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> 3 Random Rants, Bah
post Mar 26 2005, 09:49 AM
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Upstanding Citizen

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Read on....

1. People who won't accept something they where saw doing. Really, don't you hate these stupid fucks? Especially on the media or in real life. You see them do it and then they have the nerve to say they didn't when they are confronted, take for example just a few days ago some cop got caught excessively beating another person and when asked why he did that he denies it. Good fucking try you fuckface, but unfortunately you where caught by a little invention called the VIDEO CAMERA.

2. People who are too social or talk just too fucking much. I can't stand these son of a bitches. Whether they be male or females I would like to gather them all and put them in a fucking death camp. I especially hate bitches who talk too much and then they tell you "how come you don't talk?" I mostly say "just" or "i don't feel like it" but what I would really like to say is "BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO YOU FUCKING BITCH, MAYBE I HAD A BAD DAY? OR MAYBE I AM EMBARRASED TO TALK IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE? MAYBE BECAUSE I AM SOMEWHAT SHY?OR MAYBE BECAUSE YOU TALK TOO MUCH YOU DON'T LET ANYONE GET A FUCKING WORD IN YOU BLABBERING VAGINA". I hate how people tell others or myself to "why don't you go out to a party or something? why are you always home?" I nearly grew tired of that that I have designed my own line to answer that - "because I do not want to, if you have such a problem with me being home all the time then too bad, its my life and I live it how I want to" Just because you are extremely social and like to go party, smoke pot or not do your fucking school work and shit does not mean you will be something in life. The probabilities are that you will baggin my fucking groceries.

3. Stupid, worthless and boring movies. Yes, unfortunately it is not a new fad to keep pumping shit movies. Who the fuck goes to their boss and says this - "ok I have a great idea for a movie, it is about a 2 cops who don't like each other but they began to become friends and in the end they save each others life" What fucking bull. One example of a worthless movie is "The Animal", god oh god I have never seen such a fucking stupid movie as this one. What a great fucking plot, a cop who gets the other cheek decides to help a woman but he dies on his way to rescue her and then a stupid scientist implants him animal parts and now he is super cop! YAy! The whole movie is full of bad attempts to make people laugh and bad acting. The only good fucking part was was the 15 seconds in the movie where a woman in a short white dress walks by and bends over.

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post Mar 26 2005, 11:16 AM
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Upstanding Citizen
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1. No one saw me type up this message when there were 4 family members on the room with me.

2. Ironic, eh?

3. Lets see you make a fucking movie. Surely you have no damned clue how hard it is to make an original movie that appeals to all key demographics, while trying to maintain something thatll keep people awake for over 90 minutes, all the fucking while trying to stay in budget and earn a fucking profit. Huh? Lets see you make one. dry.gif Certain movies are supposed to be made only for certain people... Take Disney movies. While youre thinking "Fuck this is retarded", little kids are having the time of their lives. Think of other people besides yourself for once, you insensitive punk ass bitch.


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