This is not some bizarre "anti-Semitic fantasy," as Jews would like some people to believe. Rather, it is a fact with which America has to admit. Indeed, as much of the Internet has heard by now, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon openly gloats about such control. On October 3, 2001, the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs noted something rather disturbing that Sharon said on Israeli public radio:

"We the Jewish people control America. And the Americans know it."

Paul Findley, a congressman from Illinois for 22 years, documented this fact quite well in his book They Dare to Speak Out: People and Institutions Confront Israels Lobby. If there were no others who would corroborate Findleys findings, it would be easy to discredit him as simply an anti-Semite. However, he cites numerous other politicians who have also pointed out this disturbing matter.

Apparently, this is how it works: Jews are allowed to have dual-citizenship between the U.S. and Israel. America gives Israel $4 billion a year that it does not pay back (and this doesnt necessarily include military secrets and hardware, plus occasional bank-bailouts and other matters). The Jews who are dual-citizens take a small portion of this $4 billion and re-invest it in American politics, choosing U.S. politicians who are likely to support Israel. (It is believed that Israel has somewhere around 300 different political action committees working inside of America, led by Jews with dual-citizenship.) Aside from Findleys book, the book Stealth PACs also describes how some of these pro-Israeli groups use seemingly innocuous names to hide their pro-Israel agenda at American taxpayers expense.

How much has this unchecked support of Israel cost American taxpayers? The well-respected economist Dr. Thomas Stauffer stated that Americas financial loss due to its support of Israel is about $1.7 trillion in todays dollars, roughly one-third of America's deficit. Numerous political figures have gone on record about this insane support of Israel that some endorse, shown below.

In February 1957, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles promulgated, "I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews."

Likewise, when Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Brown a question:

How can we stop Israel from obtaining from the Congress more foreign aid than any other nation in the world?

To this, General Brown responded:

When they get tough-minded enough to set down the Jewish influence in this country and break that lobby. It is so strong, you wouldnt believe it. Now, we have the Israelis coming to us for equipment. We say we cant probably get the Congress to support a program like this. And they say, Dont worry about the Congress. We will take care of the Congress. This is somebody from another country. But they can do it.

When some Jews countered with the usual argument that Gen. Brown was merely an anti-Semite, General M.B. Twining, a hero of WWII and the Korean War who was Commander of the U.S. Air Force, reportedly told the
San Diego Union:

A group of powerful U.S. Jews have grotesquely distorted U.S. foreign policy in blind fanatic support of Israel, and Gen. Brown deserves praise, not criticism, for saying so. As head of our nations armed forces, he sees us--a nation of 200 million people--being dragooned into a disastrous war . . . by a ruthless lobby of Jewish-American extremists single-mindedly bent on enforcing their rule or ruin policy in the Middle East.

Admiral Thomas Moorer of the Joint Chiefs of Staff described this alarming pattern as well:

"I've never seen a President”I don't care who he is”stand up to them [the Israelis]. It just boggles your mind. They always get what they want.... If the American people understood what grip those people have on our government, they would rise up in arms.

Jews openly gloat about their control over America. And it extends beyond Sharon's aforementioned comments, bragging about his control over America. Indeed, one popular Jewish publication even had a caricature of President Bush drawn. It depicted him as a comical wooden puppet, pulled by Jewish strings.

These are the facts of the Jewish control in America. Anyone willing to spend a few hours in a large library looking into current editions of yearbooks on the radio and television, into directories of newspapers and magazines; into registers of corporations and their officers, such as Standard and Poors; and into biographical reference works can easily verify their accuracy. Much can also be verified by just using Google online.

The facts of Jewish media control are undeniable. According to 2000 US census figures, Jews make up only 2.5% of the total US population. Yet Jews own and control 98% of all US media. Such a massive takeover by a small minority didn't happen by chance. It was part of a long term Zionist plan to control American by brainwashing the minds of the public. By manipulating the masses who vote for and elect our corrupt politicans.

Not that any of this matters, he got his non-Aryan ass kicked.

Non-Aryan? Anyways, the only reason he lost was because he went to war with Russia during the winter, plus all the various countries attacking from the west. I'll admit that it was a foolish mistake on his behalf.


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